The Best E-Juice, E-Liquid and Vape Juices for 2018

The Best E-Juice Flavors of 2018 Include:

Best forNameBest forNamePG/VGVolume, Price

(4.9 / 5)

Cosmic Fog Chill’d TobaccoCosmic Fog Chill’d Tobacco30/7030ml, $17.95

(4.9 / 5)

Vape Wild Cinnamon Toast CerealVape Wild Cinnamon Toast Cereal35/6510ml, $2.99

(4.8 / 5)

VaporFi Catch Ya LatteVaporFi Catch Ya Latte30/7030ml, $17.99

(4.8 / 5)

Vape Wild HoochVape Wild Hooch50/5010ml, $2.99

(4.7 / 5)

Vape Wild On Cloud CustardVape Wild On Cloud Custard50/5010ml, $2.99

(4.7 / 5)

One Hit Wonder Muffin ManOne Hit Wonder Muffin Man20/80180ml, $59.95

(4.7 / 5)

VaporFi Cloud CandyVaporFi Cloud Candy30/7030ml, $17.99

(4.6 / 5)

Halo ShamrockHalo Shamrock20/8030ml, $9.99

(4.4 / 5)

Halo TribecaHalo Tribeca70/3010ml, $8.49

(4.4 / 5)

Halo SubZeroHalo SubZero70/3010ml, $8.49

Best e-liquid brands

Cosmic Fog – Featured E-Juice Brand

Best ForNameBest ForNamePrice, Volume
Milk and HoneyMilk and HoneyMilk and Honey$11.95 for 15ml
Ice-cream SundaeTropic SplashTropic Splash$23.95 for 60ml
Strawberry and AlmondBerry TrioBerry Trio$23.95 for 60ml
Cola GummyThe ShockerThe Shocker$15.99 for 30ml

Cosmic Fog is a premium e-juice brand based in California. The brand is committed to unique flavor combinations that are suitable for all-day vaping. The company has their own lab where the e-liquids are created, packaged, and labeled. Having their own facility allows them to have complete control over the process every step of the way and therefore, ensure quality.

Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey e-liquid

Milk and Honey 15ml $11.95

The most well known e-liquid from Cosmic Fog is Milk and Honey, you can pick up a 15ml bottle for $11.99 at It has generated a lot of hype which is entirely deserved. For dessert flavor lovers, this is often considered the top e-liquid flavoring. The light and airy dessert flavor is smooth with a touch of sweetness. the primary flavors are sweet milk, marshmallow, and honey. The flavor is not overpowering so it can be vaped all day.

Best Eliquid Tropic Splash

Tropic Splash 15ml $11.99

If you are into those tropical sort of flavors, than this may be the one for you. The flavor profile says it has pineapples, passion fruit, and oranges, along with a secret island fruit blend. This is one of those fruity, sweet vapes that a lot of vapers tend to love. Vaping on this in the summer will make you think you are on a tropical island paradise. Pull up a beach chair and start vaping in your own personal Cabana. Tropical Splash by Cosmic Fog is sure to take you away and give you that feeling of easy island life.

Best Eliquid

Berry Trio 60ml $23.95

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved any sort of vape that has any type of berry in it. This is an electric blend of red, white, and golden raspberries. It has a touch of Huckleberry in it to create a juicy sensation that will make you think you are right in front of a berry bush in the great outdoors. This is definitely one of the top berry vapes on the market today. Sweet yet balanced is the easiest way I can describe it. Pick up a bottle today and see what all the hype is about.

The Shocker Best E-Juice

The Shocker 30ml $15.99

We know strawberry vapes have been done to death. This one is a little different though, not only do you get a beautiful sweet strawberry taste, but in this eliquid, it is blended with a medley of tropical fruit. On top of the tropical fruit taste, you get a shocking burst of citrus lemonade on the finish. Hence the name, The Shocker. This is a must try especially if you are looking for that ADV summer vape. Beat the winter blues and put some of this in your atomizer right now.

