Interview with Brandon From Kings Crest Ejuice

We caught up with Eric, with Brandon, the owner of Kings Crest Ejuice while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. In this video he shares a little bit about how he got started in the industry and his thoughts on advocacy.

DuecesJack: Hello everybody this is DuecesJack at and I am at Foxwoods Resort & Casino at the National Vape Expo 2017. I’ve got Brandon here from King’s Crest e-Juice and he’s going to go over some of his new juices and the flavor profiles for us. Take it away Brandon.

Brandon: So we got — we’re here in Foxwoods umm we’re debuting a new line, it’s a collaboration between King’s Crest and Jam Monster and what we did was we teamed up with them, we’ve known them for a long time and we came together and we launched Cream Team E-Liquids. It’s an ice cream based flavor line, it’s in 100ml Chubby Gorillas, there’s three flavors, we have a Neapolitan ice cream where you taste the strawberry, the chocolate and the vanilla umm we have a cinnamon role where it’s actually flaky, buttery crust with cinnamon, not too overpowered, not going to hurt your throat and then a butter cream frosting for people who like that every day, all day custard flavor.

DuecesJack: Brandon you’re holding out on me I didn’t see the butter cream frosting. I’m going to have to check that out before I leave alright.

Brandon: I’m telling you, the response we’ve gotten here is really great, we’ve poured a lot of effort into this you know, we spend a lot of nights talking with Sunny from Jam Monster, Sean from Jam Monster and just making sure that we really put out a product that we believed in and that the public would enjoy. And it’s 100ml, it retails at $28 so it’s an affordable vape for these tanks that are killing e-Liquid. Umm so what we’re doing we’re just launching it here, seeing what people have, what thoughts they have what they want to say about it. We’re open to anything anybody wants to say. If you don’t like it and you try it, tell me. Don’t butter me up, don’t tell me it’s a great line when you don’t think it is but for me, it’s honestly — I’ve been in this industry for five years, I worked for a major corporation before this, I worked for Vapor Shark for two years so I’ve been you know from an e-Liquid manufacturer to the big corporate structures and I really feel what King’s Crest is doing, what Jam Monster’s doing is giving back to the end consumer and giving them a value and quality e-Liquid that they can enjoy on a daily basis.

DuecesJack: Now what made these companies come together like that? Were you guys, just have a common passion? Were you friends before this? How did this all come about?

Brandon: Well we’re based in South Florida, Jam Monster’s based in Orlando. We met just like anybody else in the industry we’d come to shows, we would see each other, sparked up a conversation and it turned into an instant friendship which we turned into a business relationship. So, we took the flavors that we already had, put them in an 100ml line because that’s what Jam Monster did so we kind of mimicked their success in a way and applied are award winning flavors because previous King’s Crest is known for Duchess and Duchess Reserve that we have won multiple awards for umm so we’ve engineered flavors that are similar to that and to my opinion are far greater than Duchess and Duchess Reserve and we put them in 100ml and we’re debuting them here and we’ll have wholesale ready in about two or three weeks. We’ll have them up on sites, on our homepage, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Jam Monster, all that stuff. Kings Crest e-Liquid on Facebook, Kinds Crest e-Liquid on Instagram and you’ll see — we’ll keep everyone up-to-date.

DuecesJack: See now I don’t know if our viewers got that but if you didn’t I want to point it out. Vaping is just so much more than an industry, it’s a community. You have two competing companies that got together to do something special. It’s very very rare that you see that in any other industry and that’s the important thing, that’s why vaping has to survive, that’s why we have to get past all this legislation and all this nonsense because you don’t see that type of action in any type — in any other industry. You have two competitors that got together to do something special and I wanted to ask you a little bit about advocacy. Do you think we’re in a better place than we were a year ago?

Brandon: I definitely think more people are getting involved. When prohibition didn’t pass — what I really enjoyed was people weren’t attacking the advocacy groups, they weren’t blaming CASAA or blaming SFATA they were really seeing what the next steps were and to touch on what you’re saying, for me, this industry has saved my life you know, five years ago — I’m in recovery so five years ago I was in a dope hole doing nothing and then this industry gave me a life that I could never imagine. You know I’ve been to China, I’ve been to London, I’ve been here, I’ve been all over the world because of this industry and for people — people like me to see this — I’m 27 and I’m involved with something that I really believe in that not only pays my bills, but makes me feel content, something that I enjoy and I wake up every day and go to work and I want to give back to this industry because they’ve given — it’s given me a livelihood, it’s given my family a livelihood, it’s given all of my friends here a livelihood. So I would be ashamed of myself if I didn’t do my part so I think — talk to CASAA talk to SAFTA get involved, call your local state — your senators, your governors, your congressmen, make sure you reach out to people and you’re really involved because we can’t do this alone. Me and you can’t do this alone, we need everybody to be just as passionate about advocacy as you are about your all day vape or your vape shop, that’s what’s going to save us.

DuecesJack: And that’s another thing I wanted to point out. I spoke to another — I did another interview with Mike Vapes and Mike Vapes was saying how you know, he thinks we’re in a better spot than we were a year ago and I was saying that I think everybody should just take the five minutes that it takes to call your state representatives, call your two state senators. I called mine about two weeks ago and let me tell you something, they picked up the phone Brandon, you know why they picked up the phone? Because we are in a polarized political time right now and they know their jobs are on the line and we should take advantage of that as vapers and call them on it and make them do what we want them to do because they work for us.

Brandon: Right and if you aren’t informed or you feel that you don’t really know what to talk to your representatives about the information is out there, you can find it, it’s just as easy as going on Facebook or searching Google. We live in the age of information so if you want that and you want to be involved it’s very easy like you said, it takes five minutes of your time and you can help people like us, help yourself and help this industry really provide for people that — and the way it’s done for the past five, six, seven years.

DuecesJack: Brandon I want to thank you for your time. You are an asset to this community thank you very much.

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