What is the best RTA in 2017?

The best RTAs of 2017 include:

Best For Name Capacity Price
Clouds Smok TFV8 6ml $38.95
Flavor (dual coil)

Flavor (single coil)

Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme

Wotofo Serpent Mini







GeekVape Avocado 5ml $29.95
Sub Ohm OBS Engine RTA 5.2ml $29.95
Mouth to Lung


Sense Herakles Pro 4.5ml $26.95
Beginners Vaporesso Gemini 3.5ml $29.99
Temp Control Kanger Toptank Mini 4ml $29.95

An RTA is a clearomizer with a rebuildable atomizer deck that allows you to make your own coils. A rebuildable atomizer is abbreviated to RBA. These days the terms RBA and RTA are often used interchangeably to refer to a rebuildable tank atomizer. The other type of rebuildable atomizer is a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) which does not have a tank.

When considering what is the best RTA important factors to take into account are; tank capacity, air flow options, build deck size, build quality, and price.

Best RTA for beginners and single coil builds

vaporesso gemini best rta

Vaporesso Gemini RTA – $27

  • 3.5ml Tank Capacity
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • Easy to use build deck
  • Zero Blind Spot Airflow
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • 510 Threaded

The Vaporesso Gemini RTA is one of the most popular RTAs currently on the market and is the biggest competitor for the hugely popular Geekvape Griffin. The RTA is constructed using high grade stainless steel and features a 16mm two post rebuildable deck, dual adjustable airflow and an easy to use top fill system. It stands at 61.5mm in height and has a width of 22mm. It comes with an extra pyrex tank, allen key, extra screws, extra o-rings, two clapton coils, 510 drip tip adapter and 13.5mm delrin wide bore drip tip.

So why choose this RTA over the Griffin? Simply put, the airflow is far superior. You get more airflow control as well as more juice flow control. It has quad adjustable airflow at the top as well as quad adjustable airflow at the bottom. It also has a central air hole post between the velocity posts on the build deck. This means that air is drawn from the base, travels up through the central post and and out both sides of the post onto the coils. Vaporesso call this “Zero Blind Spot Airflow”. The nice thing about this tank is if you get too much airflow you can close the top or bottom off accordingly to fit your needs. It also features much larger wicking holes than the Griffin. This in turn leads to more vapor and better flavor.

Best RTA for clouds and high VG juices

Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast RTA – $38.95

TFV8 Cloud beast rta

  • 6ml tank capacity
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 3 included coil heads (sextuple, octuple, and RBA)
  • RBA base

The Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast is perfectly named, this RTA can chuck clouds like no other. The massive popularity of this cloud chasing RTA is making it difficult to find; DirectVapor.com currently has it in stock. If you want the best RTA for cloud chasing then even if it’s out of stock again the TFV8 is well worth the wait.

The TF-V8 accommodates a new line of turbo coils which have been designed for high wattage and low resistance. Shipping with the Smok TF-V8 are three coil types;

  • The V8-T8 octuple coil head (0.15Ω) for “deep and rich cloud taste” which is best used at a 120-180w range.
  • The V8-Q4 quadruple coil head (0.15Ω) for “smooth and silky taste”, best used at a 90-150w range.
  • The V8 Exclusive turbo RBA Head which comes with 0.28Ω dual Clapton coils installed.

You can also buy T6 sextuple coil heads (0.15Ω) separately. It is likely that Smok will release more coil head variations over the coming months.

Juice holes have been increased in this iteration to improve wicking. The large juice holes will handle high VG e-liquid without any problems.

Air flow is provided by two massive adjustable air slots at the bottom of the tank. This is a change from four small air slots on the TFV4. This change has increased airflow by 18%. A large internal heating air tube, with a 30% greater area than in the TFV4, increases airflow efficiency.

The dense clouds result in great flavour but big clouds also mean you will use up e-juice relatively quickly.

The tank capacity has been increased when compared to the TFV4; capacity now stands at 6ml, or 5.5ml if you are using the RBA base. Refilling is much easier this time around, the top fill hole is larger and like the TFV4 this rebuildable tank has a swivel top-cap.

Best for temp control

Kanger Toptank Mini – $29.95

Kanger Toptank Mini rebuildable tank atomizer

  • Great for cloud chasing
  • Great for flavor
  • Topfill
  • Adjustable airflow slots
  • 4ml capacity
  • Good mouth to lung airflow option
  • Variety of prebuilt coils available

The Toptank Mini RTA is Kanger’s new and improved version on the SubTank Mini RTA. The SubTank Mini has been one of the top rated rebuildable clearomizers since 2014 and the new TopTank Mini has replaced it as one of the best RTA clearomizers in 2017.

You can expect the same excellent flavor and huge vapor production as the SubTank Mini but now the tank is top fill, this change makes refilling significantly easier. The new tank is compatible with Kanger’s new SSOCC coil heads as well as the old OCC ones.

The Toptank comes with a Mini RBA Plus deck so that you can build your own coils. If prebuilt coils are more your thing then you can use the sub ohm 0.5 ohm SSOCC coil head that is included. A 0.15ohm SSOCC Ni200 coil head which is compatible with temp control mods comes pre-installed.

