Aspire Puxos Kit Review

Aspire Puxos Kit

The Aspire Puxos Kit has an easy menu system and a great price point. The coils are fantastic, too! Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


First Impression out of the Box

DeucesJack:What’s up everyone, DeucesJack at I got the Aspire Puxos kit.I don’t know why it makes me smile, I have no idea. It’s just a ridiculous name. 21700 mod, comes with a battery and a Cleito Pro tank. Also comes with an 18650 battery adapter and it takes 20700 batteries.

Let’s cut downlow. Let me show it to you up close and personal. We’ll go over everything, the tank, thr mod, the menu system, the whole nine yards. See you down low.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 Puxos 100W Box Mod
  • 1 Cleito Pro Tank
  • 1 Aspire 21700 4000mAh Battery
  • 2 0.5ohm Cleito Pro Coils
  • 1 Spare Glass Tube
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • 1 18650 Battery Adapter
  • 1 Spare Parts Bag
  • 1 Warning Card
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Warranty Card

All right everyone, welcome to the downlow portion of this video. Today, we’re going to be doing the Aspire Puxos kit. I don’t know where they’re coming up with these names, I really don’t. Some Aspire branding over here, more Aspire branding. On the back of the box, it lists the contents. You get a Puxos mod, Cleito Pro tank, two 5 ohm coils, glass tube, o-rings, USB cable, 18650 battery adapter, 21700 battery, warning card, user manual and warranty card. Over here is your authenticity check, barcode, you can see I got the camo green one.

Aspire Puxos Kit Review

Let’s open it up and take a look at what we actually get. There is your camo green mod, we’re going to take that out and put that to the side. We’re also going to put the tank and glass to the side for a second. Let’s go over the paperwork. In the paperwork, we have the Aspire battery safety card, a warranty card and a user manual. File all that to the side.

Here is your 18650 battery adapter. Here is your USB cable for charging and updates. And here is your spare Cleito Pro coil 0.5 ohm, 60 to 80W. You can see it’s nice and tall like those Cleito style coils usually are. Lots of wire down in there. I’m going to show you how to install it, a little later on in the video.

From Top To Bottom

The Mod

Let’s go over the top side of the mod first, as usual. We have the stainless steel plate over here. 510 connection right there, gold-plated, spring loaded. Has what I would call a long loose spring. Threading in here is pretty smooth. All my atomizers have sat flush. A little bit of black over here. Here are your camel doors with a little bit of texture. A little bit of a raised feel there.

Aspire Puxos Kit Review

On the back, nothing really much going on. Here is your charge update port, plus and minus buttons, clearly marked. Fire button over here, screen over here.

Let’s open it up and see what the inside looks like, these are your battery covers held in place by one magnet and two magnets that coincide on the body of the mod. This does not have a strap. You can push your fingers through here to get your battery out. Each battery cover or each side cover has a little divot here that you can get your fingernail in, in order to get your battery door off. The magnets are nice and strong. Some Aspire branding over here. Here are your magnets that coincide with the magnets on the battery door. Some battery indication marking here, plus side down, negative side up. On the negative side, we have a spring loaded, gold-plated battery contact. On the positive side, we have the gold-plated button style contact.

Aspire Puxos Kit Review

This mod will take 21700 and 20700. So far, all of my 21700s have fit. Right now I’m going to be using a 20700. There we go. And when you put it in, the screen asks you: 21700 or 18650? It’s okay if you’re using 20700, just make sure you select the 21700 option. Hit the fire button to select and there’s your screen.

Screen as you can see is nice and bright. There is your wattage, there is your voltage or resistance, your amps, your battery meter, locked or unlocked mode that your in, preheat that you’re in.

Menu System

One two three, puts the mod into stealth mode. Three clicks takes it out. Five clicks lock the mod. Five more clicks unlocks the mod. In order to get into your menu system, you hit the plus and the fire button. You can see Watts is now highlighted. Now I can scroll through voltage mode, bypass mode, curve mode, TC mode, TCR mode and back to watts.

If I want to put the mod into TC, I simply hit the fire button while it’s highlighted. Now I’m in stainless steel, I hit the fire button again but before we do that, I’ll also show you it does nickel, titanium and stainless steel. Hit the fire button and now we’re in stainless steel mode. There are your degrees, your watts are over here, your resistance is there, amps are there, battery lock meters still all the same.

In order to adjust the brightness, you hit the plus and minus button together. In order to flip the screen, hit the plus and minus button together, hit the fire button and now you’ll see I can flip the screen with the plus and minus button.

