Innokin Coolfire Ultra Review

Innokin Coolfire Ultra Review

Innokin Coolfire Ultra

If you are looking for an ultra portable mod that vapes great in both TC and power mode then this is the mod for you! Click the Buy Now button for the Lowest Price Guaranteed + FREE Shipping.


First Impression Out Of The Box:

Straight Out of the Box this is a sharp-looking mod. It’s got a matte black finish with a silver racing stripe down the side. It is very light and has a nice feel in your hand. The instruction manual is done exceptionally well.

What’s In The Box:

  • One Innokin Coolfire Ultra 150W TC Box Mod
  • One Micro USB Charging Cable
  • One Silicone Sleeve
  • One QuickStart Guide
  • One User Manual
  • 2 Innokin stickers

Innokin Coolfire Ultra Review

From Top To Bottom:

As usual, let’s start off at the top of the mod with the 510 pin. Innokin doesn’t seem to want to listen to its customers when they ask them for a 510 that allows atomizers to sit flush. So far every Coolfire mod I own has had this problem with the 510 pin. Every atomizer you put on this mod will Gap. I don’t know when Innokin is going to wise up and start listening to their customer base. It is a shame because it takes an otherwise beautiful, well-performing mod and makes it a no go for people that like they’re atomizers to sit flush.

That’s not to say that the 510 pin is a bad 510 pin. Because it is not, it actually performs very well. You just won’t be able to get any of your atomizers to sit flush on it. I wish Innokin would listen to its customer base and start building mods with 510 pins that allow your atomizers to sit flush. I’m not saying they have to change this 510 pin because it is a great performer. All I’m saying is they need to sink this 510 pin lower into the mod in order to make it appealing to to vapers that have a problem with atomizers that don’t sit flush. I honestly think they’re missing a big piece of the market because of this. The 510 pin itself is spring-loaded gold plated and brass with stainless steel thread points. As I’ve said before it performs beautifully however not having your atomizers sit flush kind of ruins the experience. The Coolfire Ultra will accommodate atomizers of up to 24 mm with no overhang.

This is a c-type frame mod with a really nice paint job that is matte black. It has venting on the right side but nowhere else on the mod. I’m not sure how the paint will hold up long-term because I have owned other cool fires that have had paint issues. So far this one seems to be holding up okay.

The fire button has been placed lower than previous Coolfire mods. Other Renditions of the Coolfire had the fire button placed at the curve at the top of the mod. This fire button is mounted more flush just at the end of the curve of the mod. The fire button in itself is clicky and responsive. It does have a little bit of a mushy feel to it but it always respond accordingly.

Innokin Coolfire Ultra Review

Right below the fire button, we have the screen. It is small, bright, vivid, and gives the vapor all the information they will need to tune in an accurate vape. Below the screen are the plus and minus buttons. They are rather small and are rocker style buttons. They do have a clickiness to them and are responsive. Right below the plus minus buttons is the charge/update port. This mod supports 2 Amp charging. It has a 4000 mAh battery that will last most vapers all day as long as you’re not running a cloud beast tank at 125 watts. It also has pass through technology which allows you to vape it while it’s being charged. It’s a nice feature but I really don’t recommend using it.

There is some branding on the mod that is elegantly done and subtle. Along the silver stripe of my black mod there are the words Coolfire and Ultra. They are not obtrusive or gaudy in anyway. On the bottom of the mod there are four star screws that hold everything together there is no venting present on the bottom of the mod. It does come with a silicone sleeve. Usually not a fan of them but this does do a very respectable job of providing some needed grip and protecting the mod.

The Look, Feel, and General Aesthetics Of The Mod:

The Mod feels great in your hand while vaping. It feels better with the sleeve on but it looks better with it off. It is smooth in texture and has a classy sleekness to it. It is very light and pocketable. While it is by no means what I would call a stealth mod, it is not what I would call a big cumbersome mod either. It is just the right size to slip into a bag or front pocket of your jeans. I like the way the mod is slim in the front and tapers out towards the back.

