ECC Ontario 2018 – Overview Of The Latest Products From Smok

DeucesJack caught up with Janet from SMOK while we were at the ECC in Ontario, California. In this video, she talks us through their line of new products.

DeucesJack: Hello everybody! DeucesJack from I’m at SMOK in Ontario, California at ECC. I’ve got the lovely Janet here.

Janet: Hello guys!

DeucesJack: Say hello, Janet. We’re going to go over some of the newest stuff that SMOK just came out with. What do we have here, which one is that Janet?

Janet: This is T-Priv.

DeucesJack: The 3 battery one, right?

Janet: Yes, yes.

DeucesJack: Look at that guys; beautiful. This one is out already, but it’s really nice. This is the one with all the lights, right? Really, really nice, got the Prince Tank on top.

Janet: Yes.

DeucesJack: Nice. And then what we have here, we have the–?

Janet: Stick Prince.

DeucesJack: That’s the Stick Prince, check it out. With the Prince tank on top, Cobra drip tip, right? Really nice, I love that Prince Tank. How’s that been selling, good?

Janet: Yes, so this is a very, very hot stuff.

DeucesJack: And guys, check this out; this is the new right-handed mag, they made it the right way this time! The screen is over here, so when you fire it as a righty, you can still see the screen now. Fantastic adjustment, I’m glad you guys actually went out and did that. I love my mag, but I wish I had the right-handed one, that’s for sure. What do we have here? Which one is this? This is the new X-Priv?

Janet: Yes.

DeucesJack: X-Priv is really nice, I tell you guys, very, very light, very small. That’s all screen, right?

Janet: Yeah, yeah, all screen.

DeucesJack: Fantastic. And I know you guys now, you’re starting to get into the pod systems right?

Janet: Yes.

DeucesJack: What’s this, the Reulleaux?

Janet: The Reulleaux. And this, too.

DeucesJack: Look at the Reulleaux, guys.

Janet: And the Infinix.

DeucesJack: Infinix and the Fifth, right?

Janet: Yes, three together, all Reulleaux system.

DeucesJack: Now are these refillable or no?

Janet: Yes, it’s refillable.

DeucesJack: The Reuleaux is refillable, how about that one?

Janet: All three.

DeucesJack: All three of them are refillable?

Janet: Yes.

DeucesJack: That’s fantastic. Wow, great. And now this is another first look guys; here is the H-Priv 2, check it out. Got the screen on the top, fire bar on the side, up and down buttons over here, really nice looking, really light also, right?

Janet: Yes.

DeucesJack: There it is in purple, same mod, check it out. Now what’s this; this is the Resa Tank, right?

Janet: Yes, Resa tank.

DeucesJack: Now what does this take? Prince coils?

Janet: Yes, it takes Prince baby coils.

DeucesJack: It looks like Prince coils, wow. Really nice looking guys, check it out; brand new tank from SMOK. This is going to be out when? Is it out yet?

Janet: Yes, it’s released yesterday.

DeucesJack: Released yesterday, alright. And then here we have, this is really interesting, this is the T-Prince Stick, right?

Janet: Yes, T-Prince Stick.

DeucesJack: Really nice, light, small, small form factor, and what is that; a firing bar on it?

Janet: Yeah.

DeucesJack: A firing bar on a tube type of mod. Check out the lights, check out the firing bar. Really, really interesting; I really like this one, this is really nice. So you guys saw it for yourself, we’ve got a whole bunch of new SMOK stuff coming out, so definitely make sure you check it out, okay? This has be DeucesJack with Janet from SMOK at Make sure you check out our new forum, We’re out of here, Deuces!

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