What is the Best Temp Control Mod in 2018?

Budget (Under $60)

Voopoo Drag – $59.42

Best TC Mods Voopoo Dragclick-best-price
  • 5 to 157W Output
  • Gene Chip
  • Temp Control Suite
  • Sleek and Beautiful Chassis Design
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection

The Voopoo Drag has taken the vape market by storm and rightfully so. If you can get past the goofy company name, the Voopoo Drag is just an awesome value in today’s market. It utilizes the new Gene chip and it is a dual 18650 mod. It has a maximum power output of 157 watts and it will fire as low as .05 ohms. It has a maximum voltage range of 7.5 volts and a maximum current output of 40 amps. The battery is 95% efficient so you will get awesome battery life with this device.

Of course, the Drag does have a full temp control suite as well as a TCR mode. It also has other modes such as Smart VW mode, Super mode, and a customization mode with 5 memory banks. Along with all that, the Gene chip is a legitimate temp control board at an awesome price point. Not only is the Drag a performer but it is a looker as well. This mod comes in quite a few different finishes so you will be able to find one that suits your taste and style. The finishes range anywhere from carbon fiber to rainbow resin. Pick one up today and find out why the Voopoo Drag is what Vaping Insider is calling one of the Best Buys in the market today.

Best Temp Control Mods Innokin Coolfire Ultraclick-best-price

Coolfire Ultra 150W TC – $56.95

  • Aetheon Chipset
  • 6 to 150W Output
  • Built In 4000 mAh Battery
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated Brass 510
  • 2A Micro USB Charging Port

In most communities and cultures, there’s always that product or thing that has a solid following but it’s just not known to the masses. In the vaping community, we’d be talking about the Coolfire Ultra 150W TC mod. This mod is severely underrated and not a lot of people know about its performance and capabilities. What we have here is an internal battery mod with a 4,000 mAh battery. You will get some tremendous battery life in a fantastic form factor. The Coolfire has a maximum output wattage of 150 watts and it will fire down as low as .1 ohm. This mod has an ultra fast power delivery with virtually no delay after you hit the firing button. On top of all that, the Atheon chipset is extremely accurate and supports temp control on all of the popular materials like Ni, Ti, and SS.

The Coolfire is also very pocketable and an extremely easy carry for a mod that cranks out this type of power. Not only does it have 2 amp fast charging but it also has pass through technology. This allows you to vape while you’re charging should you ever be in that type of situation. Of course, because it is an Innokin product, it has a tremendous amount of safeties built into it as well. So, if you’re looking for a small pocketable mod with big power, that has a legitimate temp control chip and you don’t want to break the bank, then definitely check out the Coolfire Ultra 150W TC box.

Best Temp Control Mods Aspire Archonclick-best-price

Aspire Archon – $44.95

  • 1 to 150W Power Output
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Full Temp Control Suite
  • Child Lock Option
  • Customizable Firing Button Profiles

Yes, the Aspire Archon is not the latest or greatest mods to hit the market lately. Truth be told, it’s probably a little long in the tooth. All that being said, it is still a legitimate TC mods that is great for someone looking to get into t vaping especially if they are on a budget. The Archon has a maximum wattage output of 150 watts and it will fire as low as .1 ohm. It will TC Ni200, Ti, and SS. It does have one unique feature that kind of sets it apart from other mods on the market. It has a child lock option that requires the user to input a three digit numerical password. Not only is this good to guard against a child grabbing your setup but it also ensures safe travel when you put it in a pocket or a bag.

The Archon has a .86 inch OLED screen and it shows all the information that is pertinent to a vaper. It also has a slide away battery door and it accepts two 18650 batteries that are not included with your purchase. There is a 5-button interface on the Archon and it definitely cuts down on the amount of clicks that are needed to adjust your mods. Of course, since this is an Aspire mod, it does have a bunch of safety features built in as well. So, while the Archon may not be the latest TC mods to storm the vaping market, it is still an extremely viable temp control device that will do the job without costing you a lot of money.

