An Overview of the Latest Products from Hangsen

In this video Adriana from Hangsen gives us an overview of their latest products.

DeucesJack: Adrianna, you want to start off with the Axiom and tell us a little bit about it?

Adriana: Of course! Here we have an 80 watt mod, so we can get your flexibility, whether you’re at 45, whether you’re at 80 and you want to blow those big clouds. We have two internal batteries, 18 450, WE have a USB charger, that way your battery life can last as long as you. Then we have our Bok Tank right here. Top fill, push cap, don’t mind me, slider, that way you can fill it from the top. We have some air flow right here at the bottom. Comes in black, stainless steel, then we have this awesome teal color, which is kind of my favorite, reminds me of mermaids. Has a nice metallic finish here on the top.

DeucesJack: Wow. So that little thing is 80 watts, huh?

Adriana: Yes, and even better, we actually have this sleep mode where after 10 seconds, it turns itself off. That way we’re making the most out of your battery life.

DeucesJack: Nice, three button system. It’s a really good looking mod, I like the tank. The tank is really nice too.

Adriana: Even better it’s nice and short so we can fit it in your back pocket without you worrying about walking around. That way if you’re getting your twerk on over at the club, you know that your vape is going to stay in there.

DeucesJack: Right. Definitely pocketable. It’s a nice little, stealthy set up. Really really nice. Like that. You guys also came out with a new pod system, it looks really nice, the IQ. This is pretty simple, guys, check it out. Refillable pods, and it’s drawer activated. There’s not button, there’s not button to push.

Adriana: No button, you don’t have to worry about –

DeucesJack: I mean, do you put this right in the shirt pocket, no problem, right?

Adriana: No problem.

DeucesJack: Extremely extremely pocketable

Adriana: and convenient. This is for quit smokers. When you’re looking to merge into vaping, get off those cigarettes, this is where you want to be .

DeucesJack: Is that what IQ stands for, I quit?

Adriana: I suppose if you want it, yes, it does!

DeucesJack: Wow, okay, alright. Now, Hangsen also has a couple of flavors here, right? You want to tell us a little bit about the flavor profile?

Adriana: Yes, Yes, definitely. First off, we have your silver bullet. Which is your favorite fruity beverage, with some succulent strawberry, sweet blueberry, and a smooth coconut finish with some pina colada up in there.

DeucesJack: Don’t go anywhere with that, I’m going to try that. I’m vaping the pineapple one right now, it’s fantastic, the pineapple orange?

Adriana: Yes! Juicy pineapples, sweet, refreshing oranges, you can never go wrong. Pineapple orange is always a winning combination for vaping.

DeucesJack: I can tell you right now just from vaping it, the pineapple orange, orange is a tough flavor to nail, pineapple not so much, but orange, because you always get that scratchy, raspy type of taste, and I don’t get that on this juice, it’s smooth. It is smooth full on, pineapple orange. Which one is that, Adrianna?

Adriana: This is our purebred here. So we went ahead and went with the whole werewolf, for all of you werewolf enthusiasts here, we wanted to make sure we still brought you in and represented you here in the e juice industry. So that’s that one.

DeucesJack: So that’s the pineapple orange.

Adriana: That’s the pineapple orange.

DeucesJack: And what to do we have next?
Adriana: Next we have, let’s see, where did I – Yes so, how often are you daydreaming about a Hawaiian vacation?

DeucesJack: All the time.

Adriana: Me too, probably more than –

DeucesJack: Even in Miami, I’m dreaming of a Hawaiian vacation.

Adriana: Always, always, I’m a big surfer, so Hawaii is definitely my spot, and when I catch myself daydreaming, I went ahead and reach for my hawaiian howl over here, which is a nice passion fruit, sweet and tart mixed with some aromatic guava, then we go ahead and round it out with a nice citrus pop for a finish, because your vape juice should be a full experience, start to finish. And I know a lot of juices are really good on that start, but that finish can sometimes be a little bitter, sometimes be a little sour. We made sure that from start to finish, all of our juices have some different tones, all the way through.

DeucesJack: Wow, that sounds fantastic. I’m going to try that one, too.

Adriana: It’s one of my favorites, I actually have that one on ice in my vape right now.