1. Vape Wild:

Best Vape JuiceNameBest Vape JuiceNamePrice, Volume
FruityHannibal NectarHannibal Nectar$2.99 for 10ml
BakerySurf CakeSurf Cake$2.99 for 10ml
Vanilla CustardOn Cloud CustardOn Cloud Custard$2.99 for 10ml

VapeWild has been quite popular for quite some time now and for a very good reason. They make some really great, affordable vape juices. They also have plenty of sample packs available. This is great for the new vaper, because when we all start off vaping, we don’t necessarily know what our flavor profiles are going to be. The great thing about a place like Vape Wild is, you can order quite a few different sample packs and figure out exactly what your flavor profile is. Here are some of our favorites.

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Hannibal Nectar Eliquid

Hannibal Nectar 10ml $2.99

Hands down, one of the greatest fruity type of vapes on the market today. It doesn’t have that fake fruit taste to it. This tastes like a blend of all natural fruits in one big bowl. I guess you could call it a fruit salad kind of vape. The primary flavors are peach, orange, melons, and berries but you can get hints of other fruits in this very complex concoction. It is just extremely well-balanced. We guarantee, you just can’t order one bottle.

Smurf Cake Eliquid

Surf Cake 10ml $2.99

The flavor profile on Surf Cake is, of course, blueberry, cream, and pie crust. It also has a cheesecake sort of taste to it. This is a beautiful blue berry, bakery juice that has an awesome flavor, yet it is not overpowering like a lot of blueberry vapes. Another all-day vape from Vape Wild. Once you load this into a tank, you will definitely be coming back for more. There is a legitimate reason why this flavor makes our list almost every year. Pick up a bottle and find out for yourself.

On Cloud Custard Eliquid

On Cloud Custard 10ml $2.99

Vanilla custard has always been a staple flavor. We are no different here at We love vanilla custard just as much as the next vaper. We have tried a bunch of them, especially ones that have been much more expensive. We have to say that On Cloud Custard by this brand stacks up against a lot of them at a much lower price point. If you’re looking for a very solid vanilla custard at a very affordable price point, then you are going to want to put some On Cloud Custard in your atomizer.

2. Halo

Best Vape JuiceNameBest Vape JuiceNamePrice, Volume
TobaccoHalo TribecaHalo Tribeca$8.49 for 10ml
TobaccoHalo Torque56Halo Torque56$8.49 for 10ml
Mint and ChocolateShamrockShamrock$4.25 for 30ml
Subzero 10mlHalo SubzeroHalo Subzero$8.49 for 10ml

Halo is one of the top e-liquid brands made in America. The premium e-liquids are made in Halo’s own 100,000 square foot facility in Florida. They adhere to strict standards that you can read more about on their website.

A good way to get started is to buy a Halo starter pack. The $24.99-packs contain six 10ml bottles of Halo’s top e-liquid flavors. There are four different sample packs available: tobacco, mint and menthol, desserts, and then there’s a variety pack.

Halo’s Tobacco and Menthol flavor e-liquids are consistently ranked as some of the highest-rated e-liquid flavors on the market.

Halo specifically caters to sub-ohm vapers with its high VG, V-Type range. 70% VG ensures large, dense clouds.

Halo has a clearance section where you can pick up some great bargains. At time of writing Shamrock is half price, selling at $4.25. If there are flavors you would like to try but you’re not too sure about them, then wait until they appear in the clearance section.

Halo Tribeca tobacco

Tribeca (Tobacco) 10ml $8.49

The top-selling Halo e-liquid is a tobacco flavor called Tribeca. The blend is predominantly classic tobacco with hints of vanilla and caramel. Max VG and 70/30 PG/VG varieties are available with nicotine levels of 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24mg. Tribeca is a great all day vape and is possibly the top tobacco flavor currently on the market.

Halo Torque 56 tobacco e-liquid

Torque56 (Tobacco) 10ml $8.49

For a purely tobacco flavored juice with a strong throat hit check, the best one is Halo’s Torque56. Heavy smokers who need an all day e-liquid with a robust tobacco flavor should look no further as Torque56 is really as good as it gets.