Mid ($60 – $100)

Best Temp Control Mods P4U Eclipseclick-best-price

P4U Eclipse – $80.99

  • YiHi SX420 Chip Set
  • 5 to 200W
  • Temp Control
  • Four Button Control Face
  • Oversized Side Grip Firing Button

The Eclipse mod by P4U uses almost the same chipset as the SX Mini G Class. The only difference being is the SX420 chipset does not have a joystick or Bluetooth capability. Everything else is pretty much the same. So for about half the price, you’re going to get a vape experience that is very close to a G Class experience. Not only that but the Eclipse also has a side firing bar which has proven to be very popular lately in a lot of mods. So if you want G Class-like performance with a firing bar, you may want to take a serious look at the P4U Eclipse.

The Eclipse will fire up to 200 watts and it does have a full temperature control suite. It also has SXi-Q intelligent taste curve with 5 memory bank settings. There are 10 wallpapers that you can choose between and it uses a 4 -button interface. There are also plenty of preheat options that include powerful, powerful plus, soft, echo, and standard. The Eclipse measures in at 90.2 mm X 51.1 mm x 31 mm. All of those features in a compact little package that will vape accurately in power or temperature control mode. If you’re a TC Vaper, do yourself a favor and pick up yourself an Eclipse and you will not regret it.

Best Temp Control Mods Smoant Charonclick-best-price

Smoant Charon 218W TC – $50.99

  • 1 to 218W Power Output
  • Full Temperature Control Suite
  • 0.96 Inch OLED Screen
  • Three Button Control Face
  • Automatic Cut-Off/Short Circuit/Low Resistance/Overheat/Overcharge/Over Discharge Protection

Smoant followed up it’s very popular Battlestar mod with a dual 18650 C frame mods called the Charon. This mod features Smoant’s Ant 218 chip. It provides an accurate, stable vape and it is also upgradable. It has a maximum wattage of 218 watts and it supports a full temp control suite as well. Think of it as a Therion on a budget. That’s what it looks like and the performance is very close as well. If you like that sort of form factor and accurate TC, then this may be the device for you.

The Charon will fire as low as .1 ohm and has a maximum voltage output of 8.4 volts. Along with the temp control suite, it also has a TCR mode. The temperature range is from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and the Charon has an automatic resistance lock built into it. Everything on the Charon, from the slide away magnetized battery door to the 3-button control interface, just works and it works extremely well. If you want an awesome TC experience at a good value definitely, take a look at the Smoant Charon TC.

Best TC Mod Voopoo Alphaclick-best-price

Voopoo Alpha One – $85.49

  • 5 to 222 Watts Output Range
  • Temp Control Suite
  • 0.91 Inch OLED Display
  • Gene Chip
  • USB Pass Through Charging Up To 2A

Voopoo followed up it’s phenomenal debut of the Drag with the Alpha One. It uses the same awesome Gene chip but it cranks the wattage up to 222 Watts. It has a retro look and it kind of reminds us of an old-school 80s style Walkman. The Alpha One is extremely well built and it does feel great in the hand. Just like the Drag, the chip performance is just phenomenal. The Alpha One is also firmware upgradeable with pass through charging at 2 amps. It has a beautiful .91 inch OLED display and it sports a three button configuration

Of course, the Gene chip will fire down as low as .05 ohms and has a maximum voltage output of 7.5 volts. Just like the Drag, the Alpha One has a 95% efficiency rating on the chipset. There are also three different modes available on the Alpha One as well as a full temperature control suite with a TCR mode. The mods do have a square shape with a slidable magnetic battery door. It has all the standard protections built in and an awesome spring loaded gold plated 510 connection. If this type of retro look is what you’re into, you will definitely love the Voopoo Alpha One. Right now, it is available in black and silver.

High End (Over $100)

Best TC Mods SX Mini G Classclick-best-price

Sx Mini G Class – $219.95

  • YiHi SX550J Chip Set
  • 5 to 200W
  • Temperature Control
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Multi Format Colored OLED Display

We get asked this question all the time. If money’s no object, what is the best temperature control device on the market? Since the G Class has hit the scene, the answer has inevitably been the SX Mini G Class. In our opinion, it is the last word when it comes to TC vaping in the mass-produced mod market. Basically, the G Class does everything and it does everything extremely well. It has a maximum wattage output of 200 Watts. Temperature control is just on point and it is the standard that all other mods are judged by. It is Bluetooth-compatible and it has an absolutely huge, gorgeous, colored screen. It has internal balanced charging at 2 amps and it can fit a 30 mm atomizer with no overhang.

