Top 10 Best Vape Mods for February 2021

By Vaping Insider Team
Updated: 2020-12-12
Lost Vape Paranormal - best mods vape

1.Lost Vape Paranormal 200W DNA250C

Bottom Line:

This has been out for a while but nothing on the market beats it as the best mod as far as I'm concerned. What makes it timeless is it performance, it is just fantastic and the last word when it comes to TC vaping.

Vaporesso Gen 220W - best mods vape

2. Vaporesso Gen 220W Mod

Bottom Line:

This is Vaporesso’s latest mod with their brand new Axon chipset. It has Pulse mode and it feels great in the hand. It easily has one of the best finishes among the mods right now.

Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 - best mods vape

3. Squid Industries Double Barrel V3

Bottom Line:

The Double Barrel V3 is a dual 18650 mod with a maximum wattage output of 150W.The V3 was pumped out to 25mm, the screen was sealed up to prevent juice from getting inside, and the battery door stays attached to the mod now.

Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W- best mods vape

4. Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W

Bottom Line:

The Legend has that Geekvape AS chipset that has proven to be more than a competent chipset. This thing is as bulletproof as its gets, it is IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

Smok Morph 219W TC - best top 10 vape mods

5. Smok Morph 219W TC

Bottom Line:

The Morph 219 is latest mod and it has one of the best screens in the market right now. It is a massive 1.9 inch color HD display. It’s big, bright, clear and well laid out. Oh yeah, did we mention? It’s one of the best touchscreens, too!

Aspire Dynamo - best top 10 vape mods

6. Aspire Dynamo 220W

Bottom Line:

It is on the big side but if you can get pass the size, this is one great mod. One of the benefits of being a big mod is the Dynamo will handle 30mm mods with no issues at all.One of the unique features of this mod is the 2 inch circular color TFT display.

Smoant NABOO - best top 10 vape mods

7.Smoant NABOO 225W

Bottom Line:

It’s a dual 18650, 225W mod with a massive 2.4 inch color display. It has haptic buttons and a super easy menu system.

OUMIER Rudder - best top 10 vape mods

8. OUMIER Rudder 200W TC

Bottom Line:

The Rudder is small for a dual 18650 mod. Considering it’s under $40 price point, this is a very nice mod that performs way above its price point. It has a lot of features that you would expect on mods that are twice its price.

Famovape Magma - best top 10 vape mods

9. Famovape Magma 200W TC

Bottom Line:

Primarily constructed of zinc allo, the Magma Box has all the TC, bypass mode, and manual TCR mode. Unlike it’s main competition, the Drag 2, the battery door on the Magma Box is rock solid.

Rincoe Manto - best top 10 vape mods

10. Rincoe Manto 228W

Bottom Line:

The Manto has it all -- a 2-inch color TFT display that is clear, crisp and well laid out. The Manto sports an oversized fire button. It fires really fast.


What Is A Vape Mod?


Box mods are box-shaped vaping devices. Their size means they can offer longer battery life, variable voltage and wattage, temperature control, extensive safety protections, and many more features than e-cigs or vape pens. vape mods typically fall into two main categories: Regulated and unregulated.


If a mod has variable voltage or variable wattage settings it is a regulated mod.


These vape mods, also known as mechanical mods, do not regulate the vape’s current. Unregulated vape mods are generally used by vaping enthusiasts who understand their potential safety concerns.

In this article, we are covering the best regulated vape mods as that is what the vast majority of vapers use to vape in their day to day lives and where most vapers should start their vape journey with. We don’t list unregulated vapes on our good vape mods list.


Parts Of A Vape Mod


In the section we are going to go over some of the main parts of a vape mod. We are going to touch on the basic parts that are found on most of the best vape mods currently being produced.


510 connection


On the top of the vape, where you attach your atomizer is called the 510 connection. Normally there is a stainless steel plate around it and stainless steel threading. In most of today’s modern vape mods the 510 connection is spring loaded and gold-plated. Different vape mods have different types of spring to them and you may hear reviewers say that a vape has a very loose 510 or a very stiff 510, this is the part of the vape mod they are talking about when they say that. The 510 connection is an integral part of any vape mod and it can make or break a box mod. You can have a great vape with the best construction but if it has a low quality 510, that makes a bad connection, all bets are off. You need to have a 510 that makes a solid connection and one that can take the wear and tear of constantly putting an atomizer on and off the vape mod. Low quality 510’s will have an affect on how accurately the mod reads the resistance of the coil. This may negatively affect the quality of your vape as well as the TC functionality. High quality 510’s will read the coil more accurately, which will result in a higher quality vape especially in TC mode.