Halo Shamrock Mint Chocolate

Shamrock (Mint and chocolate) 30ml $4.25

The most popular dessert e-liquid from Halo is Shamrock. The chocolate and mint flavor is similar to thin mints. This is a well-balanced blend with the mint not overpowering the chocolate, a common problem in mint dessert e-liquids. Shamrock is a smooth vape with a good throat hit and rich taste.

Halo Subzero menthol e-liquid

Subzero 10ml $8.49

Halo’s second top-selling flavor is the menthol SubZero e-liquid. SubZero has an intense cool flavor, as one reviewer put it, it will ‘freeze your teeth off’. The crisp, refreshing taste avoids the sweetness of many other menthol e-liquids. Many people mix Halo SubZero into other e-liquids to provide a cool sensations. Halo is well known for making some of the greatest menthol e-juices on the market today. If menthol is your thing, then you can find a whole range of menthol flavors in their online store.

Another reason Halo is considered to be one of the most popular e-liquid brands on the market is due to the fact that they sell relatively cheap products compared to other quality brands. For just $19.99, you can get 30ml of some of the great-tasting e-liquid currently available. The option to buy just 10ml is also unusual, this is a real benefit if you want to try an e-liquid that you’re not sure about.

VaporFi – Featured E-juice Brand

Best forNameBest forNamePrice, Volume
Best Coffee FlavorCatch Ya LatteCatch Ya Latte$17.99 for 30ml
Best Custard FlavorRainbow CustardRainbow Custard$17.99 for 30ml
Best Tobacco FlavorSahara Gold TobaccoSahara Gold Tobacco$15.99 for 30ml
Best Fruit FlavorBerry BashBerry Bash$15.99 for 30ml

VaporFi is one of the top premium e-liquid brands. VaporFi is best known for custom juices and their gourmet Grand Reserve collection.

vaporfi catch ya latte coffee eliquid

VaporFi uses kosher, better than food grade bases as well as top quality nicotine and glycerin. All their vape liquids are free of Diacetyl.

Catch Ya Latte 30ml $17.99

This is one of the most flavorful coffee e-liquids on the market, proved by the fact that Catch Ya Latte won the Vape Summit 2015 award for best coffee flavored e-liquid. This is a premium offering from Vaporfi’s gourmet Grand Reserve collection. The flavor is a mix of freshly brewed espresso, crushed hazelnuts, and a hint of caramel. Like all products from the Grand reserve collection, Catch Ya Latte has a rich flavor profile.

vaporfi rainbow custard grand reserve eliquid

Rainbow Custard 30ml $17.99

This is another top item from the premium VaporFi Grand Reserve collection. Rainbow Custard is a blend of ripe strawberries and juicy peaches over a light custard. It is available in all the usual nicotine levels; 0, 3, 6, 12, 18mg, as well as an ultra light 1.5mg concentration. The lighter 1.5mg nicotine level is perfect for dripping. VaporFi e-liquids are free from both acetyl propionyl free and diacetyl free.

vaporfi tobacco e-liquid

Sahara Gold Tobacco 30ml $15.99

Sahara Gold is Vaporfi’s most popular tobacco-flavored juice. This is a great first e-liquid for smokers who are trying to give up cigarettes. The flavor is very similar to real tobacco cigarettes. The blend is just a robust tobacco taste, no subtle hints of vanilla or other sweet flavors. Not only can you buy Vaporfi ejuices in different nicotine concentrations but they also come in various PG/VG. You can get 50% VG / 50% PG, 30% VG / 70% PG, and for the cloud chaser max VG.

vaporfi berry bash e-liquid

Berry Bash (strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry) 30ml $15.99

Berry Bash from Vaporfi is a delicious, vibrant blend of raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. The rich, complex flavor means you can taste each of the sweet fruits. If you buy four bottles together, you get a discount of $3.20.