And that’s it folks. That’s really the whole menu system. It’s a pleasure to use, it really is. Not hard at all.

The Tank

Here is the tank, this is the Cleito Pro and this thing has definitely got some issues. First of all, we have dual airflow on the bottom here with stoppers on both ends, whatever you adjusts on one side happens on the other. On the bottom, we have the Cleito Pro branding, gold-plated 510 connector, stainless steel threading, insulator ring, some Aspire branding on the bottom there.

Aspire Puxos Kit Review

This is a top fill tank. In order to fill it, you take this top ring off and you fill it right there. One thing I don’t like about this tank, it’s got a proprietary drip tip. Look at that, I mean, that’s just kind of ridiculous. Just not into the proprietary drip tips. Even though it’s actually really comfortable with the ridge over there, fantastically comfortable but proprietary is going to be a no go. Slip the ring back on and now you can see that nothing really holds this tank together. There’s no way to screw this thing or thread it into the bottom. The only thing that actually holds it together is the Cleito Pro coil. And it’s a big one, it really is.

Aspire Puxos Kit Review

Now, let me show you this. So you thread the coil in, just like that. And this coil is good for 60 to 80 watts, 0.5 ohm coil. And now you basically just take your tank and pop it in which is all fine and good. The drip tip screws to the top of the coil and that’s all fine and good. The problem is when you have juice in this tank and you want to change the coil, you’re going to make an absolute mess because in order to take the coil out -let’s say your juice is halfway above the tank- when you take the coil out, all the juice that’s from here on down is just going to dump through that drip tip. So you got to empty this tank to change the coil if you have a bad coil. That’s a really bad job, Aspire. I’m sorry, that’s terrible, it’s not what we expect them to, of tanks in today’s day and age. Bad bad design. The shame is, the flavor on it is actually really good but the design is just terrible.

Aspire Puxos Kit Review

Let me show you what it looks like all put together. There you go, good looking mod. Light light setup. It’s actually a nice starter kit. Oh, Aspire also sent me some extra covers for it. I have the white one and I have no idea what they were thinking when they sent me the pink one. I mean, really guys, this is the DeucesJack channel not the Deuces Jacqueline.

But let me show you what it looks like with the new covers on. That’s it with the white, you know, kind of got that stormtrooper thing going in there. Almost look like an old style refrigerator with the white right. I’m showing my age huh. For my female viewers, I’ll show you what it looks like with the pink doors on. Not bad.

General Thoughts

Let’s cut back on top, let’s talk about it a bit, vape on it, cons, pros, we’re out of here. See you back on top.

All right and we’re back on top with the Aspire Puxos kit. Yeah that’s right man. I’m rocking the pink that I showed you downlow. I even put up some pink lights for you, I have no idea why they sent this to me but I’m rocking it anyway. I don’t care I’m going to pull it off.

What can I say about this thing? Nice bright screen, takes three different type of batteries, easy menu system. Run a 21700 and you get a 100 watts out of it. It’s a nice light kit. They did a good job with it. It does feel -because it’s plastic- it does feel a little bit on the cheap side. Not going to lie about that I got to keep it real here. But it doesn’t feel like that light cheap, it’s just because of a weight, because of a lack of weight it feels cheap. But I don’t think it is. It doesn’t perform like a cheap mod. I’ll put it to you that way. It’s actually really nice and I do like the interchangeable panels. I wish they would have given me something besides pink panel but that’s okay. We’ll roll with it.


Let’s get into the cons, first con is going to be, this thing scrolls slow. And it scrolls at 0.1 watt increments.

Other con I’m going to give it is the tank design. It’s got a lot of things wrong with it in the tank, it really does. Number one, that piece, in order to get to your top fill can be very tough to take off sometimes. It’s got a proprietary drip tip. Yes it’s very comfortable but it is proprietary. That’s nonsense. Aspire knows better than that.

No material on the coils. They’re going to get a con for that. Like I said, thing feels very plasticky. It’s kind of got a cheap feel to it. We’re going to them a con for that.

One amp charging, Aspire, come on, this thing takes like three hours to charge with a 21700 battery. That’s ridiculous. Why even bother putting a charge port in there if you’re not going to do 2 amps on a 21700 battery. Bad move.

Other con I’m going to give is I can’t find anywhere if it’s firmware upgradeable. There’s no information on it. So I don’t know, so I’m going to assume that it’s not and we’re going to give it a con for that. If the situation changes and I find out differently, I’ll update this video.


Let’s get on the pros because there’s quite a few of them.

