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Updated: 2020-01-26

What’s A Pod System?

Why It Become Popular

pod system vape

One of the main reasons vaping has become so popular is due to the popularity of best pod system vapes. A pod system is a simple device that any ex-smoker can use to kick that nasty cigarette habit. It’s kind of a happy medium between a Juul type of system and a full-blown external battery device with a sub ohm tank.

While early pod devices were extremely simple and really didn’t have a lot of settings to them, the newer ones that are coming out are getting a little bit more complicated. Some of the newer systems coming out have screens and variable wattage features. That was not true as little as a year ago.

How We Picked Our Top 10

Due to the fast-moving pace of the Pod Market, every once in awhile a system will make our list that we have not yet reviewed. Rest assured, in order to qualify for our list we put each pod through a very comprehensive process before it makes our best of vape pods list. We have tested well over 200 pods since Vaping Insider has been around.

What we do is, we go back and we look at those vape pods that we rated the highest in the past. We then pull them and compile our top 10 vape pods list from that group of pods. We will never add a vape pod kit to our list that we have not thoroughly tested or rated highly in the past.

Once in a while you may see a vape pod on the best pod systems list that we have not reviewed yet. This is because the review has not published yet, it does not mean that we have not done the work behind the scenes. Normally, in this type of scenario the review is ready to go and just sitting in the queue waiting to get published. We have done all the testing in order for the Pod to actually qualify for the best pod list.

Do you have your own list of your best vape pods kit? Share with us in the comments below!

Pros of Using a Pod System

The simplicity of using vape pods

Vapors like to use vape pods because of the simplicity that we already covered and because of the fact that they are very easy to carry. In today’s busy world where everybody is running around aimlessly, portability is definitely a feature that a lot of new vapers desire when choosing the best pod system for their needs.

Very Discreet

Some vapers like to use best pod system vapes because they are very discreet. There are certain situations in life where you don’t want to be chucking huge clouds and massive weather systems. You just want that nicotine hit. For those types of situations, pod vapes come in very handy.

There are also some vapers that will use a pod system to vape in a place where they probably shouldn’t. They are able to hold the vape in and produce little or close to no cloud and get away with vaping in a place where it might be prohibited. While we don’t condone this type of vape activity, we can’t ignore the fact that some vapers use pod vapes in this manner.

The Affordability

A lot of vapers like the affordability aspect of pods. You can legitimately pick up a good pod system from anywhere from $10 to $60. Of course, like most things in life, there’s going to be a significant difference in performance from the $10 one to the $60 one. But ultimately the best pod is the one that gets you off smoking so don’t let your budget hold you back from making the switch.

The Maintenance

Another big advantage of pod systems is, some new vapers just don’t want to be bothered with the maintenance of a full-blown Vape kit. They don’t want to buy batteries or a charger, they don’t want to buy tanks or other atomizers, they just want to plug in their vape, make sure it’s fully charged and go. For those types of vapers pod systems are ideal.

Cons of Using a Pod System

Diminutive Size

Because of their diminutive size, a pod system is not going to have anywhere near the same battery life as a dual or single cell mod. As far as battery life goes most pods are going to be in the 300 mAh to 1500 mAh category. Depending on how much you vape, pod systems may be able to get you a full day of vaping or they may not. It all depends on how much you use them on any given day.

Internal Battery

This brings us to our next con which is the fact that most pod systems have an internal battery. Sooner or later, you are going to cycle through that internal battery and it is no longer going to take a charge. When that happens you are going to be forced to throw the whole device out and buy a new system.

Underwhelming in the Satisfaction Department

If you are coming off of cigarettes, you will probably have no problem finding a pod system that actually satisfies your need for nicotine. However, if you are coming off a dual cell setup with a sub-ohm tank, you might find some pods a bit underwhelming in the satisfaction department.

In general,

They’re not able to produce the volume of clouds as say something like a sub ohm tank user is used to. The flavor also tends to suffer as well.

Open System vs. Closed System

The Difference Between The Two

True Pod system

Has some sort of tank to hold your e liquid as well as a non removable coil that enables you to vaporize your ejuice. Pods can be closed and or open ended. The closed end pods are pre-filled with liquid and they can not be refilled without hacking them or breaking them open. This type of pod has a certain amount of juice in it, when it is empty you take the pod and you throw it away. You then replace that pod with a new pod that is full of juice.

Open-Ended System

Is a pod system that allows you to refill the pod with your own juice. Some of the advantages of an open-ended system is you get to pick the type of juice you want in your pod system as well as the nicotine level. A lot of environmentally conscious people like open-ended systems because they feel that there is not a lot of waste. At least not as much waste as a closed-ended system would produce.

Pros and Cons – Quick List

Below is a quick list of the pros and cons when you decide to use one of these best pod kits.

PROS of Using Vape Pods

  1. A pod kit is very easy to carry
  2. A pod kit is very discreet
  3. A pod kit is affordable good pod system
  4. A vape pod kit is low maintenance


  1. A pod kit for vape has diminutive size
  2. Vape pods usually has an internal battery
  3. some pods for vape are a bit underwhelming in
  4. the satisfaction department
  5. they’re not able to produce huge volume of vape clouds

Pod System Vs All-in-One (AIO) Kits

The Difference Between The Two

With all the new pod systems coming out, these two terms have almost become interchangeable. However, it is important that we distinguish the difference between the two. A true pod system, can be refillable or not. The vape Pod itself does not have a replaceable coil. Conversely, a true AIO system has a swappable coil or a rebuildable section, it can always be refilled, and it tends to run at a higher wattage than most pod systems.