Custom blends

VaporFi sell custom blends for the very reasonable price of $15.99 for a 30ml bottle. For every extra bottle you buy in a single order, you get money off. If you buy four at a time, you get a $3.20 discount.

The custom blend service has an extensive range of options, there are over 30,000 possible flavor combinations. For $15.99, you can combine up to three flavors and choose from 70% PG / 30% VG, 50% PG / 50% VG, or max VG. You can choose a nicotine level of 0, 3, 6, 12, or 18mg.

The main flavor categories are; tobacco, menthol, fruit, desserts, and drinks. For the fruit lovers, there are 22 individual flavors. The second biggest category is desserts with 11 different flavors.

Such a wide range of options means even very obscure tastes are catered to. If a max VG juice with classic tobacco, cotton candy, and pomegranate passion flavorings is what you want, then VaporFi is the only place you’re going to find it.

4. Space Jam

Space Jam has been one of the best e-juice brands industry since its inception in 2012. Most Space Jam flavors are fruity. In keeping with the space theme, all juice names are space related.

Starhunter E-Liquid

Starhunter (peach and tart lemonade) 60ml $24.99

This may be a sweet one but don’t you dare call it a coil killer. It is super clean. You get the sweet peach up front and the tart lemonade on the backend. Sweet and tart, all in one bottle. Definitely one of the better lemonades available. If you like peaches and lemons, you are going to love this. It comes in a spaced out looking green bottle and it is available in 0, 3, and 6 mg of nicotine. Find out why a lot of Space Jam flavors are just out of this world.

Yamato Eliquid

Yamato (blueberries) 30ml $18.99

You want blueberries? Well, the Yamato has got them. You get the natural taste of blueberries wrapped in a decadent, fresh out of the oven, muffin. The blueberry is the flavor that you get in the beginning of the vape. On the exhale, you get that spongy bakery taste of the fresh muffin. Both flavors really compliment each other and it is extremely well-balanced. If blueberry muffins are your thing, you are definitely going to want to pick up a bottle of this stuff. Once you vape this flavor, we know you will be back for more.

Meteor Milk Eliquid

Meteor Milk(strawberry) 30ml $18.99

This is a strawberry lover’s dream. The profile says it is made with strawberry ice cream, strawberry syrup, and other strawberry flavorings. This is basically death by strawberry. If you like those really sweet sort of strawberry vapes, then this is the last word. All you get out of this vape is strawberry in the beginning, strawberry in the middle, and strawberry at the end. During the inhale, it is nothing but strawberry, on the finish, you will get a creaminess that is just absolutely beautiful. If you are a strawberry vaper, this one has got to be on your list.

5. Black Note:

Black note is a tobacco only line up of juices. Black Note uses only the finest (naturally extracted tobacco) NETS. Their juices are coil-friendly because there is no unnecessary additives. This means your coils will run cleaner without gunking up. Black Note intentionally stays away from flavors that appeal to minors. These juices are for the hardcore tobacco vapers. They are a little bit on the pricey side but the good news is, they do have a 6-flavor, 10 ml, sample pack that we highly recommend. Find out which flavor profile suits you the most and then you can order those juices individually. Here are some of our favorites.

Prelude Best Eliquid

Prelude 30ml $22.95

This is a Virginia tobacco that is very light yet still has a natural sweet taste to it. It is super smooth with just a hint of sweetness. This is a great all-day vape and it goes well with a hot cup of coffee. Like a fine wine, Prelude gets better with age. This is extremely clean with no sweeteners so it will not kill your coils.

Forte Best Eliquid

Forte 30ml $22.95

Forte is a full-bodied, rich, smooth tobacco juice. This is for the vapor that loves a deep rich tobacco flavor. A well-balanced tobacco vape liquid that probably comes the closest to a cigarette like a Marlboro or American Spirit. This is very popular among the vapers that are transitioning over from cigarettes. The tobacco flavor in this is naturally extracted. This is a very burley type of tobacco juice. It is strong yet very smooth.

