What is the Best Coffee E-Juice in 2018?

The best coffee and tea e-juices of 2018 include:

NameFlavorVolume, PG/VGPrice
VaporFi Grand Reserve

Catch Ya Latte*

Espresso, hazelnut, caramel30ml, 30/70$21.99
The Sauce

The Pier 120ml

Caramel Waffle Cappuccino

Vanilla Bean Cream

120ml x2$24.99

Get 1 Free

Halo Gourmet

Café Mocha

Cappuccino, mocha, hazelnut10ml, 70/30$8.49
Alpha Vape

Miss White

Herbal tea, sweet raspberry, dragon fruit30ml, 30/70$21.95

*Vape summit IV award winner in the coffee category

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VaporFi Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte 30ml $21.99


VaporFi Grand Reserve Catch Ya Latte was voted the best coffee e-liquid at Vape Summit 2015. The primary flavours of this e-liquid are; espresso, steamed milk, hazelnut and caramel. Vaping this e-juice is like drinking a smooth caramel and hazelnut latte. It has just the right amount of flavor for it to be an ideal coffee flavor ADV. There is no acetyl propionyl or diacetyl in this e-liquid (these chemicals are used in cheaper e-liquids and are harmful to inhale).

This e-juice is available in a 60ml bottle for the discounted price of $35.99.

Standard VaporFi e-liquids have a choice of three PG/VG levels and three flavor strengths. However these options are not available for the Grand Reserve collection. This is because in the Grand Reserve line the flavors have been very carefully balanced and changing the strength or PG/VG levels would compromise the flavor. All Grand Reserve juices have been steeped and/or aged.

All the usual nicotine levels are available plus an extra light nicotine level of 0.15% for dripping.

There is currently a special offer running at VaporFi.com, if you purchase Catch Ya Latte then your whole order ships for free. This offer applies to US orders only.

VaporFi is a premium brand committed to quality and safety. For these reasons e-liquids are made with better than food grade ingredients in FDA registered labs. All e-juices use high quality nicotine, high quality glycerin, and kosher grade e-liquid bases. All certificates and lab reports can be viewed on the VaporFi website.

Halo Gourmet Café Mocha 10ml $8.49

halo cafe mocha coffee flavor eliquid

In most of the main e-liquid flavor categories you will find that Halo has one of the best rated e-liquids. With that in mind it is no surprise that Café Mocha is one of the best coffee flavored e-liquis on the market.

Café Mocha has a cappuccino base blended with subtle hints of hazelnut and mocha. The blend is finished off with a small amount of sweetness. The delicious coffee taste is robust but not overpowering, ideal for an all day vape. Any room you vape in will be filled with a delicious coffee aroma, a far cry from cigarettes.

Halo e-liquid is made in America.

Alpha Vapes Miss White 30ml $21.95

Alpha Vape Miss White herbal tea e-liquid

Miss White by Alpha Vapes is a calming herbal tea blend. A mix of dragon fruit, passion fruit, and raspberry creates a light juicy flavor. The tropical blend is sweet and tangy, with raspberry being the predominant flavor. The e-juice has 30% PG and 70% VG. At Direct Vapor this e-liquid currently qualifies for free shipping.

Like many of the top e-liquid producers, Alpha Vape was founded in southern California. Sam Rosenberg, Alpha Vape’s founder, began by crafting his own e-juices for friends and family. Eventually his e-juices were in such demand that it was obvious that it was time to start producing e-liquid commercially.

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