Interview With Harley from Enzo’s Italian Ice

In this video Harley from Enzo’s Italian Ice talks about their award winning flavor.

Deucesjack: What’s up everybody, Deucesjack at and we’re in South Beach Miami, at the World’s Vaper Expo and I’ve got Harley here from Enzo’s Italian Ice. They’ve got one flavour, but it’s a- it’s a rocking flavour. You’ve got to check it out. Enzo tell us a little bit about the flavor that you guys use.

Harley: So this is Enzo’s and the cherry and Italian ice. A little bit of coolness just to give it that little bit of slushy effect to it. Nothing super cold, but we actually won the Mid-West best menthol flavour. Super proud of that. Just came out about three or four months ago, super excited about all of it and planning on making a few more in the future, like a cotton candy and a watermelon. But they’ve been selling off the shelves. I think we’re up to like a thousand bottle order right now. So it’s been going really well. It’s nice to be here in Miami.

Deucesjack: Fantastic. Guys I’ve got to tell you, I just dripped this a couple of minutes ago and let me tell you something. This stuffs banging menthol flavour is done really well, and Harley promised me that they’re going to make the raspberry one just for me.

Harley: That’s right.

Deucesjack: All right, so go check it out. Check out Enzo’s Italian Ice on We’re going to have a coupon code below for you, so you can- so you can get a good deal on this juice. And that’s it man, check out our new forum, We’re outta here, Deuces.

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