Best Eliquid
Solo 30ml $22.95

The Solo is made from real Virginia tobacco and has a menthol overtone that comes from genuine mint leaves. What you get is a fresh, crisp, smooth, mellow sort of vape. It’s not going to taste like a traditional menthol cigarette but more like a tobacco with a natural mint kicker on the end of it. It’s tasty and a lot of Menthol smokers have used it to kick the habit.

6. The Sauce La:

The Sauce La has not been around that long yet they have made quite an impression on quite a few vapers in our community. Not only is this fantastic but the price point is absolutely phenomenal. On top of all that, The Sauce La is constantly running all kinds of different sales. We highly recommend that you join their mailing list so you don’t miss out on any of their sales.

Top Eliquid

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 30ml $9.99

This has a very rich vanilla flavor. It is one of the better vanilla ice cream vapes on the market today. What makes it just a little different from most vanilla ice cream vapes is the finish. There is a hint of coffee on the finish of this vape. So basically, what you have here is vanilla cream with a slight taste of coffee on the back end. Try it, we guarantee you’ll love it. It is one of my personal favorites that I have ordered on multiple occasions.

Best Eliquid

New York Cheesecake 60ml $19.99

Being a native New Yorker, I could not in good conscience compile a list and not put New York cheesecake juice on that list. It has a bunch of berries in it. You will taste raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry. All of those berries drizzled over a thick New York cheesecake with a hint of graham cracker crust on the finish. You will think you are having a cheesecake dessert in one of New York’s finest restaurants. Try this one and find out why New York cheesecake is considered the best in the world.

Mango Tropical Eliquid

Mango Tropical Blast 30ml $9.99

This juice is specifically made for people who like tart, fruity, sorts of vapes. Mango Blast combines succulent mangoes with passion fruit and sweet tangerines. You will also get a subtle hint of green tea towards the end of the pull. It’s a perfectly balanced juice that goes well with the summer months. You would be hard pressed to find a better juice while sitting poolside or on a sandy beach. Once you try this juice, you will be reordering it all the time as your summer time ADV.

7. Charlie’s Chalk Dust:

Charlie’s Chalk Dust juice has been around for quite a while. They have been a staple in the vaping community and they have developed quite a reputation for coming up with some great flavors. The juice is always flavorful and they always use responsible marketing and labels on all of their products. Make sure you check out their two new flavors which are Pacha Mama and Uncle Meringue.

Charlie's Chalk Dust

Slam Berry 30ml $16.00

The flavor profile on this juice says that it is strawberries and sweet homemade ice cream. I wish I could say it just stopped there but this juice is much more complex than that. You get a fresh red strawberry taste on the inhale and a very complicated, creamy ice cream taste on the exhale. Definitely a staple juice that would be at home in anyone’s juice stable. If you are into strawberries and cream, don’t miss this one. If you like fresh, right, sweet strawberries in a creamy strawberry ice cream blend, then you are going to absolutely adore this juice.

Top Eliquid

Mr. Meringue 60ml $22.00

Lemon juices are tough to nail. You run the risk of it being too light or tasting too much like Lemon Pledge. Mr. Merengue does not have that problem at all. This is a well-balanced juice that gives you that essence of lemon with a flaky pie crust and a creamy finish. It’s like biting into a fresh lemon meringue pie. Some of the secondary notes in this juice is a blend of rainbow sherbert. Picture rainbow sherbert on top of a lemon meringue pie. This is for the vaper that likes their sweet and sour, all-in-one vape.


CCD3 30ml $14.99

Salted caramel vapes have become very popular as of late. It’s another flavor that is tough to blend because if it’s not blended correctly, you can have a funky tasting juice on your hands. CCD3 does an awesome job of blending that salted caramel taste with a rich creamy vanilla ice cream. This is an all-day vape sort of flavor that you never ever get sick of. Rich, creamy, with plenty caramel and a hint of savory. Pick up a bottle and we know you’ll come back for more.