A problem with the previous Kanger RBA base was the small juice channels at the bottom of the head, this was a problem in particular when using high VG juices. The RBA Plus deck has completely eliminated this issue by replacing the tiny bottom channels with two giant holes on either side of the head. The build deck is still the same, very easy to build on with plenty of space for huge coils.

The tank has a 510 connection for maximum compatibility with mods and a 510 drip tip connection.

Best RTA for sub ohm and dual coil builds

GeekVape Griffin – $31.49

Geekvape Griffin RTA 2 post sub ohm

  • Big clouds and excellent flavor
  • 2 Wide adjustable airflow holes
  • 3.5ml Capacity
  • Top fill
  • Adjustable juice flow channels
  • 2 Post build deck

The Griffin RTA by Geekvape has attracted a lot of hype in the last few months and it is all well deserved. Top notch flavor and clouds, a top fill method, and a great build deck are the main benefits of the Griffin. It is ideal for sub ohm vapers and enthusiastic builders who are looking for the best two post RTA.

The 3.5ml capacity is below average for an RTA but for this small trade off you get a massive build deck. The Griffin has a Velocity-style two post deck that is easy to build on. The 2mm post holes will easily take Claptons and twisted builds. The wicking is also easy in the Griffin due to the large juice flow channels.

The Griffin is a top fill tank. The top fill cap is easily removed and the juice channels are wide. The section of the tank just above the AFC can be rotated to control the four juice flow holes. This is a nice feature to optimise juice flow according to the PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid.

Dual airflow slots measure 12mm by 2mm. Even if you like an airy vape you probably won’t need to open the air holes fully. The air slots can be adjusted for a tighter draw but for mouth to lung vapers this tank isn’t ideal.

A very convenient feature of the Griffin is the ability to access the RBA deck without needing to empty the tank. You can simply unscrew the tank above the AFC while holding it upside down and then set it down balanced on its drip tip while you adjust the deck.

Best RTA for flavor

Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA – $35.99

Aromatizer RDTA by Steamcrave

  • Direct to deck liquid feeding system
  • 3ml or 6ml tank options
  • 2 Post deck
  • Adjustable quad or dual airflow
  • Bottom fill
  • Access deck without emptying the tank

Since the end of 2015 the Steam Crave Aromamizer RTA has quickly been growing in popularity thanks to its awesome flavor and efficient wicking. For both vapor and flavor the Aromamizer is on par with an RDA.

The wicking system in the Aromamizer feeds the e-liquid directly to the deck, eliminating the myriad of problems that go along with channel wicking. The reduced travel distance for the liquid to the coil enhances flavor.

Airflow goes directly onto the deck from four air holes positioned on the side of the chamber. Airflow is controlled by rubber bands that are placed over the intake holes. The tank comes with a two-hole band and a four-hole band.

The Aromamizer has a “Velocity-style” two post deck with two vertically stacked 2mm holes on each post. Dual coils can be inserted independently and the positioning of the post holes also makes it easy to center a single coil build.

The tank is bottom fill, however all the usual drawbacks of bottom-fill tanks have been eliminated. Firstly, the tank and deck are independent so the deck can be accessed without emptying the tank and secondly there are spill and overflow guards on the juice channels.

Due to the position of the coils you can drip e-juice through the chimney directly onto the coils to use the Aromamizer as a dripper.

The Aromamizer’s drip tip intensifies flavor and reduces spitback by splitting air-flow into four channels and then refocusing the flow of air as it leaves the drip tip.

Best mini RTA / Best RDTA

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA – $39.95

Sigelei Moonshot RDTA mini rta

  • 22mm Diameter, 42mm overall height
  • 2ml Capacity
  • 304 Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Top fill
  • 2 Post deck

Multiple reviewers have described the flavor of the Sigelei Moonshot RDTA as phenomenal. This is by far the best mini RTA for flavour. Mini RTA tanks tend to have superior flavor anyway due to their short chimneys and small decks. The Moonshot gets the kind of flavour you would expect from a dripper. A PEEK insulator on the build deck provides purer flavour at higher wattages.

The deck is not particularly easy to build on but if you want a small RTA that’s a burden you just have to bear. Smaller coils will be necessary, eight wraps of 28 gauge wire is about as big as you can go. The deck has two vertical 6mm posts with good sized 2.5mm post holes for single or dual coil configurations. The deck and tank are easy to disassemble relative to other small rebuildable tanks.

Kennedy style airflow is provided by two large adjustable air holes at the base of the tank. For vapor density and vapor production you can expect dripper style quality. For those who aren’t familiar with drippers, this means big, dense clouds.

A wide bore Delrin drip tip is included for high performance vaping. The wide bore design will help keep your lips cool.

The Moonshot RTA is certainly one of the shortest mini rebuildable tanks. However,the Youde Goblin Mini ultimately claims the title for shortest height RTA at 38.6mm. All things considered the extra 3.4mm in height is worth it to get a tank as good as the Moonshot.

