Interview with Jimmy from You Got E-juice

We caught up with Jimmy, one of the owners of You Got E-juice while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at Foxwoods Resorts and Casino in Connecticut. In this interview, Jimmy talks to us about what his company stands for and gives us his thoughts on advocacy and the industry in general.

DuecesJack: Hello everybody this is DuecesJack from and today we’re here with the owner of You got Juice and he’s going to talk to us about some of the flavor profiles and some of the pricing that he has available for this whole juice line. Take it away.

Jimmy: Hi my name’s Jimmy, I’m with You Got E-Juice, one of the owners of You Got E-Juice. So we pretty much — we started off with our juice line, our main goal was to bring a value, quality product to the consumer at a discount price. As a matter of fact our slogan is “Making vaping affordable for everyone”. So it’s kind of like the model that we stuck with. We started about a year and a half ago with this line, we’ve been in the vaping industry for about three and a half years, we had several other juice lines before. You know the premium lines, everything like that. They were doing pretty well, but the thing was we started to see major umm — with the new tank systems that were coming out we say climbing through juice right? And so like the bottom line is like you know, I’m a business owner I’m also a vaper as well. And like you know if I had to go to a store and purchase juice on a regular basis I wouldn’t want to be able to try and find the best quality for the best price because it adds up fast.

DuecesJack: Jimmy I totally agree with you, you own like a TFV12 or an Aromamizer Plus, you’re just going to zip through that juice like crazy. So let me ask you a question Jim. What distinguishes you from everybody else? How are you able to keep the price down and yet still keep the quality of the juice steady because I just tried a few and the quality is on point, I mean that strawberry custard is absolutely legit, but how are you able to do that?

Jimmy: Well when we set out with it we developed a business plan to start off to where that’s in the budget. The profit margin is not there, and we don’t get the huge profit margins that the rest of the companies do and everything like that but we do have a very high volume of consumer base so yeah that purchase directly from our website. We’ve been very blessed over the last year because of the price point and the amount of consumer base that we touch, we’ve picked up a lot of wholesale accounts because people — you know people would get the juice and take it to your local shop and they would want it and I’m very grateful for that. But the bottom line is the consumer, everybody’s got to be able to you know — in order for it to be you know feasible for a lot of people in America it has to be affordable and so there’s a lot of people in the US that don’t have access directly to walking into a brick and mortar shop and everything so they have to drive way out of their way or order online so the bottom line is like you know we set out to really take care of the consumer.

DuecesJack: See and that’s what I love about this community is that this isn’t just a business owner, this guy is a vaper who cares about his customers and his consumers. I wanted to ask you a little bit because we’ve heard a lot of talk here today about advocacy and everything, where do you think we stand now as opposed to a year ago? Do you think we’re in a better position now or…?

Jimmy: Well it’s just like the guys were talking about on stage earlier, the tides are definitely changing. There’s a lot — you know a lot of stuff changed around with the elections, it’s going to, I think that’s going to start going in a new direction, you know, it’s kind of really hard to say, the US is so up in the air you know what I mean? If we could just follow suit with what’s going on in the rest of the world like we’d be in a lot better position. But of course, you have corporate greed here so we have to get past that and until we get past that I don’t think — I don’t know, I’m hopeful for it, we’re prepared as a company to continue moving forward with the FDA but you know the thing is is you know, it may get to the point where it’s just not feasible for anybody.

DuecesJack: And that’s the problem that’s what I’m trying to show here, I’m trying to show the human side of this is that we’re not just numbers, we’re not just you know x amount of vapers, there are people here that have a business that rely on feeding their families though this business and that employ other people that feed their families and that’s what I want people to know when we talk about advocacy.

Jimmy: Well you know like when I met with Darrell Issa is my local congressman in Southern California umm you know, just so you know for us what we do we participate a lot in the advocacy not only on the west coast but all throughout the United States, like the guys who spoke up on the stage earlier, we’re going to help them out the next couple of weeks, get some campaigns going for them, everything like that. We’re going to organize an event for them out in Southern California umm just trying to get some more interaction going between the advocates and the people that they’re advocating for so we try to do that on a regular basis but you know like when I met with my congressman I told him you know, it’s not just me and the amount of people that I employee, it’s the packaging company that has the you know, the huge contract, there shipping company that now has you know the additional accounts, it’s everything, it’s a lot more — it’s not just the juice company and the flavor company that benefit an it’s everything from truck drivers to you know you name it is benefiting from our industry.

DuecesJack: So if everything goes the way you would want it to go on an advocacy level, where do you see you guys see you got E-Juice in a year or two from now?

Jimmy: We’re definitely still going to be here that’s for sure. We’re definitely going to still be here, we’re in it for the long haul. We do a lot of business over in Europe too and so like we’re you know — it’s beneficial to us in that because the TPD and the European Union is a couple of steps ahead of the United States. They have their heads on a little bit straighter but you have a sense of direction and because of experience of dealing with that you kind of get a sense of direction here, you know we’ve done everything we’re getting together our health documents right now, we got everything submitted to the FDA so we’re not planning on leaving anytime soon no matter what, I’m going to help people stop smoking.

DuecesJack: That’s fantastic.

Jimmy: I don’t care.

DuecesJack: And that’s what it’s all about. That’s what this whole community is about. Jimmy I want to thank you for your time. It was a pleasure.

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