ECC Ontario 2018 – An Overview of the Latest E-Juice Flavors from IVG

Deucesjack stopped by the IVG booth while we were at ECC in Ontario, California. Alongside the guys from IVG, they talk us through IVG’s latest line of flavors.

DeucesJack: What’s up, everybody? DeucesJack at I’m in beautiful California at ECC. I’ve got Jeremy, and I’ve got Assan here from IVG. They’ve got a ton of juices. I met these guys over at New York VaporFair, they’ve got 33 juices in the line. We’re not going to go over all of them, but we’re going to highlight the lines and give it to you guys, right now. Assan you want take it away and tell us what we’re standing in front of here?

Assan: Jeremy?

DeucesJack: This is IVG, the original Soda line. So basically what we’ve got, we’ve got a Mixed Berry Medley, an Orange Soda, a Neon Lime, a mixture of the tropical fruit, Apple Dazzle and a Cola Ice.

Jeremy:So this is like a real fruity type of line?

Assan:Fruity and drinks.

Jeremy:Fruity and drinks; it’s a little bit of a soda base.

DeucesJack: Nice, nice. Over here, what have got over here now?

Jeremy: Well this is just your basic run-down of menthols; we’ve got Kiwi Strawberries, Regular Spearmint, Grape, Cherry; if you want a menthol, we have it.

DeucesJack: I remember you guys from New York man. You were big on the menthols, you had a lot of menthols, solid, solid juices. Even though I’m not a menthol vaper personally, they make a really solid menthol juice, so definitely check it out. What’s next now, Jeremy? Talk to me.

Jeremy: Alright, so we’ve got our Dessert line; Strawberry Pastry, Pancakes, Apple Berry Crumble, which we won the award for in New York when you were there. We’ve got Cookie Dough, Cinnamon dough; we have a really good breakdown of our pastries.

DeucesJack: Now, I reviewed one of these from New York, I took one of them from the booth, I believe it was the Apple Crumble?

Jeremy: Apple Berry.

DeucesJack: Apple Berry Crumble?

Jeremy: Yes sir.

DeucesJack: Really unique tasting juice, very complex, you guys definitely want to check that out. I’m going to check out some of the other juices in that bakery line because I’m all about bakeries and custards and they do it right here at IVG. Now, what’s over here now Jeremy, what do we got here?

Jeremy: Alright so this line right here we’ve got the sweets; we’ve got Cola Bottles, Black Current Gummies, Bubble Gum Millions which we won the other award for we were there.

DeucesJack: Really good.

Jeremy: And the Drumstick, the Candy.

Assan: Bubble Gum Millions is an award winner; we won three awards, two in London and one in New York for that.

DeucesJack: Now Assan, talk to us about the Drumstick though, because before we got on camera, you told me it was a Drumstick, and I looked at it and I’m like, “Really? What is like a chicken vape?” And you’re like, “No, it’s an English thing!” So tell us what a Drumstick is.

Assan: It’s an English sweet we used to have back in the days, when I used to have them, you can still get them, they’re very popular. And Bubble Gum Millions is a British sweet as well, it’s a very nice Bubble Gum flavour with a touch of colada in there, a balanced one, it’s a best seller for us in over 50 countries.

DeucesJack: Man, I’ve got to give it to you, British guys man, you’re all gentlemen, you’re all well-mannered, you talk a little funny, unlike me, right? But you know, what can we do? We’re going to move along to the next one, what’s this one here?

Jeremy: This is our new tobacco line, we actually just launched at ECC.

DeucesJack: Tobacco, huh?

Jeremy: Yes sir. So Silver; it’s got a Vanilla, we’ve got the Gold and Red obviously, the Gold is obviously the Gold standard, that’s going to push you a little more towards a Marlboro feeling.

DeucesJack: Okay, now what kind of tobaccos are they? Are they heavy tobaccos, are they subtle, are they sweet, what are we talking about here?

Jeremy: With the Silver, it’s kind of hard to tell, you barely notice it. The Gold is straight tobacco; you get the standard tobacco, it runs a little bit strong.

DeucesJack: Is the red like a Marlboro Red kind of like that?

Jeremy: Similar to a Marlboro Red.

DeucesJack: Alright, fair enough and what have we got here? Last but not least, what do we got here? This is the Macaroon Series?

Jeremy: Yes sir, this is the Macaroon Series, we have Lemon Macaroon, Strawberries and Cream Macaroon, and Raspberry Macaroon.

DeucesJack: Nice, nice.

Jeremy: The lemon is done right, too.

DeucesJack: And I remember the strawberry macaroon from VaporFair New York, let me tell you something, another very, very solid juice, you guys should definitely check it out. These guys have a ton of flavours, but they might have a ton of flavours; every one of them is more than vapeable, they’re all fantastic, you just gotta find one that you like that fits your flavour profile, so definitely check these guys out. I was at the IVG Booth with Jeremy and Assan. We’re in Ontario California at ECC, this has been DeucesJack at Make sure you check out our new forum, We’re out of here, deuces!

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