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We caught up with Eric, one of the co-owners of Vape Wild while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. In this video he shares a little bit about how Vape Wild got started and where he sees the industry going.

DuecesJack: Hello everybody this is DuecesJack at and I am at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino and I have Eric from Vape Wild here. Say hello Eric.

Eric: Hello.

DuecesJack: Eric is one of the owners of Vape Wild and he’s going to tell us a little bit about how Vape Wild got started and where they’re going in the future so take it away Eric.

Eric: Yeah it’s a great story you know we noticed that people they were looking for a cheaper juice online that could be developed and made to their wishes. Choose your nic strength, your PG/VG ratio and also your flavouring and I think there was only one company doing it at that time and we decided hey we want to do this direct to consumer mode as well. We started two years ago but we started a little different than most people you know, people request drawings in their packages so we’ll throw out little drawings and stuff, we have four people in the art department now that just makes drawings for people when they request them.

DuecesJack: That’s fantastic.

Eric: We also know people can’t test and taste our stuff so you know Vape Wild started with the idea of give away as much e-Liquid as possible within reason you know to get everybody, so when somebody orders we always give somebody a vape it forward, a freebee and we make sure their orders processed within 24 hours so that way, hey I know you’re buying it online but it’s going to be at your doorstep really quickly.

DuecesJack: That’s a great concept, where did you come up with a concept like that? I mean was it something you came up with or was it another model that you saw somewhere else?

Eric: Well yeah I mean I think we appreciated the way that umm — I’m 37 so I’m kind of right on that edge of using technology for a lot of stuff but we really appreciated how Amazon or Zappos and all those companies worked where it was really easy to get a package and if it wasn’t quite right they always made it right. And that’s why in the last two years we’ve won best customer service in the industry, best e-Liquid manufacturer in the industry on ecigarette reviewed and guide to vaping, because we go over the top to make sure our customers are happy.

DuecesJack: So that brings us a little bit to your mission statement as a company. What exactly is your mission statement and what are you looking to accomplish out there in the vaping world?

Eric: Well it’s funny, when we first started you know a lot of people were selling e-Liquid bottles 30mm for $25, $30 and we said hey guys this stuff isn’t — this isn’t fine and people acting like this is some $700 Bordeaux from France, that’s not it. Vaping’s fun, it’s relaxed and our company is fun and relaxed. You got or our YouTube channel or Facebook page, you see that we make all these parody spoof videos every time we release a new flavour, we take our product very seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously at all. And I think we really bring fun to the game and we really listen to our customers, see what they want and get it to them for a great price.

DuecesJack: You guys have a ton of great flavours. How many flavours do you actually have right now?

Eric: Okay so we have active probably around 150 flavours, lifetime we’ve had over 300, they go into what’s called the vault for a while and then we’ll bring them out. So it allows us to always have something fresh even if it is an old flavour we bring it back out so it gives people something fun to look forward to, we just did one for April Fools, it was called the McGriddle, sorry the McDelicious and we did a 50 bottle limited run and it was — it was a bacon/egg sandwich. Terrible. Tasted god awful but it’s just some of the fun stuff that we like to have at Vape Wild.

DuecesJack: I want to make a plea to you Eric, umm I was a big fan of Havana bourbon and I don’t think it’s active anymore.

Eric: Alright.

DuecesJack: Please bring it back.

Eric: Okay.

DuecesJack: It was one of my favorite juices juices Vape Wild.

Eric: I’ll make sure — I’ll make sure Jack gets and email when Havana Bourbon comes out.

DuecesJack: And if you guys haven’t tried it, Smurf cake is absolutely phenomenal, definitely try it out from Vape Wild. Let’s talk a little bit about umm, what is this Stardust?

Eric: Stardust yeah so appropriately named after the passing of the great David Bowey. Stardust — I don’t want to tell anybody the flavour profile because if I tell you you’ll say you don’t like it, but it is a cool, refreshing, not minty vape. Especially for the Summer and if you haven’t tried it go and look at all the reviews online. As a matter of fact if you’re worried about trying some Vape Wild hop on our website right now, use the code welcome10 W-E-L-C-O-M-E-1-0 and you get a free sample pack for three bottles okay. You have to pay for shipping because the FDA’s kind of jerks and they won’t let me give it to you 100% free, unless you’re the FDA and you’re watching in which case I’m saying hey we’re great and we’re in compliance. But anyway, it’s a risk free trial, come on try it, we’ll send you some and it’s a great way to experience our website for those that aren’t sure about buying online.

DuecesJack: Well I can tell you guys, I tried Stardust here and it is definitely DuecesJack approved. It is a fantastic vape, it’s a fantastic Summer vape and I think you guys should give Eric a try and definitely — definitely order some Stardust because you will be pleasantly surprised, it’s a great vape. Now umm you just brought up the FDA Eric, let’s talk a little bit about advocacy. Where do you see this industry going in the next year or so?

Eric: Well I have been — I’m not a strong political guy so I will say that the incoming administration no matter what you think of them is probably the best thing for vaping compared to the alternative. I think there’s a lot of great people out there, Mark Block, the lawyer from… EVCA just gave a great speech, we’ve donated to his cause. What they’re trying to do is sue the FDA for non-compliance from the village of heartland and I think that’s a great thing and that on top of that the FDA regs have got pushed back three months so what’s great is that there’s a lot of positive traction, but what I can’t stress to you is get out there, make your voices heard, don’t wait for a deadline you know, any time you have interaction with a local or federal official please let them know because we’re constantly doing that and I think if we really do rally and we keep pushing and we don’t lose sight of the goal then I think we’re all going to be in a great spot, we’re going to be saving lives quite honestly.

DuecesJack: Definitely I mean I agree with that. I took about five minutes out of my day to call my two senators in New York and it literally takes five minutes and because of the polarized political climate that we’re in, they’re picking up the phones, you’re not getting an answering machine. So take the time, look up your senator, your representatives number and definitely give them a ring because they will listen to you because they know their jobs are on the line in the polarized political climate that we’re in.

Eric: That’s a great point. Email is okay. Calling makes the difference. If you light their phone lines up it makes a world of difference no matter where you are, once again from a city official all the way to a congressman.

DuecesJack: I mean I would definitely say we’re definitely in a position that is a lot stronger than we were say a year ago, wouldn’t you agree with that Eric?

Eric: 100% yeah.

DuecesJack: I think people are more informed now right and they’re getting out there and they’re hearing our message is that correct right?

Eric: Yeah and not only that it’s a worldwide movement. So although we’re trying to work here in the United States we just got back from London at a couple of vape shows out there and they’re fighting the same fight and I think with all the positive press that’s coming out more importantly the science you know, there’s actually science that proves vaping is better than smoking, I think we’re heading down the right path Jack.

DuecesJack: Fantastic. Eric it was great having you, it was great meeting you.

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