An Overview of the Latest Products from Asmodus

We caught up with Joe from Asmodus while we were at the World Vapor Expo in South Beach Miami. In this video Joe gives us an overview of their latest mods.

DeucesJack: Joe, You want to take it away and show us what we got?

Joe: Yeah, sure, so over here we’ve got our stab wood mini-kit V2 Kodamas, all one of a kind. Stab wood and acrylic mixtures. Super unique, everyone is different from the other one. Super nice.

DeucesJack: Guys, I don’t know if the camera is picking it up, but these things are just banging looking. They are just beautiful. They’re like snowflakes, right? Everyone of them is a little bit different?

Joe: Yeah. Everyone is a little different

DeucesJack: What else do we have, Joe?

Joe: We also have our new RDA the galatech. It’s pretty solid. It’s a flavor machine. It’s been reviewed a couple times, it’s gotten great reviews.

DeucesJack: Really.

Joe: Yeah, so we’re going to let you try one out.

DeucesJack: Aw, I would definitely love to review one on, fantastic. I tell you what man, that rainbow looks absolutely phenomenal. I mean, look at this set up guys. Rainbow galatech with a rainbow minikin V2I mean it just looks like a beautiful piece that’s supposed to be together. It’s just fantastic, yeah. Phenomenal man.

Joe: Made for each other, yeah.

DeucesJack: You guys did a real good job of matching up the rainbow atomizer with the rainbow mods.

Joe: Yeah, yeah for sure.

DeucesJack: Beautiful. And what to we have here? Look at this gold. Man, that’s fantastic.

Joe: Yeah, this is our newest RTa, it’s called the Valona. It’s a dual pulse deck, top cap fill, it’s pretty solid too so we’re also gonna let you try one of these out as well.

DeucesJack: Wow I mean, that setup is just…Guys, look. It’s just gorgeous. I mean, if I love as modest mods, I’ve done quite a few reviews, I’ve done the reborn, I’ve done the boost, I’m in the middle of doing my V2 review. But just to give you a testament to as modest mods, okay? I get a ton of mods, and I’m at the world vapor expo, and I can bring any mod I want to the World Vapor Expo, and look what I brought. I brought the Minikin raw, and the only reason is because number one, it hits beautifully for a regulated mod, and number two, the battery life on this is just sick. I mean, I’m running this thing right now on a single coil 48 watts and I’ve been vaping it all day and my batteries aren’t even three quarters done. I have three quarters worth of batteries left. Left. It’s just a phenomenal chipset. If you’re a power mode vapor and you’re looking for battery life, you really can’t beat the minikin V2, am I wrong?

Joe: No, not at all.

DeucesJack: No, it’ fantastic. The stanwood mods, now, when did you guys get into this? Tell us a little bit about how they came about.

Joe: So we first started with the V1 Kodamas. They’re like the brick one, they’re a little bit bigger than the boost itself, then we switched over to the V2 Kodamas. THese are a little bit upgraded, better chip, same chip as the regular V2s.

And they’re touch screen too, just like the minikin V2, right?

Joe: Yeah, full touch screen

DeucesJack: I tell you, I’m going to pull out another one just so you guys can see, I mean, just look at the colors, the colors are just phenomenal. And I’ll tell you what, Joe, what’s surprising is this stab wood’s a lot lighter than a regular Minikin V2.

Joe: Yeah yeah, it’s super light.

: Fantastic. And the 510 pin is a little different, did they do something a little differently? Or did they designed it that way because of the stab wood?

Joe: They probably designed it because of the Stab wood to get it more…

Yeah, I can definitely see that. Well, Joe, I want to thank you for coming on camera with us for Asmodus.

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