ECC Ontario 2018 – Interview with Jesus, King of the Juice

We caught up with Jesus, King of the Juice, while we were at ECC in Ontario, California. In this video, he talks us through his advocacy for the vaping community.

DeucesJack: Hello everybody, DeucesJack here at and look who I found on his throne. I found Jesus, King of the Juice. Do you want to arise Jesus and talk to us a little bit?

Jesus: Yeah, sure.

DeucesJack: Alright, first of all; what’s all this about Jesus?

Jesus: Just advocating for the vape community. I actually go out to Washington DC, I’ve lobbied a bunch of senators, and my local senator knows me real well, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of people. A lot of this in our industry is a lot about government, and it’s about government not being able to make money off of big tobacco, so they use a lot of junk science and stuff to really hurt vaping, and all of this will subside when they find a way to assimilate big tobacco into our industry, and be able to feed them in a sense.

DeucesJack: Now you don’t dress like this when you talk to our senators, do you?

Jesus: No, no.

DeucesJack: Is this like your normal thing?

Jesus: No, I’m all in suit and tie. I’m all pimped out in suit and tie when I go.

DeucesJack: You clean up good?

Jesus: Oh yeah, I clean up good.

DeucesJack: Okay.

Jesus: Except for when I went to Sacramento, but that was all just to get everybody riled up to get them all excited that Jesus appeared at Sacramento, and the people in Sacramento are a bunch of clowns anyhow so…

DeucesJack: Yeah, government clowns, right?

Jesus: Pretty much, yeah.

DeucesJack: Well I tell you what, it’s an attention-getter man, whatever. I’m from Brooklyn, so not a lot of stuff gets my attention too easily, but when I saw Jesus walk by me I was like, “Wow man, look at this.”

Jesus: Well there’s two things I’ve got coming out, one; I’ve already written a book, it’s called, “There’s More to Addiction Than What You’ve Been Told.” And I’ve been told it’s like a vapor’s Bible, because it talks all about vaping, it talks about addiction, and it goes into stuff that people don’t realize, people don’t understand, because there’s a lot of junk science, and a lot of Health organizations and whatnot. So I lay everything out in that book.

DeucesJack: And where can you get the book?

Jesus: It’s on I believe on Kindle it might be free; I tried to make it as cheap as I possibly could.

DeucesJack: Okay.

Jesus: I also have a clothing company, it’s Yeah Baby Apparel, but what I’m coming out with is called a “cloud killer,” I just so happen to have it if you have my bag?

DeucesJack: Right there?

Jesus: I can show it to you.

DeucesJack: It’s a cloud killer?

Jesus: Yeah, and I’m actually looking for investors that might be interested. I’ve got some production companies that are ready and on board. But basically [inhales]

DeucesJack: That’s kind of cool.

Jesus: So it completely kills your cloud. And right now in California, there’s laws that you can’t vape in the car with your children.

DeucesJack: Right.

Jesus: I can, because it completely kills my cloud, and there’s other places where you want to be discreet with vaping, and so there’s a lot of places for this to work.

DeucesJack: And you’re looking for investors for that. That’s kind of cool man, I mean, you chucked a big cloud through there, I’m sure it works even better with like a pod system or something like that, because the cloud isn’t’ that big either, right?

Jesus: Right, right.

DeucesJack: Wow, that’s kind of neat man. I could have used that in the airplane, that’s for real.

Jesus: Right.

DeucesJack: Fantastic. Well Jesus, it was fantastic meeting you, put in a good word for me with the guy upstairs if you have any juice with him, alright. This has been DeucesJack at I was with Jesus, King of the Juice. And check out our new forum, We’re out of here! Deuces.

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