ECC Ontario 2018 – An Overview of the Latest E-Juice Flavors from Nitro’s Cold Brew

DeucesJack caught up with Gator from Nitro’s Cold Brew while we were at ECC in Ontario, California. In this video, he talks us through their line of e-juice flavors.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at, I’m at ECC in Ontario, California. I found myself a cowboy here, at Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee. This is Gator, from Gator Boards, he’s going to go over some of the flavour profiles here, what have we got here Gator?

Gator: We’ve got four flavours here; we have an Almond Cappuccino; almond cappuccino just like it says. What we’re using is a non-menthol and non-colada cooling agent, so you get an actual iced coffee.

DeucesJack: So, it doesn’t have that minty flavour, right? No minty, no icy flavour?

Gator: No menthol; it tasted just like an iced coffee. We brewed a particular chain brand in order. Your Macchiato, it tastes just like that.

DeucesJack: That’s going to taste like a Caramel Macchiato.

Gator: There’s our Caramel Macchiato.

DeucesJack: Nice.

Gator: We have our Almond Cappuccino, our Vanilla Bean, then we also have our White Chocolate Mocha, which is absolutely fantastic.

DeucesJack: Okay. What’s your favourite out of all of them, Gator?

Gator: Macchiato.

DeucesJack: You like the Caramel Macchiato?

Gator: I’m a Venti Caramel Macchiato upside down guy.

DeucesJack: You don’t look like a Starbucks guy to me, really?

Gator: I don’t tell people that, but I’m going to tell a lot of people now about that.

DeucesJack: Now your favourite is that, what’s your second favourite?

Gator: Second favourite, this is actually our new one too, which is the Almond Cappuccino.

DeucesJack: Is it heavy on the almond?

Gator: No, it’s a light, subtle, very natural, not chemical whatsoever.

DeucesJack: See, now I’m gravitating towards the Vanilla Bean, because I’m a Vanilla Bean vaper, I like—is this like really creamy and vanilla-y?

Gator: Very creamy, it’s going to have that actual vanilla bean flavour, just as if you were to take it right out of the stock right there.

DeucesJack: Like the Breyer’s Ice Cream flavour with the black spots in it?

Gator: Definitely, definitely, with the actual still chunks in there? Yes, 100%.

DeucesJack: That’s awesome.

Gator: But again it’s going to have that cool feeling right there, just like you were drinking it.

DeucesJack: I’m definitely going to have to drip this before I leave, that’s for sure.

Gator: We’ll get you set up with that.

DeucesJack: You guys heard it man, I’m here at Nitro’s Cold Brew Coffee booth over in Ontario California at ECC. I was with the big man here; Gator with his big cowboy hat, alright? Make sure you check him out, check out our new forum, We’re out of here, deuces!

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