Gemz Prime Mover Review

Gemz Prime Mover Review

Gemz Prime Mover

The Gemz Prime Mover is a well-built tank that has nice machining and really good flavor. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


First Impression Out Of The Box:

This is my first time reviewing a product from Gemz. The packaging seems to be done very well and the box is covered with a cardboard sleeve. Pull the sleeve off and open the box to reveal the package contents. On the left side of the box, in a foam insert, you will find a fully assembled Prime Mover RTA. On the right side under a cardboard cover, there is a spare drip tip, spare glass, coils, and a package of spares with a tool.

It’s an interesting-looking RTA. It has a weird look to it with a weird-looking drip tip. The one that they sent me is the rainbow finish one that I have to say the finish looks really nice. The coils included in the package look kind of small so I’m going to use my own. I’m going to build and wick this thing just to see how it performs.

What’s In The box:

  • 1 x Prime Mover RTA
  • 1 x Drip tip for conversion
  • Polishing cloth
  • Bag of spares, allen key, coils, screws and o-rings
  • Spare glass
  • Instruction manual

Gemz Prime Mover Review

From Top To Bottom:

The Prime Mover comes with two proprietary drip tips. One is to use the tank in shorty mode and the other is to use the tank in it’s taller mode. Both DT’s have a big o’ring underneath, in order to seal the juice in the tank up. It’s a weird kind of tank because while you can make it taller, it doesn’t increase the capacity. All it does is make it easier to top fill because you don’t have to unscrew the drip tip. Instead, in big mode, you just push the top cap down and you are ready to fill. If you run the tank in short mode, you have to unscrew the drip tip in order to fill it. In that mode, the drip tip basically doubles as your top cap. That’s a good idea, and it’s very innovative but why make the tank get bigger without actually increasing the capacity. Who is going to want to rock a taller tank with no capacity benefit?

Gemz Prime Mover Review

That just doesn’t make sense. If they would have allowed you to make the tank get bigger but also increase the capacity, that would have been a big pro. That’s not the case with this tank, no matter which way you run it, it holds 3 mls. In order to be able to increase the capacity, they probably would have had to include some sort of chimney extension and they did not. Instead, the chimney extension is basically built into the DT. When I look at the design and the way it works, it really comes off as sort of half-assed to me. I’ll give Gemz some kind of credit for trying to be innovative but that’s about as far as it goes.

Gemz Prime Mover Review

Since the drip tip basically doubles as a top cap, I don’t know what to call the piece that goes around the top of the tank. For the sake of this review, I guess we’ll just stick to calling it the top cap even though it really isn’t a traditional top cap. The top cap has a custom opening because this tank uses a proprietary drip tip that is threaded on the bottom. Therefore, you cannot use any of your aftermarket drip tips. I mean, you could fit a Goon drip tip inside the stock drip tip that it comes with, but in all reality, it just looks stupid. Once the drip tip is removed, there is a pretty spacious filling area. The filling area is the whole inner circumference of the tank, the part that surrounds the whole chimney. You can pretty much get any sort of bottle in there and top fill this tank.

Gemz Prime Mover Review

The part that I am referring to as the top cap is also spring loaded. It has to be spring inside in order for you to expand it and run it in the large mode that it is capable of. The spring inside is pretty big and I am a little surprised that Gemz did not include a spare. If you’re going to build the tank like this, with a spring like that, then you have to provide a spare. That’s definitely going to be a con.

The chimney is pretty wide and pretty short as well. That is conducive to great flavor. Another aspect of a tank that is also conducive to great flavor is a conical design on the interior of the barrel. This tank definitely has a slightly conical design towards the top of the barrel. The threading on the bottom of the barrel is pretty smooth and it does connect to the base of the deck pretty easily.

Gemz Prime Mover Review

The base of the tank as two cyclops style airflow holes that are on either side of the tank. The AFC has stoppers on both ends and it operates very smoothly. On the bottom of the base, there is some Prime Mover branding. There is also a gold plated 510 pin that is surrounded by an insulator ring. The threading around the 510 is very smooth and I have not had any issues with this atomizer sitting flush on any of my mods. The base is 24 mm in diameter.

The Deck:

The deck on the Prime Mover has a two-post, one-terminal-per-post design. The terminals are actually triangular in shape and you can fit some pretty big flat wire builds in there but because of the way the decks airflow is setup, I really wouldn’t recommend that. Gemz actually include some coils in the package that are absolutely perfect for this RTA. I have been rocking them and I’ve been getting pretty good flavor off of the provided coils. I would recommend coils with a 2.5 mm ID. I have run a few builds in this tank that size diameter seems to be the best.

Even the way they mounted the deck screws on this RTA is a little bit weird. They are not really side mounted screws and they are not really top mounted screws. What Gemz did is they cut a slant on the side of the either post and drilled a hole through it in order to accommodate a deck screw. So it’s almost like a top side deck screw. The deck screws are Hex screws and they are gold plated just like the deck.