First pro is going to be easy menu system. You saw it man. Thing’s intuitive, easy to navigate. Great job on that.

Going to give it a pro for the weight. It’s got a light feel to it, it really does. The pink actually feel lighter for some reason, no I’m only kidding.

Let’s give them a pro on the fact that you can switch out panels. There’s plenty of different panels available. I like that. I like that, I like that customization factor good job on that, that’s a pro.

I’m going to give them a pro on all the bells and whistles they put into the menu system. I mean come on, man. This little thing’s got everything. It’s got TC, bypass, voltage mode, curve mode, TCRs with three memory presets. Great job on that. It’s got preheat settings. Just an awesome job.

Price point, just at around $65, we’ll give them a pro for that. I think that’s a pretty good price point for all that you get in the kit.

I’m going to give them a pro on the coils. The coils are fantastic. And they’re cross compatible with the OG Cleito tank. Good job on that.

Aspire Puxos Kit Review

Capacity, give them a pro on that 5ml capacity.

Let’s give it a pro because the mod actually does very good TC. That’s always a pro on this channel.

Three different types of batteries, pro for that.

And the last pro I’m going to give is that screen. It’s bright, it’s vivid, you can see it in all lighting conditions.


That’s it folks. That’s all I got for you today. You make sure you check out our links down below. We’re going to have a link as to where you can buy this awesome little kit. We’ll even have a link for the pink panels.

We’ll also have a link down below to our forum,

Make sure you check out the link down below for the juice that we used today. Today we use the Refill Berries on Ice. You guys know I like my berry vapes. This one got a little bit of a cooling agent to it for the summer. It’s kind of cool. I like it. It’s not obnoxious. Definitely check their line of juice out. Refill makes some really good juices.

Make sure you hit that sub button, make sure you hit like button, hit that notification button so you’ll know everytime I drop a new video. You guys know man, we keep it real here, we keep it 100, we’re giving you honest review everyday. Looking to earn your subscription.

We’re out of here. We see you on the next one. I’m out of here my pink mod. Deuces.

Aspire Puxos Kit

The Aspire Puxos Kit has an easy menu system and a great price point. The coils are fantastic, too! Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


Pros & Cons

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • easy menu system
  • weight
  • you can switch out panels
  • menu system’s bells and whistles
  • Price point
  • coils
  • capacity
  • good TC

  • scrolls slow
  • tank design
  • No material on the coils
  • One amp charging
  • no information if it’s firmware upgradeable


  • Dimension – 87mm by 48mm by 30mm
  • Single High-Amp 18650/20700/21700 Battery
  • 18650 Battery Platform- Battery Sleeve Included
  • Aspire Proprietary Chipset
  • Maximum Wattage – 18650: 80W
  • Maximum Wattage – 2X700: 100W
  • Resistance Range: 0.1-3.5ohms
  • Versatile Temperature Control Suite
  • Ni200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel Compatible
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) Mode
  • 3 Memory Setting for TCR Mode
  • Intuitive 0.96″ OLED Screen
  • Superior Stainless Steel Frame
  • Beautiful Dyed Resin Reinforcement
  • 14 Different Magnetic Side Panel Styles and Finishes
  • Automatic Cutoff
  • Overdischarge Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Battery Reverse Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Three Button Operation
  • Magnetized Battery Door
  • MicroUSB Port
  • Spring-Loaded 510 Connection
  • Available in Green Camo, Dreams, Swirl, Etched, Circles, Music
  • 24mm Diameter
  • 3mL Standard Juice Capacity
  • 4.2mL Bubble Glass Tank Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Full Length Coil Design – Drip Tip to Coil Design
  • Cleito Pro Coil System
  • 0.5ohm Cleito Pro Coil – rated for 60-80W
  • Compatible with Original Cleito Coils and Cleito EXO Coils
  • Triple Adjustable Airflow at Base
  • Convenient Retractable Sliding Top-Fill Method
  • Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
  • 24K Gold-Plated 510 Connection

Deuces Jack is a well-known member of the VapingUnderground forums where he quickly became respected for his honest opinions and willingness to help other members. He is now a regular content contributor for Vaping Insider. When he’s not vaping or unboxing the latest products for review, he can be found riding motorcycles close to his home in New York.

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  1. Reply jim donner August 16, 2019 at 8:08 am

    Within a week the plastic surrounding the threading ring on top of the mod had cracked, and the ring is loose. seems like a common problem, poor quality plastic combined with heat and (pretty mild) stress between the tank and the mod when it’s in your pocket. tank is fine, i’d avoid the mod.

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