ECC Ontario 2018 – An Overview of the Latest Products From Blitz Enterprises

Deucesjack caught up with Jam from Blitz Enterprises while we were at ECC in Ontario, California. In this video, he talks us through some of their products.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody, Deuces Jack at I’m at the ECC in Ontario, California, and I’ve got Jam with me from Blitz Enterprises. We’re going to go over some of the products that they have. Jam, I noticed we were looking at the…what’s that again?

Jam: The Intrepid.

DeucesJack: The Intrepid, look at that. Tell us a little bit about the Intrepid.

Jam: Okay, this is RDA and the post less design, and this one is ceramic block, and we also have a single coil plug, this is changeable.

DeucesJack: That’s changeable, alright.

Jam: Yes, you can put the single coil plug design.

DeucesJack: And what, the coil sits right in that cradle there?

Jam: Yes, and the bubble glass holds the juice, and the top fill.

DeucesJack: Okay, top fill, you screw on.

Jam: No, no.

DeucesJack: It’s a slider?

Jam: Yes you can see here?

DeucesJack: Yeah, I see it.

Jam: This one.

DeucesJack: Push. Oh, look at that, it’s got like the toilet seat type of opening. I know it probably doesn’t sound too appetizing, but that’s what we call it here. Oh wow, look at that, really nice. It’s tight too, it’s pretty tight. Nice.

Jam: But if you use it with liquid…

DeucesJack: It loosens up?

Jam: Yes.

DeucesJack: But I meant tight in a good way, like it’s not coming off, you know what I mean? It’s nice.

Jam: You want to put in the pocket, it don’t leak on you.

DeucesJack: Wow, very nice. Alright, so that’s the Intrepid, right? Now what have we got here next? This is an RDA, right?

Jam: Yes, this is RDA, and the name is Ghoul RDA.

DeucesJack: Nice drip tip.

Jam: Yes this cobra.

DeucesJack: Cobra style drip tip, that’s the new thing now, everybody is doing those cobra style drop tips now.

Jam: Yeah, it’s very popular one. And this is a 22 mm diameter here, and here is the 24 diameter.

DeucesJack: And it’s, let’s see, side airflow, right? Single coil.

Jam: Yes, side airflow.

DeucesJack: And what’s this thing made out of here, this is new? What is that ceramic?

Jam: Ceramic, yes, but it’s not a normal ceramic, it’s better, it’s very hard.

DeucesJack: Like a super hard ceramic.

Jam: Yes.

DeucesJack: So guys, check that out, it’s like a t-block, and it’s controlled with one screw so you have to have your coil where the leads come out on the same side to mount it, and then you just position it in front of the air flow, right?

Jam: Yes.

DeucesJack: Because there’s the airflow. Really nice. This is a one piece top cap right?

Jam: Yes.

DeucesJack: Just the barrel, right?

Jam: Yeah.

DeucesJack: Really, really nice. I’ll tell you what, the machining looks really well done on this.

Jam: You also have an extra drip tip.

DeucesJack: Does it come with a squonking thing?

Jam: Yeah, sure.

DeucesJack: There you go.

Jam: And a 510 adapter.

DeucesJack: And a 510 drip tip adapter, wow. Really nice, they just gave me one of these to review at So we’ll probably have a link up right below this video once that review gets published and I have the sufficient time to test it, but I tell you what, it looks really, really nice, I like it, I like it. Guys, that’s been DeucesJack at We were with Blitz Enterprises, I’ve got Jam my man here, we went over all the products, check this out, check out the video, check out our new forum, We’re out of here, deuces!

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