The confusion between the two different types of vape pod systems has come about lately because a lot of the traditional form factors of a pod system have been incorporated into an AIO vape system. Some vape companies are actually marketing AIO kits as best pod system vapes because of the similar form factor.

So when people see these vape devices, they are not sure whether they are using a pod or an AIO. For the sake of accuracy, a simple rule to remember is, if it’s a swappable coil system, it’s an AIO vape kit. If you can not swap the coil out, it’s a vape pod. All the devices on this best pod systems list are pods.

Factors To Consider When Buying

What Type Of vaper Am I?

When it comes to this question, sometimes it takes some time to actually answer it especially for someone that is new to the vape world. Most of the time, a new vaper will not know what type of vaper they actually are. There are basically two types of vapers:

  1. MTL vaper
  2. DL vaper

There are MTL vapers that like mouth to lung vaping. The type of draw in this sort of vaping mimics the draw you would get from a regular cigarette. You take the vape into your mouth first and then inhale it into your lungs, just like you would with a cigarette. This is how most new vapers start off. MTL vaping is generally done at much lower wattages than DL vaping.

The other type of vaping is considered DL vaping or direct lung vaping. This is when you take a hit off of your vape and you take it straight to your lungs. This is the same way you may take a hit off a marijuana joint. You’re basically bypassing your mouth and taking it directly into your lungs. Most new vapers do not start off with this type of vaping but they do graduate to it in a lot of cases. DL vaping is generally done at higher wattages than MTL vaping.

Size Matters?

Size matters because the size of your pod is generally going to be in direct correlation to the amount of battery life that you get. Bigger pods have bigger batteries and they will give you longer battery life. Smaller pods have smaller batteries and they will give you less battery life. The resistance of your pod is also going to have a profound effect on your battery life. The higher the resistance the less battery life you are going to use while conversely the lower the resistance the more power you are going to need to push that coil inside the pod. In general, your smaller pod systems tend to have pods with a higher resistance in order to get a usable battery life. Your bigger pod systems use pods with lower resistance because they can afford to put more power to the coil because the internal battery is bigger.

Clouds and Flavor

To most vapers, clouds and flavor are very important. Some systems just produce better clouds and flavor than others. That’s just the way the market is. You also might have a vaper that wants something very small because they will be looking to stealth vape. Stealth vaping is when a vaper wants to vape while producing as little clouds as possible. This may be because the vaper is vaping in a place that they probably should not be vaping in. If you are looking to stealth vape then you don’t want something that makes a lot of clouds and draws a lot of attention. Conversely, some people don’t like stealth vaping at all and they want something that’s going to give them larger clouds because they associate that with good flavor. At the end of the day, this is a personal and situational choice that is totally up to you.

Swappable Coils

Most traditional vapers believe that a true pod system does not have swappable coils. Anything with swappable coils for the traditional vaper is considered an AIO kit. That belief is changing now because of all the systems that are coming out that actually have swappable coils. Lots of vapers love pod systems with swappable coils because they feel that it produces less waste. They would rather throw a coil out as opposed to a whole pod. Having a swappable coil system also gives the vaper a little bit more versatility because most of the time there is more than one coil available for the Pod that they are using.

Because swappable coils in a pod system have become so popular, it has opened the door for RBA decks as well. A lot of the newer pod systems coming out are now available with an optional RBA deck. An RBA deck is a rebuildable atomizer deck that allows you to build your own coil and install it in the pod. This is converting a lot of hobbyist vapers over to pod vaping.

Coil Availability

Most of the popular companies that you have heard of in the vape industry and most of the companies that you have not heard of, have all produced pod systems. This can be an issue when it comes to the distribution of the coils that fit in these pod systems. If you stick with the big manufacturer’s, there shouldn’t be a problem with coil availability. However if you go with some of these companies that you have never heard of, you might have a problem getting coils for the system that you buy 3 or 6 months down the road from now. It’s a major issue that pod buyer needs to be aware of. If you are going to purchase a pod system from a smaller, lesser-known manufacturer, please try to purchase a system that uses a non-proprietary coil.

Ultimately the best pod system will depend on your personal preferences.

In Summary: Top 10 Best Pod System Vapes

Below you’ll find our Top 10 Best Pod System Vapes for 2019

Product Name Rank Description
Lost Vape Orion Pod 1 the modern advancement of vaping technology
Smok Novo Pod Kit 2 integrating a luxuriously designed vape design
Lost Vape Orion Q 3 featuring a proprietary chipset with 40W max output
Smok Nord 4 capable of utilizing mesh and ceramic coils
Aspire Breeze 2 5 presenting a phenomenal pocket-friendly device
Wismec Motiv 2 6 discretionary all-in-one vape that features 500mAh integrated battery
IPV Refi 7 a nicotine salt powerhouse, primarily focusing on a flavor-oriented vape
Innokin EQ 8 one of the most dynamic pod platform to date
Renova Pod 9 presents a beautifully crafted device built for simplified operations
Rincoe Ceto 10 an ergonomic card-style all-in-one pod system