TOP 10 BEST VAPE PEN FOR September 2020

By ReyDosdosJr
Updated: 2019-11-28

What’s A Vape Pen

The term vape pen has definitely expanded in the last couple of years. As little as a few years ago a vape pen typically referred to something that you vaped cannabis out of. However, in the last year or so vape companies have come out with their own style of vape pens.

Because this is a vape site, we are not going to go over the Cannabis side of this category. We will just be confining our comments to best vape pen that take nicotine e-juice.

Like a lot of terms in vaping,

The lines have become blurred when it comes to talking about best vape pen. It’s basically come to mean anything that’s cylindrically shaped. It can either have a 510 connection or a proprietary connection.

Some vape pen setups don’t even have that. Instead they have a tank that is basically permanently mounted to the pen itself.

Types Of Vape Pens

Most vapers would classify a pen mod as an internal battery mod. Sometimes you can see them referred to as stick mods as well.

In general,

They tend to not have screens and are very simple to operate. They also tend to be geared towards the user that is transitioning from smoking or an absolute beginner.

Some of these pen mods are set up to do mouth to lung (MTL) vaping.

That means they are meant to mimic the type of drawer that you get from a cigarette. Other pen mods are meant to be direct lung (DL) setups. This means they are geared more towards the person that likes to vape like they are taking a hit off of a joint. Some pen mods have adjustable airflow and can do a good job with both types of vaping.

A lot of vape pens also come in different types of power availability.

Some vape pens only use a set power. There is no way to adjust it up or down. Others have adjustments that you can make. Some vape pens run at a higher wattage than others. A vape pen that is set up to be a MTL pen, will probably be a lower wattage device when compared to a vape pen that is set up to be a DL pen.

There are also different types of way the power from your device is delivered to the coil.

Two of the most common ways are:

  • Constant Voltage and;

  • Direct Voltage

With a direct voltage device you are always going to be getting the maximum amount of power that the internal battery can deliver to your coil. In direct voltage devices you can feel the performance drop off as the battery life goes down.

With a constant voltage device you will be getting a set amount of voltage along the whole lifespan of the battery. Constant voltage devices tend to vape a lot smoother than a direct voltage device. With a constant voltage device you will not experience that drop off in power as the battery life goes down.

Some devices in recent years have been able to do both constant or direct voltage depending on which mode you actually put the device in.

Proper Use Of Vape Pens

When you first get your pen mod please make sure that it is fully charged. Most kits come with a micro USB cable that allows you to charge the internal battery safely. Once you have it fully charged, it’s time to add your e-juice.

Most kits in this category have a tank on top. Simply unscrew the top cap or slide it open depending on which type of tank you have. After the tank is open you simply fill it up with your e-liquid.

Whatever you do, don’t start vaping yet.

You need to give the coil inside the tank a chance to soak up that juice. You may want to give the tank a few primer puffs. You can do this by closing down the airflow on the tank and giving a few dry puffs on the tank without actually hitting the fire button.

This will create a vacuum that will allow your cotton inside your coil to soak up the e-liquid properly. Even after a few primer puffs, I would highly recommend that you let the tank sit for a good 5 to 10 minutes before actually firing that coil. Once that coil is all soaked up with juice you can feel free to hit the fire button and start vaping.

Charging A Vape Pen

Charging your new vape pen is as easy as plugging it in using the provided micro USB cable that came with your new device. We highly recommend that you never leave a charging device unattended.

Please remember:

These devices are using internal batteries, in case anything goes wrong, you want to make sure that you’re around to handle that type of situation.

Best Vape Ranks

Rank #
Vape Pens

Internal Battery

1 Freemax Gemm Kit $23.95
2 Vaporesso Sky Solo $23.95
3 Vaporesso Podstick $25.90
4 Artery Pal Stick $29.90
5 Smok Stick V9 Max $52.90

External Battery

1 Uwell Nunchaku 2 $55.95
2 Rincoe Mechman 80W $49.95
3 Acrohm Fush $39.95
4 Vandy Vape Trident $44.95
5 Advken Owl Starter Kit $27.95