Next is the vape’s screen. They’re are many different types of screens on vape mods. Some are vertical, some are horizontal, some are color, and some are monochrome. The screen is where you are going to find all the information about how your vape is acting. It will tell you what your vape’s battery life is doing, resistance, mode, voltage, and a plethora of other information. Some people like big fancy colored screens and other people like smaller more discreet screens on their vape devices. It really is more of a personal choice in terms of what you think is best because most screens convey the same information with varying layouts and configurations.




The other main part of a vape are the buttons. Most vape mods will have a three-button type of setup. This includes a fire button, plus button, and a minus button. Other vape mods have a 4 button interface that adds a menu button. Some of the newer vape mods coming out on the market lately don’t have any buttons and just use a touchscreen and a fire button. Others have a joystick on the vape mod itself that controls everything. Again, this is a personal choice as to which type of setup you are going to like.

When it comes to fire buttons, there are basically two different types. There is the fire bar-type, where almost the whole side of the mod acts as a fire button. Then there is the traditional fire button that comes in many different shapes and sizes as well as locations. This is a subjective preference and the best choice here is really up to you


Battery Tray


The battery tray is another piece of the vape mod that you will need to become familiar with. This is the place that will house your vape mods batteries if you have a vape mod that takes external batteries. Most of the times, the battery tray is clearly marked with battery indicator markings. It is also very common for you to see at least two gold plated, spring loaded, battery contacts in a dual-battery mod. Normally the other two battery contacts are button style and gold-plated as well. Generally we think an external battery mod is best as you can easily swap them out with new ones when they die and generally it is safer to charge your batteries outside the vape mod.


Common Settings Explained





This setting controls how much wattage is sent to your vape’s coil. This will affect how hot or cool you like your vape and it will also affect the flavor in a lot of scenarios. Finding a wattage that is best for you will take some trial and error but after some time you will get the hang of it. A lot of vape mods scroll up and down in .1 watt increments. Lately, we have seen this change to 1 watt or .5 watt increments.


Temperature Control


Most regulated vape mods have a temperature control feature. Most of these vape mods allow you to Vape in SS, Ti, and and Ni. SS stands for stainless steel, Ti stands for titanium, and and Ni stands for nickel. When vaping in temperature control mode, you have to make sure that you have the right coil for the right setting. You cannot vape a stainless steel coil in Ni mode. Finding the coil material that is best for you simply takes some testing as it is subjective depending on the person.

Most people use the temperature control setting on their vape mod to achieve a more consistent vape. This is done in two ways, controlling the temperature of the vape coil, controlling the wattage sent to the coil. Most good TC vaping chipsets have a temperature setting as well as a wattage setting. The temperature setting will control how hot or cool you like your vape. The wattage setting will control how quickly the coil that you are using ramps up to that set temperature. If you want a quick ramp up, then you bump up the wattage. If you want a slow ramp up, then you knock the wattage down a bit.


Power Curves


Power curves are relatively new, they came onto the vaping scene about a year ago. What a power curve allows you to do is send a certain amount of power for a certain amount of time incrementally to the vape coil. On a typical vape mod you could set it so that for the first half a second your vape mod may hit at 60 watts, for the next half a second it might bump up to 65 watts, then 70 watts for the next half a second, and back down to 60 for the last half a second. You can normally do this for a total of 5-10 seconds at an interval that the user chooses. It’s a feature that has become quite popular with a lot of vapers and some people will argue it is the best way to vape.


Bypass Mode


I’d say about 90% of the vape mods that we have tested in the last year or two all have a bypass mode. What this does is, it basically turns your vape mod into a mechanical mod with the safeties still in place. It basically makes your mod a direct output vape and gives you the maximum current that is available to your atomizer according to the batteries that you have installed. Some people use this mode when they want a really hard hit or they are running big builds that require a lot of power.


Stealth Mode


Most vape mods allow you to put them into stealth mode. What this does is it turns off the vape’s screen even while you are vaping. This is normally done on most menu systems by holding the plus and minus button together on your vape or some other combination of the +/- button and fire button.


Locking Feature


Almost every box mod that we have used and every mod on our top 10 vape mod list has some sort of locking feature to it. There are normally two types of vapes. One type allows the user to just lock the plus and minus buttons, so your wattage doesn’t get accidentally adjusted. The other type of lock allows you to lock all buttons on your vape so that you cannot fire the mod or adjust the vape’s wattage. Very rarely do you see both features on one mod. It’s normally one or the other.


Which Device Is Right For You?


In the search for the best vape mod, you want to take three things into consideration before you buy a mod. Those three things are experience, budget, and goal.




