What is the Best Menthol E-Juice in 2018?

The best Menthol e-juice of 2018 includes:


Mighty Menthol

50/50, 70/30 or Max VG30ml$15.99

Menthol ICE

Vape Wild

Ice Cold e-Juice

50/50 35/65 or Max VG10ml$2.99





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Vaporfi Mighty Menthol 30ml $15.99

vaporfi eliquid

This is the best Menthol e-liquid flavor from VaporFi in terms of user ratings. VaporFi creates some of the most popular menthol e-liquids in the business. Some of their top e-juices include; Island Frost from the premium Grand Reserve e-liquid collection, Menthol Freeze, Peppermint Party, Peppermint Bark, Fresh Mint, Choco Mint, and Pear Mint. That isn’t even the whole list of icy e-liquids from VaporFi, you can see why they are considered among the best menthol e-juice brands.

This is an e-liquid that realistically captures the taste of a traditional menthol cigarette. Depending on how intense you want the flavor you can select a single shot, double shot, or triple shot of flavor. For all day vaping a lighter flavor is recommended.

There are three PG/VG ratios available; 50/50, 70/30, and max VG. For a strong throat hit and less vapor production choose a high ratio of PG. If you plan on vaping in public then smaller clouds are better, huge clouds might not go down well with the people around you. If enjoy large vapor clouds then you could choose to buy one high PG e-liquid for out and about and a max VG e-liquid for at home.

VGOD Tricklyfe LushIce 30ml $21.99

VGOD Tricklyfe E-Juice Lushice

VGOD is a brand that produces tanks, mods, and e-liquids for cloud chasers. All VGOD e-juices are designed for cloud chasing with a maximum amount of VG for clouds that will fill any room.

All ingredients used in VGOD e-liquids are sourced locally in southern California.

LushIce, a play on ‘luscious’, is a fruity and icy e-liquid. It has a watermelon candy taste with a cool exhale. The smell and taste is similar to a watermelon Jolly Rancher. The flavor is light enough to not be overpowering, an important feature if you’re blowing massive clouds.

LushIce is quite sweet, if you like sweet flavors then it can be an ADV. Since there is only a small amount of PG in this e-liquid there is no real throat hit.

The Standard G-35 30ml $21.99

the standard g-35 pineapple mango menthol eliquid

The Standard Vape is an e-liquid brand that became popular pretty much as soon as it began. The top class flavor ‘set the standard’ for what e-juices should be. The Standard is known for premium flavors packaged in designer bottles.

The primary flavors of G-35 are coconut, pineapple, and mango. Fruity on the inhale and icy on the exhale, menthol is more of an undertone in this tropical e-liquid. Crisp, fresh, and fruity, it has just the right amount of coolness and sweetness to be an ADV.

G-35 has a 50/50 PG/VG ratio for a nice balance between flavor and clouds with a decent throat hit thrown in for good measure.

At $21.99 G-35 is a little bit more expensive than the other best menthol e-liquids listed here. It is only $2 more expensive than average so you shouldn’t let the slightly higher price point put you off.

The best Menthol e-juice of 2018 includes:

best menthol vape juice

  • 1 – Vaporfi Mighty Menthol
  • 2 – Halo Menthol ICE
  • 3 – Vape Wild Ice Cold e-Juice
  • 4 – Halo SubZero
  • 5 – Element Frost

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