ECC Ontario 2018 – What are the Attendees Vaping?

In this video, DeucesJack talks to various attendees of ECC 2018 in Ontario, California to know what they are vaping and their insights about the convention.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody, DeucesJack at, we’re talking to the people at the convention. I just pulled Vincent, where are you from Vincent?

Vincent: Canada.

DeucesJack: Canada, eh?

Vincent: Canada eh, yep.

DeucesJack: Alright, what are you rocking here man? Let me see.

Vincent: Asmodus’ V2.1 with a cleito 120, super simple.

DeucesJack: And it’s perfect for a convention because of the awesome battery life of the V2, right?

Vincent: Also the MiPod backup.

DeucesJack: That thing is badass man, I just got one of them for review. How are you liking it so far?

Vincent: Yeah, I love it man, it’s really good, no complaints.

DeucesJack: Surprisingly cloudy right, for a little device?

Vincent: It actually does produce man, it does produce.

DeucesJack: Yeah, I was shocked. So how long you been here now?

Vincent: Like in Ontario, California? For like 2 days.

DeucesJack: 2 days?

Vincent: Yeah I’m here for a few more days.

DeucesJack: Yeah, first day here?

Vincent: Second, I was here for the B to B.

DeucesJack: Here for the B to B, do you have a shop or something?

Vincent: I do, I have two vape shops in Canada,; that’s me, and then we’re also a liquid manufacturer.

DeucesJack: Oh, no kidding, okay.

Vincent: Yeah we’ve been in the game for like 6 years man, yeah.

DeucesJack: Alright, so did you make some great connections here and everything for the B to B?

Vincent: A lot, yes.

DeucesJack: Yeah, yeah, it was actually crowded. I was here for the B to B also, and it was actually pretty crowded. But at the same time you still had some space where you could get some deals done and everything.

Vincent: Absolutely, absolutely. I mean it’s crazy today, but yesterday was nice.

DeucesJack: What do you think of the quality of ECC so far?

Vincent: It’s good, it’s really good. Not the busiest show I’ve been to, but the booth quality
seems to get better and better and better. I mean these booths are like fucking outrageous.

DeucesJack: Yeah, they are, they are. They’re doing a great job with it, they really are. Well, I tell you what Vincent, I appreciate you spending some time with us man, it’s great to get out and talk to the people and see what they think of everything. This has been DeucesJack at, I got Vince from up North in Canada, eh? We’re out of here, deuces!

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody, DeucesJack at, I got Tony, and I got Austin; guys, where are you guys from?

Tony: Chicago.

Austin: Chicago.

DeucesJack: Yeah? You flew in for the convention?

Austin: Yeah, we got here a few days early since all the blizzard and everything going on in Chicago, we decided to leave a few days early, get a layover in Las Vegas and now we’re here.

DeucesJack: Alright, so you got out of that cold weather like me, man, when I left New York it was 28 degrees, so I’m happy to be here in the warm weather, man. So what are you guys rocking at the show man, what have you got in your hand?

Austin: Cyclone EVO.

Tony: EVO’s.

DeucesJack: Nice, alright, both of you, you rock the same thing. Alright, what mod?

Austin: It’s the Cyclone EVO mod and…

DeucesJack: Cyclone EVO and the…

Austin: Ention, okay, that’s where I got mixed up.

Tony: Serpent Mini.

DeucesJack: I like the Serpent Mini, I’ve been rocking that for a while man. Did you guys get to see some of the booths, or you’ve just been here, just got here?

Tony: We’ve been walking around.

DeucesJack: You got the Squid?

Austin: Yeah, we got those at the show.

DeucesJack: Yeah, are they a good seller?

Austin: Oh yeah, they’re super nice, super nice.

DeucesJack: Well I appreciate you guys getting on camera with me man, nice to see some more city folk here, you know what I mean?

Austin: Yes, appreciate it, always a pleasure.