Innokin Coolfire Ultra Review

The Board:

Let’s talk about the Aetheon boardd in this mod. It is my belief that this chipset is very underrated. This is one of the better temperature control chipsets you will find. It is what I would call an upper level second-tier temperature control chipset. While it may not be up there with the DNA and Yihi Boards it does a more than respectable job in TC. This chipset is capable of 6 to 150 watts of output. It will fire down as low as .1 ohms. It also has an ultra-fast power delivery. As soon as you hit the button the coil fires on this mod with no noticeable delay. It is a very accurate chip set and every time you screw on a new atomizer it will ask you if it’s a new or old atomizer and what material you are using.

Of course the Coolfire Ultra has a full temperature control sweet. It supports Ni200, stainless steel, and titanium. Along with all the popular materials Innokin has also included a pre boost function. All in all a very accurate board that is no slouch in the TC Department.

The Menu System:

  • Click the fire 3 times to power on/off
  • Coil selection is done when a new atomizer is attached, click the fire button to confirm
  • Press and hold the power and + button to scroll through the materials
  • Press and hold the power and – button to adjust the wattage in TC mode
  • Hold the +/- button to adjust the wattage or temperature
  • That’s it, that’s pretty much the whole menu system. It is very simple and intuitive. It does not have a steep learning curve at all. This is typical Innokin when it comes to the menu system.

    How Does It Vape?

    Whether you are a TC vapor or a power mode vapor this mod vapes beautifully. The board does TC surprisingly well. Is it as good as a DNA or Yihi, no of course not but it is not that far away. For the price point you’d be hard pressed to find a better chipset to do temperature control vaping with.

    Because of its diminutive size and atomizer limitations I love running my smaller tanks on this mod. I tend to use it for my single coil RTA. I find by using the mod in this way I get a fantastic vape and great battery life. Right now I’m running my Augvape Merlin on it in TC ohming out at .33 at 35 Watts and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. I am getting a fantastic vape I have been vaping on it all day and my battery life is still more than half full.


    This is one of my favorite mods to take out and about with me. I use it a lot as my commuter mod because of its pocketability. It’s great to slip into a jacket pocket or the front pocket of your jeans. It’s light and easy to carry.

    If you are the type of vapor that doesn’t like to carry big mods or spare batteries. Then the Innokin Coolfire Ultra maybe just the mod for you. If matched up with the right tank and build you can get almost all day out of the built in battery. The quick 2amp charging will ensure that you can always top it off before leaving from your destination. All in all and extremely solid mod and great performer that would do well in any vapers collection.

    Innokin Coolfire Ultra

    If you are looking for an ultra portable mod that vapes great in both TC and power mode then this is the mod for you! Click the Buy Now button for the Lowest Price Guaranteed + FREE Shipping.


    Pros & Cons:

    A note about Pros and Cons. These are my Pros and Cons. They are very subjective. What may be a pro to me could be a con to you and vice versa.

    • Light
    • Powerful
    • Chipset
    • TC
    • Accuracy
    • Menu
    • Pocketability
    • Quick charging
    • Looks
    • Subtle branding

    • Every atomizer gaps on this mod
    • Screen is small
    • Fire button is a little mushy
    • 24mm atomizers max with no overhang

    • Aetheon Chipset
      • 6 to 150W Output
        • 0.1 ohm Minimum Atomizer Resistance
      • VDC Output with ClearWave Technology
        • Noise Cancellation
      • UltraFast Power Delivery
        • 0.2 Seconds from Activation to Fire
      • Precision Coil Resistance Reading
        • .00000 Accuracy
        • Uniform Coil Heating
      • Ultra Low Standby Power Consumption
    • Temperature Control Output
      • Ni200 Nickel Support
      • Stainless Steel Support
      • Titanium Support
      • Temperature Control Pre Boost Feature
      • Total TC Dry Hit Prevention and Quick Calibration Feature
    • Built In 4000 mAh Battery
      • Tremendous Battery Life for Form Factor
    • Spring Loaded Gold Plated Brass 510
      • Stainless Steel Thread Points
    • Three Button Adjustment
      • Wide Area Firing Button
      • Tri LED Battery Life Feedback Indicator
    • OLED Display
      • Output Wattage
      • Output Temperature
      • Atomizer Resistance
      • Battery Life Indicator
    • 2A Micro USB Charging Port
    • Passthrough Technology
      • Vape While Charging
    • Integrated Charging Safety Protection

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