Interview with Kellen from Eureka Vapor

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We caught up with Kellen, the owner and creator of Eureka Vapor while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. In this video he shares a little bit about ow he got started making juices and eventually distributed by Giant Vapes.

DuecesJack: Hello everyone. This is DuecesJack from and I’m at Foxwoods Resorts & Casino at the National Vaping Expo 2017. And I have Kellen here from Eureka Vapes and he’s going to tell us a little bit about how he got started. He’s the owner and creator so he’s going to tell us how he got started making juices and eventually distributed by Giant Vapes.

Kellen: Okay well I started doing just DIY stuff. I actually started — there’s a website where you can order stuff and then made it yourself and then I was doing that for a while and then I got — my friend was like you can just make this, you don’t need — leave that step out, because I was friends with Tellios

DuecesJack: Okay, Tellios.

Kellen: He lives close to me and he got me to come over and I started doing it and I just got good at it and then it got to the point where he was like you should be selling this. And then I had to like create a brand and it was back when everything was all fancy.

DuecesJack: So Kellen you guys are like the Bill Parcells coaching tree of vaping right? I mean you started with Tellios, right? Melissa started with you from Vapor Jerry.

Kellen: Trickle down, and they’re all good.

DuecesJack: And you’re Eureka. So you guys like I said you’re like the Parcells Coaching Tree but only vaping.

Kellen: So who came after Parcells, am I Belichick?

DuecesJack: You might be Belichick

Kellen: I’m Belichick

DuecesJack: [Laughter] You are the Bill Belichick of vaping, of juicing.

Kellen: And I’m a Redskins fan. So being called Bill Belichick is very nice because we don’t ever win.

DuecesJack: Well Redskins are NFC so you don’t hate Belichick like a typical NFC fan would.

Kellen: I don’t have a passion against him no [laughter]

DuecesJack: See I’m from New York and I’m a Jets fan so…

Kellen: My roommates a Jets fan and he fucking —

DuecesJack: It’s a sorry existence, it really is.

Kellen: I’m a Red Skins fan, we can commiserate, we won’t sign our quarterback.

DuecesJack: At least the Redskins have had a super bowl in my lifetime.

Kellen: Yeah… I remember when I was like 13 —

DuecesJack: I’m an old man, I was born in 1970 and they haven’t won a super bowl since the year before I was born.

Kellen: It doesn’t make sense. I’m a Captals fan so just feel bad for me. We choke.

DuecesJack: So Kellen, tell us about the juices that Giant distributes.

Kellen: Giant distro’s three of the flavours. It’s umm Grahambies which is a Graham cracker frosting, Beedys which is a umm — it’s like the center bite of a Twinkie. You know when you get a Twinkie and you take the first bite and it’s real cakey? I left that out and I went right for the second bite, which is the better one in my opinion, like the cream filling with the cake, yeah. Then Brulime is a key lime cheesecake. It’s not heavy lime.

DuecesJack: That Beedys is no joke guys. I’m vaping it right now, I dripped it.

Kellen: Those are the ones that Giant distributes and the Opium age does other flavours. I think they work together. They do the more fruity stuff down there. It tastes like — if you took a pink starburst but made it with actual fruit instead of science. That’s the description and then the mango menthol and all that other stuff. Beedys is named after my big dumb dog.

DuecesJack: Is that who it’s named after, really? What Kind of dog?

Kellen: It’s a Pitbull. I do a lot of dog stuff because I have dogs. The logo — that’s my old dog and she actually wore a wig like for Halloween. They shake their head, we put it on her and she just wore it for like an entire day.

DuecesJack: And she was cool with it?

Kellen: Everybody was petting her, she was like so full of it. But I got a new dog and I was like, what can we name this dog? And I was like I don’t know, it has to come to me. Because everyone was spitting out dumbass dog names and I was likem she’s like this giant pit bull but she’s not giant, she just looks giant, she’s super dumb, she’s really dumb. And I was like she’s a big, dumb idiot. Then shorted it down to Beedy.

DuecesJack: Beedy.

Kellen: And then I was like she gets the juice. Big dumb idiot, that’s the dog’s name.

DuecesJack: Wow. Wow. That’s fantastic. That is fantastic. Well Kellen, I want to thank you for your time. You are the Bill Bellichick of juicing.

Kellen: Melissa loves Tom Brady, she just won’t admit it. She says she’s a Bronco’s fan but she moved to Rhode Island and jumped ship so fast.

DuecesJack: This is DeucesJack at, take a look at our deals section because we are going to have a coupon code from Giant Vapes and you will be able to pick up some of Kellen’s fantastic juice, and definitely try the Beedys because it is off the hook. Thanks a lot Kellen.

Kellen: Yeah, no problem.

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