DeucesJack: Much love guys, you take it easy alright? Be good.

DeucesJack: I got Henry here, Henry where are you from?

Henry: Guatemala.

DeucesJack: Oh wow, Guatemala with a Green Bay Packers shirt?

Henry: Yes sir.

DeucesJack: Oh man, what are you rocking today?

Henry: Well I’m rocking the Pharaoh and the Jaybo 23, rocking with two batteries only.

DeucesJack: Nice, and you look like you’ve got some wear on that thing man, you’ve got some use out of it.

Henry: It took some beating, you know?

DeucesJack: Yeah, hey man.

And Manny is a little bit harsh, so I had to keep it with my vaping.

DeucesJack: Is this your first day here?

Henry: My first day.

DeucesJack: Your first day, how are you liking it so far?

Henry: I’m loving it.

DeucesJack: Yeah it’s big man, I go to a lot of these, this is one of the bigger ones; it really is.

Henry: I tried to go once to San Diego too, hopefully I can make it.

DeucesJack: How long are you here for?

Henry: Only here for like two weeks.

DeucesJack: Alright but are you going to come back tomorrow?

Henry: Yes.

DeucesJack: Yeah, you’re going to come back tomorrow?

Henry: I’ll be here tomorrow; got the VIP.

DeucesJack: Henry, pleasure bro, good seeing you alright, enjoy.

Henry: Keep vaping.

Check us out on, you’ll be able to see Henry with his Green Bay shirt, we’re out of here, deuces!

DeucesJack: We got Maddy and Marissa. Where are you guys from?

Marissa: Dallas.

Maddy: Dallas.

DeucesJack: Dallas, they said it in unison, it’s like stereo, right. What are you guys rocking? You’ve got some…what the hell is that?

Maddy: I have a Para Series Defcon [ph.] Box .

DeucesJack: Man, she is serious, look at that. What are you rocking on top?

Maddy: I got the Centurion, the new one.

Marissa: Me too.

DeucesJack: You’re a cloud chaser, huh?

Maddy: Oh yeah.

DeucesJack: Oh wow. And I noticed you got the green grip.

Marissa: Drip Tank TS, number 100 too, so that was kind of special, I just like how it looks.

DeucesJack: Wow, look at you; you ladies are real vapers, huh?

Maddy: We’re like trying to be.

DeucesJack: I mean, I’m intimidated right now, look at that, fantastic! So how are you enjoying the shoe?

Maddy: Awesome.

Marissa: It’s fun.

DeucesJack: Yeah? How long have you been here so far, did you come yesterday?

Marissa: This is our first day.

DeucesJack: This is your first day, are you coming back tomorrow?

Maddy: Oh yeah.

Marissa: Yeah.

DeucesJack: Yeah, yeah, and when are you going back to Dallas?

Maddy: Monday.

Marissa: Monday.

Maddy: We drove here.

DeucesJack: Okay, I’ll warn them all that you’re coming back, alright? Well I’m glad you guys got on camera with me man, it was a pleasure, really nice to meet you guys, really nice to meet real vaping women, I mean man, you guys are rocking some serious setups there. All I got is this little Squid here man, what’s that all about?

Maddy: Why don’t you get one?

DeucesJack: I should get one, right? Can I get one here?

Maddy: No, I don’t think so. He does Instagram business though.

DeucesJack: Alright, well there you have it guys, we were here with Maddy and Marissa, from Dallas Texas, we’re out of here, deuces!

DeucesJack: I got Joe and Dionna here. They’re locals, native Californians, right?

Joe: Absolutely.

DeucesJack: How do you like it so far Joe?

Joe: Love it, love it. This is the best show I’ve ever been to.

DeucesJack: Have you been to this one before?

Joe: I have, yeah, last year.

DeucesJack: Last year, and is this one better than last year?

Joe: I think it is, yeah, way better.

DeucesJack: Really, it’s bigger?