Like we said before, the G Class does everything extremely well and we haven’t even gotten into the form factor yet. The G Class has an unbelievable form factor that almost feels like it’s part of your hand when you are using it. It is comfortable to fire with your finger or your thumb, it just really doesn’t matter. For a dual 18650 mod, it is also very pocketable and compact. It is made primarily of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy. It has a spring loaded, gold plated, 510 connection. If you want the gold standard when it comes to TC vaping, then just go out and pick yourself up an SX Mini G Class. Yes, there are other mods that will come close to it as far as accuracy goes in temperature control mode but when you run down the list of what things TC vapers look for in a temp control mods, the G-Class edges them all out in every category.

Best TC Mods
Lost Vape Therionclick-best-price

Lost Vape Therion DNA 167 – $149.95

  • DNA 167 Chipset
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Dual 18650 Platform
  • 0.91 Inch OLED Display Screen
  • Escribe Companion Software

The problem with writing a few paragraphs about a mod like the Lost Vape Therion 167 is that there are so many features available to it that it’s basically impossible to cover in a format like this. The Therion will fire up to 167 watts and it has the legendary DNA 250 chip in it, down throttled for a dual 18650 platform. Of course, Evolv’s legendary chipset is famous for its prowess when it comes to temperature control vaping. The Therion will provide you with an accurate temperature control vape using Ni200, Ti, or SS. The Therion has a three button interface with a .91 inch OLED display.

When it comes to looks, the Lost Vape Therion is at the top of its game as well. Not only are there a plethora of different battery covers available to it but all of the mods feature a beautiful carbon fiber accent panel or a wood inlay accent panel, it’s your choice. When you become part of the Evolv family, you also get access to their unbelievable software called Escribe. This software is constantly changing and being upgraded. What it does, is it allows you to control every little, tiny aspect of your vape. With the use of Escribe, you are able to dial in the perfect temperature controlled vape. On the software side of the temperature control market, Evolv is basically unrivaled. If that’s the type of vaper that you are, then definitely pick yourself up a Lost Vape Therion 167.

Best TC Mods Lost Vape Paranormalclick-best-price

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75C – $130.49

  • DNA 75 Chipset
  • Temperature Control Suite
  • Dual 18650 Platform
  • Four Button Control Face
  • 0.96 Inch Full Color TFT Screen

As of this writing, the DNA 75c chipset is the newest board available from Evolv. Of course, it has a full temp control suite as well as built in Escribe software. Even though it’s only a 75 watt box, the Paranormal takes dual 18650 batteries. It has a brand new 4 button control interface with a nice large firing button. The Paranormal also features a .96 inch full color TFT screen that will show the user everything they could possibly need to know while vaping. The Paranormal has a 30 amp maximum output and being an Evolv board, it is firmware and software upgradable.

Along with the beautiful display on the Paranormal, it also comes with an ebony wood or carbon fiber side panels. You can get one with a silver or gunmetal chassis and a red raptor or black stipple battery cover. All renditions of this mod look very elegant and classy. The threading on the 510 is stainless steel and buttery smooth. The 510 pin is nickel plated and has a really nice throw to it. The whole mod measures in at 91.5 mm by 55 mm by 27.5 mm. If you are an under 75 watt vaper that wants awesome battery life, and you insist on some of the best TC in the game, then definitely take a look at the Lost Vape Paranormal.

Temperature control mods are regulated mods with a chip to regulate the temperature of the coil. This prevents dry hits and any burnt taste. There are some concerns about the toxins released with dry hits so many people wish to limit them for health reasons. Since the coil is prevented from getting too hot the coil and wick will last longer. Battery life is also extended in temp control mods since only enough power to keep the coil at the right temperature is used. In this article we will cover the best temp control mod depending on your budget. For more on mods, check out or guide on the best box mod for November 2019.

The Best Temperature Control Mods in 2018 Include:

  • 1 – Voopoo Drag (Budget)
  • 2 – Coolfire Ultra 150W TC (Budget)
  • 3 – Aspire Archon (Budget)
  • 4 – P4U Eclipse (Mid-Range)
  • 5 – Smoant Charon 218 TC (Mid-Range)
  • 6 – Voopoo Alpha One (Mid-Range)
  • 7 – SX Mini G Class (High-End)
  • 8 – Lost Vape Therion DNA 167 (High-End)
  • 9 – Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75C (High-End)

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