DeucesJack: So all these flavors that you’re going over are also available on ice?

Adriana: Yes! They are! I don’t know about anybody else, but I am on that menthol kick right now, I’m all about the ice flavors. You know? With it being so hot in the summer, I’m all about that nice, refreshing taste.

DeucesJack: In this neighborhood, for sure. You, definitely – I mean, since I’ve been in Miami, I’m a custard bakery guy, and I haven’t been able to take the custard vape yet. I’ve been going more towards the fruity vapes, because, I’m definitely a seasonal type of vaper too, I vape, you know, Like I’ll only vape apple pie in the winter. I don’t know why, but that’s just the way it is for me. I can’t vape it in the summer. You know? So, what else do we got besides, what’s this one? That’s the one we did already, right, the wolf?

Adriana: No, we haven’t done the Wolf Spain yet! The Wolf Spain, tantalizing mango with some of that guava, that we rounded it out with a nice juicy peach and then it finishes with a nice zing of apricot.

DeucesJack: That’s fantastic, that sounds absolutely beautiful.
Adriana: It’s great, this one’s actually my favorite, I must say. I just love the apricot zing in it.

DeucesJack: And just to be clear, every one of them is also in a cooled version, right?

Adriana: Yes, yes, definitely.

DeucesJack: Now Adriana, we also have here the Genesis, and I did review this on and this is one of the best features I love, check this out, take the top cap off, keeps it clean while it’s in your pocket or pocketbook if you’re a woman, and while you’re vaping it just attaches right to the bottom. This is specifically made for mouth to lung vapes. I mean, no dry hits, 1500 mod battery, and you guys made juices that are basically fantastic in here, right? What kind of juices are we talking about?

Adriana: Here is out tobacco line, our honor tobacco line. Our tobaccos are known to be the best in the world. It’s hard to get that true tobacco that tastes like a cigarette, and here we have our RY 4, desert Ship, our normal tobacco, usa mix, Virginia tobacco. If you really want that true taste, this is where you go.

DeucesJack: And I have to tell you guys, I sampled the RY4, and I’m kind of an RY4 freak, I was telling Adrianna, when I first started vaping it was an RY4 that got me off the cigarettes, that’s what I started with. So I’ve always had a partiality to RY4, and I just tried this one, and I gotta tell you, It’s absolutely banging, it’s a solid, solid RY4. One of the better ones on the market today.

Adriana: Awesome. We love to hear that, we’re so glad to hear that we were able to help you quit that habit and go to something a little more healthier.

DeucesJack: Add this device is just fantastic. It’s very simple. One button operation. USB port in the back. It’s even got it’s top fill, right? Very easy. Push down. It’s got child safety on it, right? There we go. Child safety on it. There’s the coil. You fill it up to the max line right there, and you’re ready to vape. I mean, really, this is a phenomenal all in one kit, because all you really need to do is add juice. You don’t need to do anything else, right?

Adriana: And well how about that classy design?

DeucesJack: Yeah, it’s a classy looking design. And let me tell you something. If you’re a woman also, you don’t just have to get stuck with a black one, you can have a nice looking, it almost looks like a lipstick casing, right?

Adriana: It does, it does. Nice and discreet. Fits right in your pocket.

DeucesJack: Charges really fast and it’s got adjustable airflow on the top also.

Yes, it does.

DeucesJack: So what more could you ask for? It’s just a fantastic little stealthy mod that will go right in your pocket or pocketbook. I like it. Check out my review on this, I did a full review on You’ll be able to see this. It’s a fantastic little stealthy mod. Definitely great for the airports.

Adriana: Yeah.

DeucesJack: You know, I should’ve brought this with me when I flew from New York to Miami, but I didn’t for some reason, and I definitely should have brought this because I would have been able to get away with vaping in the bathroom with a mod like this.

Adriana: Definitely! And one that you can show off! Not everyone is into the big tanks. Not everyone is into that kind of look. This is kind of for business professionals, people who are looking for a more clean look.

DeucesJack: Yeah, I didn’t even think about that. Business guy, right in the inside jacket pocket. That’s it, fantastic. Yeah, fantastic. Thank you very much Adrianna appreciate it.

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