Gemz Prime Mover Review

If you look at the deck from above, it looks like one big cross. We’ve seen this design before and it’s really nothing new. In fact, it’s reminiscent of a lot of RDTA designs. Once you have your coil mounted, all you do is tuck to your wicks into the interior corners of the cross. It’s fairly easy to wick and the channels will accommodate a good amount of cotton. This is a GTA style deck because it is raised slightly off the bottom of the base. There is also threading around the bottom of the base that connects to the barrel of the RTA. Just make sure when you are wicking it, that none of your wicking material gets caught in the threading. The whole deck is 24 karat gold plated and it seems to be machined very well.

Building And Wicking:

It may not be the best RTA for beginners because of the fact that there is only one terminal per post. That means that your coil leads are going to have to share space in each terminal and that can get a little tricky for the new builder. It’s not exactly difficult to build on, but this deck is really made for a person that has built before and has some experience.

Because there is only one terminal per post, you have the choice of either pre-cutting your coil leads or putting both your coils in and cutting them after you tighten them down. It’s really up to you, there is no right or wrong way to do this. I do prefer putting the coils in, tightening everything down, and then cutting my leads. I have built this RTA a few times and I have had no issues getting a wire clipper in there to cut my leads. There is plenty of room for that.

As soon as all of your coils are secured and mounted properly, you want to make sure you place them directly in front of the air flow. There is a little metal guard in front of the airflow that prevents you from pulling your coil out too far and shorting it out against the barrel. You want to take care and make sure you don’t put the coil too close to that piece or it will short. At the same time, you want to place your coil so the bottom of it is right in front of the shield and you are getting maximum air flow from your coil.

Wicking this one can be a little tricky because it does tend to do better with thinner wicks. You definitely don’t want to jam your cotton into the wicking slots. You also want to make sure that when you are wicking it that none of your wicking material gets in the way of the threading. I like to pull my cotton through the coil and then use a tweezer to thin it out. With this RTA, less is definitely more and you want to make sure you use thinner than normal wicks, otherwise, you’re going to get dry hits. I like to cut my cotton at the top interior of the base. I find that gives me enough length to get proper wicking from this RTA.

How Does It Vape?

I have to say that the Prime Mover gives me a pretty solid vape. It’s not OMG flavor but the flavor is actually really good. I get a nice cloudy vape and it has a slightly restrictive airflow that I really like. I also like the range of airflow that it provides. It is all in the restrictive airflow category but you can definitely tighten it down and increase the flavor if you wish.

Right now, I am running the coils that were provided in the box and they are ohming out at .2 ohms. I have to admit, at first, these coils looked too small but they are actually perfect for this RTA and they vape well. I have a juice in there that I know pretty well and I’m getting a really accurate vape off of this RTA as far as the flavor goes. The clouds are pretty good but the flavor is definitely better. This is more of a flavor RTA than it is a cloud chucker. That’s okay, because that’s exactly the way I like to vape. Vape quality wise, I would call the flavor better than average and the cloud production about average.

What Would Have Made It Better:

  • Ability To Increase The Capacity

I just do not understand the overall design of this RTA. I would have rather been able to increase the capacity if you are going to be able to increase the size of the tank. To do that, without a capacity increase, just seems silly to me. I just wish Gemz would have thought this design all the way through and figured out a way to actually increase the capacity when you make the tank bigger. When I look at this tank and the way you can increase the size of it, without increasing the capacity, I can’t help but feel that the overall design is severely lacking.


It’s a well-built tank that has nice machining and really good flavor. The clouds aren’t bad and I do like the overall look of the tank. I do tend to run it in short mode because I don’t see the point of running it in big mode. I like the fact that Gemz did try to innovate some new things. I hope the next time they come out with an atomizer, they think it all the way through. The deck on this one is well done but it’s definitely not for the beginner. Wicking can be a little finicky but you will get the hang of it in no time. I think the main reason you would buy this tank is if you are especially enamored with the look of it. It’s a good solid performer and to be honest, you could do a lot worse.

Gemz Prime Mover

The Gemz Prime Mover is a well-built tank that has nice machining and really good flavor. Click the Buy Now button to get this great price.


Pros and Cons:

A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

  • Good Looking
  • Well Built
  • Interesting Deck
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Good Flavor
  • Decent Clouds
  • Big Terminals
  • Finish
  • Innovative

  • Not A Great Deck For Beginners
  • One Terminal Per Post
  • Capacity
  • Design
  • Can Be Tricky To Wick
  • Proprietary DT
  • No Spare Spring
  • Poor Design

  • Dimensions 24 x 53 mm
  • Comes in SS, Black, Gold or Rainbow
  • Locking, press and twist top cap features height transforming design
  • PEI and SS drip tip
  • Dual bottom adjustable airflow
  • Gold plated deck with PEEK insulator
  • Beveled dual posts with single terminals
  • Top fill
  • Gold plated 510 pin

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