Joe: Same size, but I mean I just think the quality of the vendors that are here now are a lot better than they were last year, and yeah, it’s a lot better this year.

DeucesJack: Everybody is telling me the displays are better than last year, do you see that?

Joe: A lot better, yeah, very much. A lot more money put into the displays this year for sure.

DeucesJack: Okay cool, and you’re going to be here tomorrow too, or are you just coming for one day?

Joe: Just today, just for one day.

DeucesJack: Just for one day, okay. Well what are you rocking man, what are we vaping on here, talk to me?

Joe: I’ve got my Hussar RDA on my SDA mod.

DeucesJack: So it’s a squonker, you like squonking?

Joe: That’s all I do is squonk, that’s it.

DeucesJack: Did you check out the new regulated squonker by Vandy Vape, the Pulse Regulator one?

Joe: I haven’t seen it here yet, we’re going to go check that out next.

DeucesJack: it’s over there in the corner man, I had Tony V on here with us and he was going over the whole thing, it looks fantastic.

Joe: Yeah I can imagine.

DeucesJack: And it’s got Gene VooPoo chip in it, the Gene VooPoo chip. Fantastic. Well, I want to thank you for taking the time to come on camera with us man, really appreciate it.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody, DeucesJack from We’re at ECC in Ontario California. I’ve got Senya here; do you know where she’s from? She’s all the way from Moscow, Russia. Say hello to your American friends Senya.

Senya: Hello my American friends.

DeucesJack: So you’re here on a business scene or for pleasure?

Senya: I’m here for business and for pleasure as well.

DeucesJack: Very good, how do you like ECC so far?

Senya: It’s nice, but actually for me it’s missing a lot of hardware here.

DeucesJack: Really, not enough hardware?

Senya: No, it’s not enough, it’s full of juices.

DeucesJack: Yeah, a lot of juice companies, right?

Senya: I guess for the hardware I need to visit another show.

DeucesJack: Alright, so how long are you here for?

Senya: I came for one week.

DeucesJack: Alright, are you going to be back here tomorrow, have you been here every day; Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

Senya: Yeah, maybe I will make tomorrow for half of the day and then I’d like to visit [inaudible – 00:08:04].

DeucesJack: Alright, show us the set up you’re rocking; what have you got there, got a Dot mod squonker?

Senya: Yeah it’s a Dot squonk, and it’s Italian made RDA no name, it’s a very nice one.

DeucesJack: I think I’ve seen them on Facebook, that’s the name of the company; No Name, right?

Senya: Yeah, No Name, it’s their name.

DeucesJack: Yeah, I’ve seen them on Facebook. How do you like it, do you like that set up?

Senya: Yeah, it’s very nice.

DeucesJack: It rips? Single coil?

Senya: Yeah, sure, single one.

DeucesJack: Nice, nice. Oh look at that.

Senya: Yeah, but you can build here whatever you want, so it’s enough space for that.

DeucesJack: Plenty of space in there too, yeah, for a single coil.

Senya: Yeah, and it’s very tasty.

DeucesJack: Alright cool. Well how do you like it so far in America?

Senya: Sleepy.

DeucesJack: Are you calling is sleepy as Americans, is that what you’re doing? Are you trying to say we’re boring or something like that?

Senya: No guys, you are awesome. I all the day, during all the day I want to sleep because it’s 11 hours difference.

DeucesJack: Yeah I know, listen, I’m from New York, it’s a 6 hour difference and it’s been wreaking havoc with me too.

Senya: 6 hours less, that’s better.

DeucesJack: I’m not strong Russian, I’m just an American you know, 6 hours is a lot to me, you know what I mean? But I’m glad you got on camera with us, it took some prodding, alright, but I’m glad you decided to show up on camera with us. This has been DeucesJack at I’m with Senya, all the way from Moscow, Russia, and we’re out of here, deuces!

Senya: Peace guys!

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