Most vape mods on the market today can accommodate any type of user from the absolute newbie to the very experienced vaper. You can go buy a mod that has all of the advanced features that an experienced user would want. Just because the mod has all of those features, does not mean that you have to use them all. In fact some vapers recommend this, so you are able to grow with the mod. Here at Vaping Insider, we would suggest that you start off with a mod that is simple and easy to use. You want a mod with a simple menu system and an easy learning curve. The vape mods we listed in this good vape mods list definitely fit that description.




When you are considering your personal budget for your first vaping mod you also have to take into consideration that you are going to need batteries and a charger. Like most things in life, some vape mods just have a better build quality than others and will last longer. In out top 10 vape mod list we think we came up with some pretty good picks that can fit into most anyone’s budget.




What do you want to get out of your first mod? Do you think you are going to be a cloud chaser or a flavor chaser? These are things you need to consider before you purchase your mod. You also have to consider how much use you are going to get out of that mod on a daily basis. Do you think you’ll need a single cell mod or a dual cell mod with extra battery capacity? Most vapers wind up vaping anywhere from 40 to 125 watts. For those types of vapers, a dual cell mod will get you through most of the day. If you think you’re going to be vaping higher than that, you may want to consider a triple or quadruple cell mod.


Are They Safe?


In general, we would have to say that most vape mods especially the regulated vape mods with a chipset in them are very safe. We have tested well over 500 vape mods here at Vaping Insider and we have yet to have anything catastrophic happen to anyone of us. Most of the modern vape mods coming out today have all types of protections built in and all of the vape mods on our list have protections built in. Let’s go over some of the protections that modern day vape mods have and what they mean.


Overheat Protection


This protection will kick in when your vape mod’s board gets too hot. It will stop you from firing the mod until your board actually cools down enough for you to vape again


Mod Short Protection


You will see this message on your screen when your vape’s atomizer has a short. Normally it’s a lead that has not been clipped properly or may still be in the deck. It could also be something as simple as a loose post screw.


Ohms Too High/Low


You will see this message on your vape screen if you are building outside of the parameters of the vape mod. Most vape mods have a low resistance that they fire as low as and high resistance that they can fire as high as. A typical range for a common mod is from .05 ohms to 3 ohms. Go outside of those parameters and you will get this message on your vape mod’s screen.


Check Atomizer


Whenever you see a check atomizer warning on your vape device it normally means that your atomizer is not making a good connection at the 510.


Check Battery


This message will show up on your mod’s screen when your batteries are too low to fire the atomizer on top of the top of your vape mod.

What We Look For In A Mod?


    1. Build And Quality

Always check out the build and quality of a vape. Of course, we want to make sure that it’s a quality mod and that it’s put together in a precise way.

    1. The Form Factor

Hold the vape device and check to see if the mod is comfortable in your hand. Is the vape easy to carry? Pocketability? Holding it yourself is the way to find out.

    1. The Performance

Make sure to check all the ins and outs of the vape and how the mod performs. Are the modes available on the mod accurate?

    1. Innovation

Is the vape company that is producing the mod doing something different and unique? We go over all that in most of our vape reviews.

Price Point

Since have tested hundreds of vape mods we feel like we have our finger on the pulse of the vaping marketplace. We normally comment on whether a vape is good value or not.

Please remember, while these are some of the things that we look for in a vape, our vape reviews are much more intricate than what we have listed above. All the vape mods that we review here at Vaping Insider are used by real world vapers.

We also make sure that we use vape mods in real world situations in order to provide you with some of the most comprehensive vape reviews available in today’s mod marketplace.


Top 10 Vape Mods Videos


Watch the video above to find out more about our best vape mod of 2020!

In Summary: Top 10 Vape Mods

Below you’ll find our Top 10 Vape Mod list for 2019

Product Name Rank Description
Lost Vape Paranormal 1 it is just a fantastic vape and the last word when it comes to TC vaping
Vaporesso Gen 220W 2 it easily has one of the best finishes among the vape mods
Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 3 a dual 18650 vape mod with a maximum wattage output of 150W
Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W 4 proven to be more than a competent chipset. You can’t go wrong with this vape
Smok Morph 219W TC 5 it has one of the best screens in the vape mod market
Aspire Dynamo 6 This vape will handle 30mm atomizers with no issues at all
Smoant NABOO 7 it’s a dual 18650, 225W vape mod with a massive 2.4 inch color display
OUMIER Rudder 8 this is a very nice vape mod that performs way above its price point

Famovape Magma

9 A vape mod primarily constructed of zinc alloy

Rincoe Manto

10 This vape mod has it all — a 2-inch color TFT display that is clear





We hope you enjoyed our best mods list article and hopefully it will help you purchase a vape mod that is right for you. It has been our experience that most vapers are more than happy to help when it comes to picking out a new vape mod. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, buy your first vape mod, and start vape journey.