Bad Drip give us an Overview of Their Geeked Out Line

DuecesJack: Hello everybody. DuecesJack at and we are at Foxwoods Resort & Casino at Vape Expo 2017 and we are at the Bad Drip booth and they got a new line that they’re going to tell us about. Take it away.

Bad Drip: Check it out we got Geeked out, brand new line releasing today, going to be available at the Bad Disto website on Monday in 60ml sizes. First flavor that we have here is Brace face. Brace face is a strawberry mango peach, little light on the mango. The next flavor we have in the line is Snot Shot it’s an apple, pear, kiwi and then the third and final line is Dork Breath. That’s a watermelon lemonade, it’s a very great pair between the watermelon and the lemonade umm, very light tart, little bit more fruity then you would expect so definitely head over to and check us out and thank you. Thanks vapinginsider.

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