What is the Best Vape Starter Kit in 2018?

The Best Vape Starter Kits of 2018 Include:

TypeNameTypeNameTank/Battery CapacityPrice
High-End Box ModSMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition 230WSMOK G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition 230W8ml / Dual 18650$99.95
High-End Vape PenVaporfi Pro 3 Kit BundleVaporfi Pro 3 Kit Bundle2.5ml / 1000mAh$79.99
Mid-range Box ModVaporesso Revenger X 220WVaporesso Revenger X 220W5ml$74.95
Mid-range Vape PenHalo Triton IIHalo Triton II2ml / 2x700mAh$45
Affordable Box ModInnokin Coolfire IV iSubInnokin Coolfire IV iSub4ml / 2000mAh$39.95
Affordable Vape PenJoyetech eGo AIOJoyetech eGo AIO2ml / 1500mAh$19.95
Mod for Cloud ChasingSmok Alien 220W KitSmok Alien 220W Kit2ml / 2500mAh$94.95
Pen for Cloud ChasingSMOK Stick V8 KitSMOK Stick V8 Kit5ml / 3000mAh$39.95

Despite the vast amount of information about vaping online, it is still difficult to find out exactly what you need to buy so that you can start vaping. When you’ve read this article you’ll know exactly what you need to start vaping in a way that suits you. To keep things simple this article will only cover vaping with e-liquid. E-liquid is the most popular choice as there are thousands of flavors available as well as varying nicotine strengths.

To start you need:

  • A vape pen or vaping mod (a mod is simply a vaping device)
  • A clearomizer (the transparent tank that sits on top of the vape mod. It’s where you put the e-liquid and it contains the atomizer which is what heats the e-liquid)
  • A drip tip (the mouthpiece)
  • A battery
  • A charger
  • E-liquid

Unless you buy a vape starter kit these things are sold separately. Due to the sheer volume of different batteries, atomizers, and vape mods, it is advisable to buy a starter kit. If you buy the components separately you will need to ensure that they are designed to work together. It is actually fairly complicated and will require a lot of research. A vaping starter kit is easier and cheaper, and designed to provide a vaping experience that will be satisfying for beginners.

What type of vaping device should you start with?

The first thing you need to decide is if you want a vape pen or a ‘box mod’. A box mod is a box shaped vaping device. If you plan on vaping for long periods each day then a box mod will provide a better experience. Box mods have bigger batteries and can be used with bigger tanks, so you won’t need to recharge or refill throughout the day. The other reason a box mod would be a better choice is if you are getting into vaping to ‘cloud chase’. Cloud chasing is all about creating massive vapor clouds.

Vape pens

Kangertech Evod starter kit bundle $26.85

Kanger Evod  starter kitclick-best-price
  • 2.5ML tank
  • Choice of 650 mAh or 1100 mAh battery
  • 1.5 Ohm resistance

This Evod starter kit bundle is very affordable at $26.85. Vape pen starter kits that are much cheaper than this are best avoided as the vaping experience they provide just won’t be good enough. If you are trying to switch from smoking to vaping for health reasons then you should give yourself the best chance of succeeding by buying a quality, big name brand kit.

This kit consists of an Evod dual coil tank and an Evod twist battery. Both come in a range of eight colors, you can choose the color of each part separately when you buy. The stylish stainless steel e-cigarette is available in any combination of; cherry red, black, stainless steel, yellow, pink, red purple, blue, and green.

Like most starter vape kits, this one includes everything you need including an atomizer, battery, and a micro USB charger. The battery is 650mAh, however for an extra one dollar you can get a 1100mAh battery. The larger battery will be big enough for most vapers to go all day without charging.

The pyrex tank holds 2.5ml of e-liquid, this is the largest tank of any Evod ever released. It will be possible to vape for many hours before refilling. The pyrex glass tank has four windows so that you can see when you’re running low on juice.

The tank has dual bottom coils with a resistance of 1.5ohm.

The Evod has safety features that are important for new users who may accidentally cause dangerous situations. To turn the pen on you have to click the power button five times in two seconds so there’s little chance of it turning on in your pocket or bag. There is also over-discharge protection which will switch the pen off once the battery is at 3.2V. This is important because running the battery down more than this will shorten the lifespan of the battery and if it gets a lot lower than 3.2v then the battery will no longer be usable. Short circuit protection and a 10 second cutoff will also keep you from damaging the pen or endangering yourself.

Joytech eGo CT One Starter Kit – $49.99 (Save $15)

  • 1.8ml or 2.5ml tank capacity
  • Capable of sub ohm vaping
  • Temperature control and variable wattage modes
  • 1100 mAh or 2200 mAh battery

The eGo One CT by Joytech is extremely small and portable; it will easily fit in your pocket. Sometimes when people switch to vaping from cigarettes they feel self conscious about it at the start, the small size of this vape pen means you won’t draw too much attention to yourself. You can get this device in white, black, blue, red, or stainless steel. The pen has a sleek aesthetic, it is easily one of the best looking vape pens on the market.

