What is the Best Mechanical Mod in 2018?

The Best Mechanical Mods of 2018 include:

Best for:NameMaterialPrice

(4.6 / 5)

Vgod ProCopper$69.99

(4.9 / 5)

Wismec Noisy Cricket II D25Aluminum Alloy$34.95
High Power

(4.8 / 5)

Mad Dog Desire KitAluminum$54.15

(4.6 / 5)

Ijoy Wondervape 270Stainless Steel$37.99

(4.4 / 5)

Wismec MachinaStainless steel + resin/plastic$34.99

Mechanical mods are vaping devices that only have a basic circuit, there are no chips or circuitry offering extra electronic features. The circuit in mechanical mods simply connects the battery to the atomizer and when you press the fire switch it completes the circuit.

Mechanical vape mods don’t come with the extensive range of safety features that come with regulated mods, so unless you are very experienced, or you are only planning to use a simple prebuilt setup then it’s best to stick to regulated mods. For more on regulated mods check out our best box mod guide for 2019.

Mechanical mods are attractive to people who use rebuildable atomizers and who want a very customized vaping experience that they feel regulated mods can’t offer.

One reason mechanical vaping devices appeal to people is because they’re user serviceable. If something breaks it is easy for the user to buy a replacement part and to fit it themselves. The lack of complicated electronics also means they are fewer parts to break over time. There’s no reason that a well maintained mechanical vape mod couldn’t last someone indefinitely.

Cheapest / Smallest

Wismec Noisy Cricket $22.06

  • Aluminium alloy
  • Available in six colours
  • Series wired 18650 batteries
  • 510 Threaded
  • Dimensions: 79mm x 40mm x 22mm

This is the best mechanical mod under $50 but it is not for vaping beginners. No mech mod is suitable for total beginners. There are also a few extra safety risks with this particular mod; it’s a series box, there are no polarity markers, there are no battery markers, and getting the batteries out is relatively difficult. These extra difficulties means it’s not the best choice for those just getting into mech mods. An alternative cheap mechanical mod for newbies would be the Tesla Invader Mini for $19.95.

Warnings aside, the Noisy Cricket is a powerful box mod that is excellent value for money. It is a hard hitting mod that is perfect for cloud chasers. Cloud chasers should use the cricket with a 7-9V dripper atomizer. You must use a dripper that has been designed for use with a hybrid mod.

The Noisy Cricket was designed by well known designer, Jay-Bo. The aluminium alloy device comes in six colours; silver, black, red, grey, blue, and brown. It is seriously compact with a height of just 79mm (3.11 inches). The rounded edges and light aluminum construct makes the mod very comfortable to hold.

The SMPL style fire button is positioned on top of the device. Positioning the button directly above one of the batteries improves the contact efficiency. There is an insulation ring on the bottom of the button for circuit protection. The linkage is unique with a hybrid adaptor and 510 connectors. Three ventilation holes on each side of the base dissipate heat.

Best Tube mod

Flawless Tugboat V2 $147.95

  • Copper
  • 5 Colors available
  • Single 18650 battery
  • Hybrid connection
  • Height: 90mm
  • Made in America
  • Includes matching top cap

The hybrid Tugboat V2 mod has a copper body and copper contacts for maximum conductivity. Higher conductivity means more power and a longer lasting battery. A hybrid connection further increases conductivity.

A matching 24mm top cap sits flush with the 24mm body. The top cap has 7mm air holes on either side. A black Delrin competition cap with a 14mm wide bore is included.

There is also Anarchist Tugboat competition cap for sale at DirectVapor.com for $44.95. The competition cap has increased airflow with six air holes on each side. The position of the air holes creates a swirling effect which increases vapor production.
The switch is made with a silver plated spring and a copper contact. These materials were chosen for their superior durability and conductivity.

Another top cap option is the stainless steel Tugboat Slam Cap. It is roughly half the size of the standard Tugboat RDA. Three airflow holes lead to more airflow compared to the standard Tugboat cap.

This is a high end, American-made mod and the price reflects that. However at DirectVapor.com you are guaranteed to get the lowest price. If you find the Tugboat V2 in another store at a cheaper price then Direct Vapor will refund you the difference.

Phantom Mod by Wotofo $34.95

This stunning looking mech mod by Wotofo is one of the best mech mods for people who like to be able to adjust every possible part of their mech mods. You can choose between hybrid atomizer-to-battery (Atty-to-Battery) or standard 510 adjustable topcaps, you can replace the firing springs with two different tension options for adjustable throw, the rhodium plated copper center pins can be fixed or adjustable, and there are two delrin topcap surrounds. The rhodium plate caps ensure durable and high quality connectivity. You can get the mod in three different colors.

The mod takes an 18650 battery and has two Two 24k gold plated springs.

The Phantom Mod can be used with high performance sub ohm tanks, RDAs, and RBAs. It is possible to adjust the insulator so that you can use different kinds of atomizers.

GP Custom Akuma V2 (Authentic) $ 141.14

The 22mm Akuma V2 comes with two red copper tubes; an 18350 body, and a 18940 body. Also included is a 18650 extension tube which is also made of red copper. This premium authentic mechanical mod also has copper coated silver contacts and a brass top cap and lock ring.

Each tube has a laser engraved serial number and Akuma logo. The wooden box has been hand made by a mountain tribe in the Philippines.

The connection pin for the atomizer is fully adjustable and the battery connection pin is telescopic and silver plated. The fire button is one of the best features of the Akuma V2, it is extremely smooth.

Munstro by 2Puffs $164.99

At first glance the Munstro by 2Puffs may seem expensive, but the price is not for one mod, you get three mechanical tube mods. There is a Marine Brass 18650 tube, a Red Copper 18650 tube, and a Stainless Steel 18490 304 tube. Also included is a driptip and a wooden display stand. For what’s included the Munstro is great value.

The diameter of all tubes is 23mm and the pins are silver plated. The driptip is tritone, made up of stainless steel, red copper, and marine brass so that it will match all of the tube mods.

Dovpo GX-200 $14.95

This mechanical box mod from Dovpo takes dual 18650 batteries and can safely fire as low as 0.2 ohm. Two batteries means decent battery life with any kind of atomizer. You can charge the batteries through a USB.

As a safety feature the mod will cut out after fifteen seconds of continuously holding the power button. However there is no feature to prevent the mod from firing in your pocket or bag so care must be taken. Other safety features include; low voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection.

The Dovpo GX-200 is compact and has good build quality for this price point, however there have been some complaints that the GX-200 is ugly.


It can not be emphasized enough that mech vape mods are only for those who have a good understanding of the relationship between watts, ohms, and volts, and how to measure them. The lack of safety shut offs, automatic voltage or wattage changes, or information on battery discharge levels means the batteries are easily damaged which can lead to them exploding or bursting into flames.

One built-in safety feature you can get with mechanical mods is a lock for the firing button. This prevents it being accidentally held down in and firing continuously in your pocket, or falling asleep while the mod continues to fire (surprisingly this does happen). Ensure there are vents or air holes in any mod you are considering buying, this will help to avoid the battery overheating, and also allows gases to escape if you inadvertently damage the battery.

Check the voltage of your batteries to ensure that they aren’t over or undercharged. This is especially important when they are getting close to needing to be recharged. Having a battery undercharged shortens its life and really undercharging it will make it unusable.

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