Interview with David Goerlitz, The Winston Man

We spoke to David Goerlitz, The Winston Man while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. In this video he shares a little bit about his experience with the tobacco industry and why he is now an advocate for vaping.

DuecesJack: Hi everybody this is DuecesJack from and I am at Foxwoods resort and casino. And today I have Mr. David Goerlitz, the Winston man. He had over 42 ads for Winston cigarettes, he’s now a vaper, he is now an advocate of vaping and I just wanted to get David on camera and I wanted to show him so he could tell his story to everybody out there. David if you could?

David: Well you know I’m here because of giant distribution and I have a story to tell. I have 34 years in the tobacco business in one way, shape or form. For eight years I was the lead model for our Jay Reynolds search and rescue campaign, always associates smoking with macho, tough, rugged, robust viral behaviour you know here I am smoking three packs a day at the top of a mountain in mount Evans, Colorado. Do you know what happens to a heavy smoker at 12,000 feet?

DuecesJack: No tell me.

David: It ain’t pretty. So I did the ads for a lot of years, made a lot of money, plus I was a stuntman for photo-double for Harrison Ford so I’ve been in the business for a long time. Then in 1988 I decided I needed to quit smoking because my brother died of cancer. My kids were the new generation coming home saying you’re going to die because my teacher said so and you know and they were little and here they see me smoking and I knew it was a bad thing to do. But unfortunately 93 or 94% or smokers start as kids, and then this becomes the only damn thing that a child is held accountable for for the rest of his or her life until they prematurely get diseased and die. I’m pretty sick of it, especially when the tobacco companies are getting away with producing a product, which kills 400,000 Americans every year.

DuecesJack: Literally getting away with murder.

David: Murder. They’re merchants of death. So in 2006 I got into this. I quit smoking in 88, and it was hard. I quit and I cheated, I quit and I cheated because we didn’t have vaping, all we had was the NicoDerm, Nicorette, Nicofen, Habitrol. None of it worked, it was all crap so I would smoke and cheat and smoke and quit and quit and cheat so it took me about seven or eight years to really get it. And then 2006 I started hearing about this vaping stuff and I had heard about it through the tobacco industry because they came up with a product called Eclipse in 1992, but it didn’t go anywhere —

DuecesJack: It didn’t go anywhere.

David: They waited for stealth.

DuecesJack: Smokeless tobacco. I remember that.

David: They wanted to wait for someone to pave the way which is what’s happened with vaping in all honesty. 2006, 2010 the shit hit the fan okay basically because it caught on, people are quitting smoking, they’re not smoking. They didn’t need the government to help them, they didn’t need money to pay for it, they didn’t need a program, they just found something that was now helping them get over that hump of which I didn’t have that. So I am a firm believer in vaping —

DuecesJack: So you are a vaper? You are a vaper?

David: I vape, but I vape Zero nicotine because why would I go back when I was able to beat it. But it took my years.

DuecesJack: Makes sense.

David: My goal is to try and drive people who are still confused about vaping with all the BS and all the false science that they’re using and the government and the corruption of American Cancer, American lung, American Hearts, CDC campaigned for tobacco free kids, they’re all liars and nobodies — and I’m afraid — I’m not afraid to say that, okay. I want people to know that vaping is a better alternative when they decide that they want to either cut down or transition off of combustible tobacco to something that I believe is so much better. I have COPD okay. I’m standing in a room here today, I have not had to use my inhaler once, you go into the casino where everyone is smoking, I would be puffing on my inhaler, so I know that I don’t want vapers to just be an anecdote, these are not statistics, these are real people with real issues who have found something, that’s why these conventions are so popular.

DuecesJack: And who have really quit. Who have really quit tobacco.

David: Some are dual users, fine. But every cigarette they don’t smoke, they’re adding years to their life. So I’m sick and tired of smokers and vapers being thrown under the bus when somebody like me has all the proof and all the documents and all the data to prove that these people against it are liars.

DuecesJack: So David you are what most would consider the ultimate tobacco insider, would that be fair to say?

David: Yeah because I was sued by R.J Reynolds, they told me I couldn’t say…

DuecesJack: So you know for a fact that there is a concerted effort by big tobacco and big pharmaceutical to put an end to vaping. You have no doubt in your mind am I correct?