This Joytech eGo One vape kit comes in two different sizes. For all day vapers there’s the XL which has a 2200 mAh battery and 2.5ml eGo One tank. For more casual vapers there is the smaller and lighter version which features a 1100 mAh battery and 1.8ml tank capacity.

The kit comes with everything you need, including the battery and charger. The airflow on the vape pen is adjustable, helping you figure out what your vaping preferences are. More airflow means more vapor, cooler vapor, and slightly weaker flavor.

The eGo starter kit includes two different coils, a 0.5ohm coil for sub ohm vaping and a 1 ohm coil. Having a choice of coils is great because if you want to move on to buying your own coils, or to a more advanced vaping mod, you will have an idea of what coils will suit you best. The 1 ohm coil coupled low air flow will provide a so called ‘mouth to lung’ inhale that is what cigarette smokers will be used to. The 0.5 ohm coil and high airflow allows for direct lung inhaling, something more advanced vapers usually prefer as it provides more vapor and more flavor.

While beginners will find this vape pen very simple to use, there are still advanced features onboard. There is a variable wattage mode, with a range of 7.5W to 25W, that automatically senses the resistance of your coil and adjusts the wattage accordingly. Sub ohm coils down to a resistance of 0.4 ohms are supported. There is also a CT titanium mode and a CT Ni200 nickel mode.

Box mods

A beginner box mod is usually considered to be a box mod with wattage between 20W and 50W. When looking at box mod starter kits be aware that most do not include an atomizer tank, which is the part that holds the e-juice and heats the liquid, you will need to buy this separately. The box mod starter kits we will review next include the atomizer tank.

Kanger TopBox Mini 75W TC kit $54.95

Kanger Topbox Mini starter kitclick-best-price
  • 4ml Toptank mini
  • KBOX Mini box mod
  • Rebuildable deck
  • Comes with range of sub ohm coils

If you are looking for a vape mod starter kit that will still be suitable when you’re a more advanced vaper and looking to sub ohm vape, cloud chase, or to build your own coils then this Kanger starter kit is a good choice. This Kangertech box mod takes a single 18650 battery that will need to be bought separately. The kit does include everything else you’ll need, including a USB charger.

The KBOX Mini supports up 7-75W and features temperature control. A 0.15 ohm Nickel stainless steel organic cotton atomizer comes pre-installed for sub ohm vaping. Also included in the kit are a 0.5ohm SS coil and a 0.5ohm Clapton coil. Prebuilt 0.2 ohm and 1.2 ohm coils are also available. The included RBA base allows you to build your own coils, the Topbox can handle builds with a resistance as low as 0.1 ohms.

Coil heads need to be replaced every 1-2 weeks. A pack of five costs about $15. A Kanger kit is great for beginner vapers because kanger pre-built coils are made from many different wire types and with many different resistances. Trying these options will help you find a balance between flavor intensity and vapor production that suits your unique preferences.

The Toptank mini clearomizer can hold an impressive 4ml, despite its compact size. Even heavy vapers will be able to go all day without refilling. The Pyrex glass tank has a top fill method which is convenient and avoids spillages.

Sigelei 90W Plus TC 26650 box mod kit $90 (Save $40)

  • 4.8ml Sigelei Ares sub-ohm tank
  • Dual temperature control
  • 26650 4200 mAh 40A Battery included

This is the ideal box mod starter kit for heavy vapers who want a box mod setup that they won’t outgrow.

All day vaping is no problem with a massive 4200 mAh battery. Refilling will also be infrequent, the Sigelei Ares Sub-Ohm Tank has a large 4.8ml e-juice capacity. The tank has a top fill method for hassle free refills.

The large battery and tank combined with the triple double stacked adjustable airflow slots will be very attractive to serious cloud chasers. The Sigelei 90W Plus can fire right down to 0.1 ohm so it can easily handle all your sub-ohm needs. The kit includes a 0.5 ohm Kanthal coil and a 0.2 ohm Ni200 coil.

Adjustable juice flow and air flow and wide wattage and voltage ranges (1.0 to 7.5V, 10 to 90W) means even the most discerning users will be able to find a custom set up to satisfy their unique preferences.

This Sigelei features temperature control and is compatible with both nickel and titanium coils. Its temperature range is 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and in TC mode the atomizer resistance range is 0.1 to 0.5 ohms.

A quadrant OLED screen displays information on; battery life, temperature, atomizer resistance, wattage, and voltage.

