ECC Ontario 2018 – A First Look at the Regulated Vandy Vape Pulse

Deucesjack stopped by the Vandy Vape booth while we were at ECC Ontario. In this video Tony B from the Vapor Trail Channel talks about the new regulated pulse mod that he helped design.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack here at I’m in Ontario, California at ECC, I’ve got the world’s nicest Vaper with me; Tony B from the Vapor Trail channel.

Tony: Now if you’d seen me last night when I was drinking you might not say that.

DeucesJack: Alright, alright. But we’re at the Vandy Vape booth; okay you guys know I’m always reviewing all the Vandy Vape stuff. I’ve got some new stuff to show you with Tony B. Tony, talk about the new Pulse faceplates that came out.

Tony: Well what they’ve done is kind of like if you had a wrap or something like that, instead of wrapping the whole mod, trying to give you some more options for panels. I mean the panels are so inexpensive on these Pulse products anyway that it’s like so easy for you to just change the look of your mod, so like on this one, it’s a blue snakeskin type thing, and then you’ve got the skull and that kind of thing. If you flip it around here you can see it a little bit better, so just more options for the original Pulse. And we talked about this before, but the whole idea behind that mod, it wasn’t even out when we talked about it before.

DeucesJack: No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t out yet; you put your prototype on the camera and just showed the front.

Tony: Well we’ve got something to show you here in a second too. So the whole idea behind that as you know was to democratize smoking. I wanted to make it so everybody could get one, that it would be inexpensive, and widely available. And that’s exactly what we did, and I see these things everywhere now.

DeucesJack: And I would say mission accomplished, because I’ll be honest with you, I was online and it took like an hour to get into this show, it’s the worst security I’ve ever seen in my life, I’ve never seen anything like it. And I can’t tell you how many people in line I saw vaping on a Pulse, it was amazing.

Tony: That’s awesome, I love that.

DeucesJack: Yeah.

Tony: And really, not even just for my own edification, but I feel vindicated that now other companies are finally coming out with them, and I love that. Because I was just talking with Jaybo, and he was like, “Yeah man, you know, not to be on the bandwagon…” I said, “No, the bandwagon is good because the bottom line is I wanted Wismec and Geek Vape and other companies to have Squonks because I’m a squonker, it’s a more options bandwagon, because you started—

DeucesJack: Look, up until the Pulse came out, you had to go to these custom moders that were making 3D printed mods for $150, $300…

Tony: That’s the one you had to win a shot to buy it.

DeucesJack: Yeah, you had to join a Facebook group to get into it; you made it affordable for the masses.

Tony: That’s what I wanted.

DeucesJack: Okay, well you did it.

Tony: Okay, so you know, that’s nice and these are still available. The Kid is doing really well, you know the Kid, I mean how awesome is that? The color is just sweet, of course you put a nice white battery wrap in there, it makes it pop even more, so that’s really nice. So since the beginning though, when we put this thing out, we’ve been working on this right here; now this is the—now you’re probably if you get the time really soon, the first person to have this shown on, I haven’t even shown it.

DeucesJack: This is the first look guys; is giving it to you, first look.

Tony: You’re inside.

DeucesJack: We’re inside.

Tony: I just realized that, you’re going to scoop me!

DeucesJack: No.

Tony: Well I’ve been on NDA up until now where I can really talk about it, which is great. But this right here is the regulated Pulse, it is an 80 watt mod, the actual name here; Pulse DF 80 watt box mod. Can I say that part right there? With gene chip, okay, that is a key thing because…

DeucesJack: Is that a Gene VooPoo chip?

Tony: Yes, 80 watt chip. So that’s a key thing because when we started looking at the regulated one, it was like, do we want to make our chip, do we want to use another chip? Who’s chip would we use? That kind of thing, and well when we came into the discussion about the Gene chip, I was like, “Well everybody knows how to use it because everybody’s got a drag.”

DeucesJack: It’s a solid chip.

Tony: Right, so I was like, it’s going to be easy to use, and while I don’t use functions like temp control and stuff, it does all of that.

DeucesJack: And it does it well, the Gene chip does it well.

Tony: It’s a nice little model. The bottle is still 8ml inside here.

DeucesJack: look at that guys; we are not allowed to show you the inside. We can’t’ show you the inside, but check this thing out, man. I mean look at it, look at those panels.
Tony: I can show you this part of the inside.