If you would like a slightly bigger tank capacity then there is the Sigelei Moonshot 24 RTA, it is slightly bigger with a 24mm diameter and a 3ml tank capacity.

Best mouth to lung RTA

Youde Goblin Mini RTA – $21.21

UD Youde Goblin Mini RTA

  • 3ml Glass tank
  • Dual or single coil deck
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Bottom fill method
  • Integrated glass drip tip
  • 510 drip tip connection

The Goblin mini RTA by Youde offers the same excellent flavor and cloud production as the original Goblin but with an 18mm shorter height. The tiny 28mm height makes it one of the smallest rebuildable tank atomizers you can buy. Despite the stealth size the tank capacity is 3ml which should keep you going for a few hours, for most vapers this should be enough for all day vaping.

This atty offers a great MTL (mouth to lung) vape but it can also be configured for lung hits.

The build deck takes dual coils but an included single coil adapter plug makes the deck suitable for single coils. The deck is inevitably a bit on the small side so if you don’t have experience with building then this will be a difficult first tank to start with.

For mouth to lung inhaling use a single coil and close off the air slots, for lung hits go with a dual coil and open up the air flow.

Unlike the Goblin which has side airflow holes, the Goblin Mini has air holes at the base of the tank, directly under the coils. The airflow is controlled by a lever on the base of the chamber.

The small size of the tank means a shorter than average chimney and chamber, this significantly enhances flavor. The Goblin Mini is one of the leading RTAs for flavor thanks to this design choice.

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  1. Reply Lambert May 1, 2016 at 9:00 am

    Oh well, breaking open the piggy bank! Momma needs new tanks. Really likeing the looks of those sub-ohm tanks, think I’ll get 1 of each.

  2. Reply Nick June 12, 2016 at 11:12 am

    This article was very very helpful, I finally decided on the goliath v2. I love it, but its still hard for me to put my velocity down, I love that atty,it’s going to be hard too transition over for a minute, but vapes huge clouds along with awesome flavor. Wasn’t expecting that kind of flavor from the goliath, AWESOME……. Thanks vapinginsider, keep up the great reviews, much appreciated.

    • Reply VapingInsider June 15, 2016 at 1:21 pm

      Delighted that we could help you out Nick, happy vaping!

  3. Reply Steve Tobias July 15, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    Personally I think the Griffin is by far inferior for sub ohm builds and dual coil coil builds than the Smok TF-RTA G2. The Smok has a very simple left / right, juice on, juice off (to quote Mr Miyagi) and when you screw it off to access the build deck with a full tank, the juice control automatically turns off during this process. It is by far easier to build (me having an accident that cost me half of both my hands) I have both the Griffin 25 and the Smok TF G2 and I only used the Griffin a couple of times before putting it away for good. I am now selling it to buy a second Smok Tank. Personally I think your reviewer is a bit biased and before branding something as the “Best for 2016” it should go through a minimum of 10 reviewers and each given a score between 1-10, this way you would be closer to the mark. Also for the griffin I have to put my glasses on to check the juice control as it is very hard to see if it is sealed off when sitting aside. when you take the top off the Smok you’re able to still stand the tank upright because the juice flow control is not dependent on the build deck to seal off the juice ports.

    • Reply VapingInsider August 5, 2016 at 8:30 am

      Hey Steve, thanks for the in-depth comparison. Thanks to you and other reader’s feedback we have decided to update the article!

  4. Reply Drexel July 31, 2016 at 2:40 am

    I second the Smok TF-RTA G2. My favorite setup for daily vape. Think it should replace the Griffin in this list. Just a really solid tank all around.

    • Reply VapingInsider August 5, 2016 at 8:32 am

      Thanks Drexel, we had another look at both tanks and we agree with you and Steve. We have replaced the Griffin with the TF-RTA.

  5. Reply John August 8, 2016 at 12:50 am

    The Billow v3 has replaced both Griffins (both leaked) and my moonshot (which stripped in two places very quickly) I’ve been using my billow for almost 3 months no leaks, no issues, great flavor, air flow, superior filling system, great capacity can hold any builds, not sure why it’s so overlooked

  6. Reply Scott August 16, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Can’t wait to try all of these “Best of” tanks. I considered all of them before deciding on the Avocado 24. Amazing tank. Takes a bit of tinkering to get the wicking right, but when you do, it’s amazing. I’m still pretty new to vaping and your reviews are always very helpful. Thanks for doing all of the hard work for us vapinginsider. You guys rock!!

    • Reply VapingInsider August 17, 2016 at 11:51 am

      Thanks Scott, glad we can help!

  7. Reply Shawn Simpson September 3, 2016 at 8:24 am

    I came to this thread looking for the best flavor, not a cloud chaser by any means. And pleasantly surprised to find I’m already vaping on the Moonshot 22mm, and let me tell you it’s pretty damn good. It’s a little hard to build on at first but with practice it’s not to difficult. Also a side note I’ve got 24 gauge 9 wraps, it’s tight but it fits!

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