Coil Master 521 Tab Plus Review

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab Review

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab

If you're a builder and you like having a lot of space, you should definitely give the Coil Master 521 Tab Plus a serious look. Click the buy now button to get this great price!


First Impression Out Of The Box:

Well, this looks different. The new 521 Tab Plus looks a lot different than previous renditions of it that I own. In fact, it looks much different than most any other 521 tab device that I have owned or seen. This one is definitely on the big side. It looks like a mini UFO. It almost kind of reminds me of that game from the eighties called Simon Says. There I go showing my age again.

What’s In The box:

  • 1 521 PLUS Tab
  • 1 Voltage Meter Tool
  • 2 Alligator Clips
  • 1 Micro USB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab Review

From Top To Bottom:

The first thing you notice when you take the Tab Plus out of the box is the 510 pin. The housing and threading are made out of stainless steel and they are very smooth. The 510 pin itself has a really nice spring and throw to it. It looks to be gold plated.

Right around the 510 pin, you have a circular fire button. It literally is all the way around the 510. What I mean is there is one big circle and the whole circle acts as the firing button for the Tab Plus. You can press any part of the circle to fire your atomizer on this device. It does have a 15-second cutoff built in for safety when firing your coils.

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab Review

The circle lights up in blue when you are in coil reading mode. So if you would just like to read the resistance on your atomizer, you would push the power button to the left and the circle would light up in blue. When you are in firing mode, the circle around the atomizer lights up in red. In order to get into firing mode, you need to push the power button to the right.

Right below the lighted circle, you have the Tab Plus screen. Depending on what mode you are in, it will show you different types of information. In coil-reading mode, it will show you the battery life of the device itself and the resistance of the atomizer that you have attached. In firing mode, it will show you the battery life of the device resistance and voltage while firing. I know a lot of reviews have complained about this screen being dim. My screen is also on the dim side but it doesn’t look nearly as bad as some of the ones that I have seen in some videos. I don’t know if that is due to a bad camera angle or if the screen is really that dark. When I compare the ones I see in the videos to the ones I have, mine isn’t nearly as dark. While it is on the dim side, I really have no problem reading it. I mean, it’s not like I have to be able to see the screen in direct sunlight or outdoors. I would guess that most people using this device to build are going to be building inside.

Right below the screen, you have a rocker style power button. Put the rocker button in the middle and the device is off. Flip the switch to the left and you are in resistance reading mode. Flip the switch to the right and you are in firing mode. The switch seems to be beefy and well done. The switch also is clearly marked.

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab Review

On the top of the device, there are two terminal ports. The two ports are for accessories that come with your 521 Tab Plus. The first accessory is a pair of alligator clips. This will allow you to read the resistance of your coil before you actually mount them in an atomizer. The alligator clips could be of better quality. The second accessory is a voltage meter tool. This will allow you to measure the voltage drop on all of your Mech Mods. I really have no need for either one of these tools personally, but they are nice touches to have for the vaper or builder that may need them.

Right below the terminal ports on the side of the mod, you have a magnetic strip that goes around about 30% of the device. This strip is great for hanging coils onto the side before you actually start to build. I’ve used it multiple times when I was doing multiple builds. I simply hung all my coils on the side in the order that I was going to build and when I was ready to use them, I just pulled them off the strip. It’s also great for leads that you have clipped already. You can simply hang the clippings right on the magnetic strip so that when you are done building, you don’t have to go looking all over the place for them and you can just throw them out.

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab Review

If the power switch is facing you, to the right of the switch you will find a micro USB port. This port is for internal charging. It is definitely a nice feature to have but since this is a two battery device I would highly recommend that you charge your batteries externally.

Flip the device over and you have a battery door with plenty of venting in the middle of the door itself. There are four tiny magnets in each corner of the door that coincide with magnets in the tray. They do a good job of keeping the battery door in place. The battery tray is nice and clean with clear battery orientation markings. There is a battery strap to help you remove the batteries. The sled is done very nicely and it does hold your batteries securely without holding them too tight. You do not have to worry about tearing your wraps when installing or taking out your batteries. This device can be run with either one or two batteries.

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab Review

On the outside of the base, there are two really nice rubber pieces. They are both in the shape of almost a half circle and they do a really good job of keeping the 521 plus tab in place while building. Both of those rubber pieces ensure that the device will not move while you are in the middle of a build or firing a coil

Overall, the build station is nice and roomy to work with. There are a few little things I do wish Coil Master would have done a little differently. One of those things would have been to make the fire button around the outer circumference of the device. The way it is now, when you fire an atomizer, your fingers are so close to the atomizer that sometimes some hot vapor comes off and hits your fingers. I think placing the fire button either on the sides of the device or further away from the 510 pin would have remedied a situation like this. I also wish that the screen was just a tad brighter. Besides that, I think Coil Master did a fine job on this product.


So far, I have owned most of the renditions of Coilmasters Tab Plus. Even though this one is bigger than all of the others, I do have to say that so far, it is my favorite out of the Coil Master lineup. I will also go as far as to say it’s probably my favorite outside of that lineup but I have to qualify that statement. As of the writing of this review, there are some different 521 tab devices coming out that I have not yet tried.

If you’re a builder and you like having a lot of space, you should definitely give the Coil Master 521 Tab Plus a serious look. So far as an ohm reader, the Tab Plus has been very accurate. It’s a quality device that has a few little quirks here and there. However, even with those few little quirks, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. I have had the 521 Tab Plus for about a month now and I do not use any of my other 521 devices. Right now, for now, this is the only one I use.

Coil Master 521 Plus Tab

If you're a builder and you like having a lot of space, you should definitely give the Coil Master 521 Tab Plus a serious look. Click the buy now button to get this great price!


Pros and Cons:

  • Big build station
  • Construction
  • Dual 18650 compatible
  • Internal charging
  • Magnetic strip
  • Volt meter tool
  • Device stays in place while building
  • Accuracy

  • Screen could be brighter
  • Firing button
  • Alligator clips

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my

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  1. Reply Perry Buckner February 8, 2018 at 1:46 am

    Great review! I concur with your pros and cons but would add that the included “Manuel” is only basic cautionary info and not instructions. There are no instructions with it or so far anywhere online. Your review actually gives more instructional information than comes with the meter itself.

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