ECC Ontario 2018 – Overview Of The Latest Products From Wismec

DeucesJack caught up with Jaybo from Wismec while we were at the ECC in Ontario, California. In this video, he talks us through their new line of products.

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack here at I’m in Ontario, California at ECC, and look who I ran into; I got the man here, the legend, the designer from Wismec, Jaybo.

Jaybo: Hello everybody!

DeucesJack: You guys all know him from the Reuleaux fame, right?

Jaybo: Yep.

DeucesJack: What have you got in your hand right now, Jaybo?

Jaybo: So this is the new, new. The new hotness, it is the Luxotic BF Box. And the Luxotic is kind of the new direction for the new series that we’re doing. A little bit of a high-end touch, high-end feel, but incredibly accessible. I think this one kit goes for like 70 bucks or something like that.

DeucesJack: Squonker, right?

Jaybo: Yeah, so this is the first time I’ve actually ventured out into a squonker style mod. I fought this for years by the way.

DeucesJack: Why? Why’d you fight that?

Jaybo: I’m a dripper at heart. Dripper, mechanical mod, or regulated mod in a big ol’ tank, something like that; it spoke to me. And I see these guys in Europe, d***ing your finger-f***ing device, you know? And they’ve got juice dripping out every which way, and I’m like, “How is this a better system?” Anyway, I am wrong. I am wrong, I’m sorry, I now make my own.

DeucesJack: It’s dripping from the bottom.

Jaybo: It is, it is dripping from the bottom. But you could have just…anyway. No, truthfully, I saw a bunch of these things in Europe, and it was like a 3D printed box, it was like $600, and I’m going, “Okay, that’s an engineer that pisses me off.”

DeucesJack: And that’s when you get in the Facebook group and you win a lottery to get the privilege of purchasing the $600 box.

Jaybo: That’s what I want to say; it’s a piece of art that happens to vape. And if you’re the one privileged, like you said, to have that piece of art, and have that thing that’s special, that’s beautiful, and well done and thank you. If looking at it, my brain as an engineer kinda, like I’ll look at something and go, “Okay, I could fix that.” Or like, “How’d they do that,” or, “How could I do it better,” or whatever, and I couldn’t see it, outside of a piece of art. And so I was like, “Okay, if I did do a squonk, what would I do?” And I had a bunch of my friends jabbing me in the side going, “Just make one already!” And it’s like, alright, fine.

DeucesJack: Now, you kind of segway-ed into another thing I wanted to go over; you said the quasi-engineer, right? Tell them the story you were telling me about how you got into designing, and tell him where you have your degrees at?

Jaybo: Alright, so nowhere on any piece of paper does it say I’m an engineer, so that’s fun. So my father had a bunch of second world war lathes and mills, it’s basically an etch-a-sketch that cuts metal, that’s how it works. So as a little kid, I kind of went, “Oh, what’s all this?” and tried to figure out materials, and how to cut stuff on a lathe, and I’m still shitting with it. And so dad worked in the garage and he worked real hard, and at one point when I was young, he looked at me and said, “Son, never do what I’m doing.” And I think he was just frustrated that day, but I literally took it as like, ‘alright, I’ll leave. I’ll leave him alone in the garage.’ So I went and pursued other stuff. When I went to college, I didn’t go to college for engineering or anything like that; I went to college—are you ready for this one? I have two degrees; I have a degree in Spoken Linguistics, and Deaf Studies, specifically Deaf Education. And it’s still a passion for me to this day, but I went to school, broke kid, graduated and was like, I’m going to try and do masters because that was the next step for education program, I was in coffee the whole time because it works well with the student’s schedule, at a coffee shop and a good friend of mine was smoking ridiculous amounts of cigarettes, and was about to have a child. I personally was just getting into vaping at that time, like I had the little ECO stick and the whole mess, and I was like, “Okay, well I know there’s these dripper things, so I went and bought one basically trying to convince him of it. He wasn’t having it, and I went, “Alright, challenge accepted.” I’m going to try and use my little mind, and I was working with a couple other shop guys at that point, so between the whole group came up with the toke concept and everything else after that is history.

DeucesJack: And how did you wind up with Wismec?

Jaybo: Yeah, so again, I met them at a vape show, and they were like, “Oh, we want US people to come make designs for us.” And I was kind of like, “Ahhh…” you know?

DeucesJack: You make nice design.

Jaybo: I wasn’t having it! And it was just where my head was at. And so yeah, I went to their office, they showed me some prototypes of whatever they were working on at that time and I gave my feedback, and they appreciated it and I came back the next week and did it. So every week I was coming in for 8 months, and they finally just went, “Hey do you just want to do this?” And at that point in my vaping career I was like, “Yeah, this is great.” I was the first one to transition to China, it’s crazy.

DeucesJack: Say what you want, the little change the vaping module.

Jaybo: It did, it did.

DeucesJack: It was the only one of its kind when it came out.

Jaybo: That came from me liking the power and output of a DNA device, but not liking lipos. That’s all it was; if you take those two pieces and put it together, that’s the Reuleaux, it was just how can I fix this? Just silly stuff.

DeucesJack: Give us one more look at that. Can I see it?

Jaybo: Absolutely.

DeucesJack: Look at that guys; check that out! I mean this is small, this is compact, how many ML’s does it hold?

Jaybo: 7 and a half.

DeucesJack: Wow.

Jaybo: Or 7 and a bit, it’s always kind of bit minus. But it’s a little flavor bomb; I love that thing.

DeucesJack: It looks fantastic man, it looks great. Well, I want to thank you for taking the time with us, Jaybo.

Jaybo: It’s story time, guys.

DeucesJack: I really appreciate it. Guys, you just saw it right here in Ontario, California, ECC, with Jaybo. This has been DeucesJack at Check out our new forum; We’re out of here, Deuces!

Jaybo: Bye guys!

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