David: The FDA have already made arrangements with big tobacco and big pharmaceutical to do the fact checking right now using false cherry picked science that they can use that’s financially rewarding to them. Tobacco companies are just sitting there laughing their way to the bank, because we are now tracking the vaping in a form where they just added three more months before the lawsuit so it’s going to go on for 3 or 4 more years, but what we’re doing is prepping the big tobacco companies to come in as knights in shining armour to say hey, we’ve got the $7 million dollars you need for… If you don’t think for a second that they don’t have a vaping pen ready to go or a mod or a coil or whatever, or ego —

DuecesJack: A Closed system that they can regulate and they can charge you more.

David: They are just waiting for us to pave the way and get looked down upon as those people who are now trying to get kids as a gateway drug to start smoking. It’s bullshit okay. I’m the one that can say it, I’m the PR dream for somebody that wants to save vaping because right now we’ve got — in all honesty we’ve got a lot of different organisations and they don’t know what they’re doing, they just can’t get it together. We need a think tank, we need somebody to come together as a group and say this is what we’re going to freaking do and we’re not going to let these liars in tobacco control and the liars in government tell us vaping is not helping nine million Americans. Not to mention millions in Europe.

DuecesJack: So David when we first met you also spoke to me about a billion lives maybe you can tell us a little bit about what you and I spoke about.

David: Well a billion lives was one of the free documentaries that are out about vaping. When vaping became such a positive culture to people, I mean look around; you’ve got people who are happy. I’m not bothered by the vape, it dissipates, it doesn’t smell. These are real people — yes some of them are weird, some of them are freaky, I’m weird and freaky okay. But I’m 67 years old. Now my son has tattoos, my son has earrings, piercings, Go ahead. We have demographics from 21 year olds hopefully because you don’t want kids to vape, 21 to 80 who are vaping and they have found something that comforts them, they have the hand to mouth experience, they have the physiological deficit removed because they’ve got something that helped them get them through some of the worst times in their lives when they were smokers. That’s the goal of the tobacco industry to get 13, 14, 15 year olds — because that part of your life sucks.

DuecesJack: And it’s a lifetime customer, once you hook them it’s hooked.

David: Here’s the deal with A billion Lives, it was produced and directed by Aaron Biebert, he’s not a vaper, he’s not a smoker, he was just seeing all this stuff about the corruption and vaping is a bad as smoking and people like me are coming on you know YouTube and Facebook saying they’re lying, they’re full of shit, pardon my French. So he asked me if I would do an interview for a documentary he was doing. Well sadly he came to my house on 1 o’clock on Sunday and he was there until 8:30pm at night because once you get me going I don’t shut up because I got 30 some years of experience with tobacco companies targeting kids, the anti tobacco companies trying to now be in collusion with the tobacco companies because —

DuecesJack: And now vaping, and now advocacies, so you got — like I said when we first met, I said you basically went from tobaccos favourite son, from tobaccos darling to their red headed stepchild.

David: I was a golden boy.

DuecesJack: But you’re doing it because you’re passionate about it and because you believe in vaping right?

David: I believe in vaping and now I have to now try and convince people that listen to me, I know what I’m talking about. If you are considering switching find yourself a reputable brick and mortar store, a reputable one. I want regulations, I want reasonable regulations on this because, for anytime you put anything in your body, but do the math. I know people say, “You’re going to die anyway.” I’d rather jump from a second story window then a 50th story window, there’s a better chance and I know people who have quit who have enhanced their lives, fortunate to be free of the habit that was wrecked on their lives when they were smoking okay? My brother died of it okay. I have emphysema and COPD I have friends who are dying of lung cancer and heart disease and my generation is now seeing what we should have available to us 15 years ago. And now the government is trying to block it, that’s just wrong, immoral, it’s fiscally irresponsible, especially when you look at lost productivity from people who are dying. And here’s something they will now be able to take care of themselves, I’m not looking for government substitutes to buy my liquid or my device, people can buy their own. That’s why these shows are so successful because there’s such a demand and there’s 42 million remaining smokers that I need to believe me and I need them to hear me and I want them to read about me to say that I’m the kind of guy that’s been there, done that and now I’m recommending it based on who I am. If you don’t think I have credibility? Tell me and I’ll prove me wrong, but in the meantime I’m going to continue to do what I do.

DuecesJack: David, I want to thank you for your time. This is DuecesJack at and I am here with David Goerlitz, the former Winston man, and you heard it from him, you heard everything he said is true and I just want all our customers to know that and definitely give this video a look because there’s some important information here. Thanks again.

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