DeucesJack: Oh that part comes off too, because it’s like the Pulse.

Tony: This is a Tony B project.

DeucesJack: Wow, awesome.

Tony: Listen; I get really stoked about that. I’m very tickled by it, because it’s like I never knew that I would be somebody who is designing products that people even wanted, and so that’s working our really good.

DeucesJack: Well why shouldn’t you, you put the work in, and you should be proud of what you do.

Tony: Absolutely.

DeucesJack: And it looks like another winner here, I mean it really does.

Tony: You can pop out the panels and what we’re going to do, I don’t know, can you see this on the camera here, but so we’ll have resin and carbon fibre.

DeucesJack: I knew there was carbon fibre in there. Those carbon fibres look badass.

Tony: So resin and carbon fibre, and then of course we’ll also have the panels that will come afterwards like the clear panels and all that. So that’s one really good thing about that is that the panels are so inexpensive, what are they like, $5 for a panel?

DeucesJack: Yeah.

Tony: I mean, it’s a no-brainer. I mean I could have 20 pairs of panels and change it for every—

DeucesJack: The mods affordable, the panels are affordable, you can change your look at any time with it, I mean it’s just a great way to be able to vape, it’s fantastic.

Tony: And 80 watts is just perfect. I’m running right now an 0.44 ohms, that’s 66 watts, and it’s kicking it.

DeucesJack: You got the Pulse 24 on there, right?

Tony: Yeah, Pulse 24, single panel.

DeucesJack: No overhang.

Tony: No overhang, so 24 works perfect. And it’s really not that much bigger than the original one; there’s the original, there’s the other one. I mean it’s just barely taller, and is slightly wider. And the reason why it had to be taller is because the board takes that much space inside there, so you have to have that added height. I was like, “Got to be smaller, got to be smaller,” it’s like, dude, it’s as small as you can get.

DeucesJack: And guys let me tell you something; I held that thing with a full battery in it, and let me tell you something, it’s light. It’s light, it’s beautiful.

Tony: I also dropped it last night after drinking a little while, that’s all I got is a little tiny scuff. Try doing that with a metal mod, you are going to get a giant ding, a smashed side or something.

DeucesJack: Absolutely, it looks fantastic. I think this is going to be a big seller just like the Pulse Mechanical mod. I think it’s going to be fantastic.

Tony: Well a lot of people were like, “I don’t want to get the mechanical because I don’t want to deal with that,” And I was like, “just wait, Just wait, because it’s coming.”

DeucesJack: A lot of people are intimidated by mechanical mods, and you kind of can’t blame them.

Tony: I was until I started using them.

DeucesJack: But for those of you that are intimidated, and you want that Pulse look in a regulated device, you guys gotta check this thing out because it’s fantastic, it really is beautiful.

Tony: I’m stoked. And this is a great company to work with, Stephen V. is a great designer, I trust them, and that’s a big thing, you know what I mean? Because if you’re designing something that you know consumers are going to use, you’ve got to trust the company that’s working with you. And I’m not in China, so I can’t go and inspect the line or anything like that.

DeucesJack: That’s true.

Tony: It’s a big deal.

DeucesJack: And I can vouch for that too guys; because you know I review all the Vandy Vape products, in fact I’m actually the writer of their descriptions on their websites, so I get all the Vandy Vape products and I get them quickly, and they’re easy to deal with. I mean, they’re a great company.

Tony: And they know how hard it was to work on the manual, because there’s a lot of lost in translation that happens, and I was like, “No, no, no, we’ve got to fix that. That doesn’t make sense. Now it’s skipping around.” The manual took me three days just to edit the manual.

DeucesJack: I could imagine that. I could definitely imagine that. Tony, I want to thank you for your time. Guys, this was DeucesJack with Tony from the Vapor Trail channel on YouTube, check him out, he’s one of the more popular reviewers on YouTube, what’d you hit, 100 subs?

Tony: 130,000.

DeucesJack: 130,000. Last time we spoke you had just made 100,000 last time we spoke, right?

Tony: Yeah, I got my plaque and all that.

DeucesJack: So in between that he’s got 30,000 more subs, great guy, check out his reviews. Check out his new Pulse regulated mod, with the Gene chip in it, it’s probably going to be a winner just like the Pulse mechanical mod was.

Tony: You got the scoop man!

DeucesJack: I got the scoop, you saw it here first on We’re out of here. Deuces!

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