8. Naked 100:

Naked 100 developed a reputation in a short amount of time, for coming out with some beautiful fruit blends. They specialize in all of those fruity sort of vapes that are refreshing and fantastic to vape in the warmer months of the year. Vapors that love fruity juices are absolutely going to go nuts over this line of juices. These juices are extremely well done and very well balanced.

Lava Flow 60ml $19.99

This is one of those juices that you have seen everybody vape on in all the videos and in a bunch of YouTube reviews. It hit the market with a lot of hype. Well, we’re here to tell you that the hype is real. This is a strawberry, coconut, pineapple juice with a slight hint of berries on the back end. It has an extremely rich, sweet, refreshing taste to it. Order a bottle today and see if you believe, if the hype is indeed real.

Hawaiian Pog

Hawaiian Pog 60ml $19.99

If you are into the island vapes, then you are going to love Hawaiian POG by Naked 100. It is a tasty blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava. One pull of this juice and you’ll feel like you’re on the beach with the waves crashing by you. A fantastic fruity vape that is great in the summer or while in the great outdoors. Once you open the bottle, not only does this juice smell fantastic but it vapes beautifully. This is a staple juice of this line and one of the reasons why it has become so popular lately.

Really Berry 60ml $19.99

This is a fruity blend of sweet blueberries and blackberries. The berries provide a very unique taste. On the back end, you will get a lemon zest kick out of it. It is a very unique flavor and it will leave you wanting more. It has a very natural sweet and sour taste to it. Even if you are not the type of vaper that goes for vapes with a lemon flavor in them, we are telling you, you are going to like this one because the lemon in it is very understated.


WFFL, as you might have guessed, makes a waffle line of juices. Every one of their juices combines waffles with some other flavor combination. These breakfast juices are fantastic in the morning and they all go very well with a hot cup of coffee. If you are the type of vaper that likes a fluffy stack of waffles and you are into that buttery, syrupy, type of juice, then you are absolutely going to love this line.
Strawberries & Cream 60ml $18.99

Picture a waffle on your plate covered in decadent strawberries and a luscious cream. You get the bakery taste of the waffle along with the fruitiness of the strawberry and the milky goodness of the cream. Just a fantastic flavorful breakfast sort of vape. Not a bad way to start your morning off. They nailed it on this one, this juice tastes exactly like its description. The fresh fruit and cream are on point, as well as the waffle flavor.

Almond & Caramel 60ml $18.99

This juice by WFFL is just sinfully good. It has a rich, creamy caramel on top and some almonds sprinkled over the caramel. It even has some toasted almonds to give the flavor profile much more depth. Top that off with a buttery finish and you have one flavorful juice. If you are into those nutty sort of buttery juices, you’ll have a hard time finding a better one on the market today. This one has all the sweetness that you want, without the calories.

Lemon Curd 60ml $18.99

This juice is a bitter sweet treat. Imagine a hot steaming waffle with syrup drizzled on top and a zesty lemon cream. You get the doughy taste of the waffle, the sweet taste of the syrup and the slightly sour taste of the lemon, all-in-one vape. Unique and flavorful is the way we describe this juice. This company gives a whole new meaning to lemon flavored vapes. Just extremely well balanced, smooth, with a beautiful syrupy finish. Fresh, sweet, and just bursting with flavor.

The Best E-Juice of 2019 Include:

  • 1 – Cosmic Fog Chill’d Tobacco (Featured)
  • 2 – Vape Wild Cinnamon Toast Cereal (Cereal)
  • 3 – VaporFi Catch Ya Latte (Coffee)
  • 4 – Vape Wild Hooch (Fruit)
  • 5 – Vape Wild On Cloud Custard (Custard)
  • 6 – One Hit Wonder Muffin Man (Bakery)
  • 7 – VaporFi Cloud Candy (Candy)
  • 8 – Halo Shamrock (Dessert)
  • 9 – Halo Tribeca (Tobacco)
  • 10 – Halo SubZero (Menthol)

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