Most Similar to Cigarette Smoking

Aspire Nautilis X and iStick Pico $29.99 + $24.26

If you want a vaping set-up that will provide an experience similar to cigarette smoking then an Aspire Nautilus X is the best tank on the market. For a cigarette-like experience what you want is known as a ‘mouth to lung’ vape. Few tanks adequately provide MTL hits so you won’t find a starter kit bundle that contains a good MTL tank.

For mods you ideally want something compact and uncomplicated. There are two good choices here, the iStick Pico 75w and the Eleaf iStick 30W. You will comfortably be able to wrap your hand around both. The Pico is a little bit lighter because it has a smaller battery, but this means you will need to charge it more frequently. The iStick has a small but adequate temperature range and no temperature control mode. The only reason the iStick isn’t the outright winner here is because it doesn’t look as good as the Pico. If you are happy with how the iStick 30W looks then that is the better choice for a simple mod. If you think in the future you will want to do more than just mouth to lung vaping then go with the Pico.

Aspire Nautilis X $24.26

  • 2ml Tank capacity
  • Comes with two 1.5 ohm coils
  • Adjustable airflow

This Aspire Nautilus X has been designed specifically for mouth to lung vaping. It is one of the only tanks on the market that is designed for MTL vapers. It has an innovative full length coil design to provide intense flavour. If you vape at 20w then vapour production will be low, ideal for vaping discreetly or among smokers.

The tank is filled from the top, avoiding the inevitable mess of bottom fill tanks. This tank is also known for being one of the most leak proof tanks.

Air slots measuring 4mm by 1mm are adjustable. The more you close off the air holes the tighter the draw becomes.

Eleaf iStick Pico 75w $26.95

eLeaf iStick Pico mini modclick-best-price
  • Compact size (70.5mm x 45mm x 23mm)
  • VW mode resistance range: 0.1 – 3.5 ohm
  • Temp control mode (0.05 – 1.5 ohm)
  • 1W – 75W output range
  • Single 18650 battery
  • OLED screen

This iStick Pico is a mod that you won’t outgrow quickly. It has a temperature control mode that expands the number of coil types you can use.

There is a large resistance range of 0.1 – 3.5 ohm in variable wattage mode and in temperature control the range is 0.05 – 1.5 ohm.

The Pico features ‘bypass charging’ meaning that you can vape even while charging. An OLED screen displays; battery life, atomizer resistance, output wattage, and output voltage.

Once you have a mod and a tank all you need is a battery and some e-liquid. A suitable battery for use with the Pico is the 18650 LG HG2. For a throat hit similar to cigarettes use an e-juice that has at least 50% PG.


E-liquids use a PG (Propylene Glycol) or VG (Vegetable Glycerin) base which the flavors and nicotine is then suspended in.

If you just want the quick answer for what e-liquid to buy, for clearomizer set ups like the ones we’ve mentioned, high VG e-liquids are not suitable. Go for high PG fluids or a fifty fifty ratio VG and PG. The coils won’t be able to handle thick VG fluids properly and it will lead to a poor vaping experience.

Propylene Glycol, commonly abbreviated ‘PG’, is an odorless, colorless liquid that is less thick than VG. It is safe to inhale, asthma inhalers also use PG. High PG e-liquids can be used to provide a ‘throat hit’, which is similar to the sensation you get when smoking cigarettes. PG also carries flavor more effectively. For some people high PG e-juices irritate their throat.

Vegetable Glycerin, usually abbreviate to ‘VG’, is a slightly sweet tasting, very thick liquid which is derived from vegetable oil. The thickness of the liquid gives a thickness to the vapor and a smoother hit. High VG e-juices will reduce the life span of your atomizer due to the thick liquid clogging up the coils. Setups with smaller coils, such as clearomizers or eGo tanks, are not suitable for high VG liquids and will lead to dry hits and tasting burnt cotton.

Most e-liquids use a mix of VG and PG. Flavoring and nicotine are usually suspended in PG but it is possible now to buy 100% VG juice. High VG e-liquid can give people a dry mouth and sore throat so drink plenty of fluids if you’re using these.

The Best Vape Starter Kit in 2018 Includes:

  • Innokin Coolfire IV iSub (Affordable Box Mod)
  • Joyetech eGo AIO (Afforable vape pen)
  • Smok Alien 220W Kit (Box for Cloud Chasing)
  • VaporFi Rocket 3 (Pen for Cloud Chasing)
  • Halo Tracer Twist Kit (Mid-Range Vape Pen)
  • Vaporesso Tarot Nano (Mid-range Box Mod)
  • Vaporfi Pro 3 (Most Similar to Smoking)
  • Eleaf iCare
  • Wismec Myjet
  • Halo Triton II

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