Interview with Leanne and Jimmy from Infamous Premium E-Juice

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We caught up with Leanne and Jimmy, the owners of Infamous Premium E-Juice while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods resort and casino in Connecticut. In this interview the talk about how they got started in the industry and what goes into making a great flavor.

DuecesJack: Hello everybody this is DuecesJack from and I’m at the Vape Expo 2017 at Foxwoods Resorts & Casino. I am here with Leanne and Jimmy from Infamous Premium E-liquid and they’re going to tell us a little bit about their line. Leanne take it away, tell us.

Leanne: Infamous is a seven flavor line umm we’re usually custard and creamy kind of based line. My husband Jimmy is from Cleveland Ohio, he grew up eating east coast custard which is like an ice cream custard so that’s the kind of custard base that we have. Our original is called East Coast V.C. it’s our straight vanilla custard.

DuecesJack: Okay.

Leanne: We have our sales manager, Jay loves West Coast Chino which is our blueberry custard. In my own personal opinion the best one is Trill which is our strawberry blackberry custard.

DuecesJack: Did you have something to do with that? Is that why it’s your favorite?

Leanne: No, it’s just yeah like I smoke menthol and no would have ever told me I’d smoke a strawberry balckberry.

DuecesJack: Is it a heavy menthol or?

Leanne: No no. When I was a smoker I used to smoke menthol, I never thought I’d smoke a strawberry blackberry anything. Yeah I love it.

DuecesJack: So Leanne, tell us, how did you get started developing E-liquids and developing a unique brand?

Leanne: In 2012 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, so I immediately quit smoking cold turkey with no problem. Cancer will do that to you. But I was in the hospital and he was still smoking and he couldn’t quit and he tried Chantix and other things, blu ecigs

Jimmy: I Felt guilty you know smoking when she’s going through all this so I picked up vaping and it worked.

Leanne: Jimmy’s the kind of person that needs to learn how everything works. Doesn’t matter what it is, anything he sees he’s interested in he needs to make it work.

DuecesJack: He’s a tinkerer.

Leanne: Yes. Which drives me crazy except when he makes e-liquid and he makes really good e-liquid everyone likes.

Jimmy: We had a lot of help in the beginning with Corey from boosted and I sent all of my stuff to him to try and he said we need to get this on the market so he helped me and pushed me. I finally convinced my wife to let me quit my job and make liquids.

DuecesJack: So you guys have this great infamous line. Where do you see Infamous going in the next year or two?

Leanne: After August 8th no new juices can come out if they weren’t on the market previously. So what we did is before August 8th we released five different lines. Infamous is our original line we still carry that, it’s popular line, it’s been around the longest and Jimmy’s other hobby is photography, he loves taking pictures and he’s great at that too

DuecesJack: That’s a great name, fallen where did that come from?

Jimmy: Most of the images were Angels from cemetery statues and stuff so we were leaning towards the fallen angels type thing and we just shortened it to the fallen by Infamous.

DuecesJack: That’s a fantastic name. So you brought up August 8th Leanne, let me ask you a question about advocacy, where do you see our industry going in the next year or so and you think we are better off than we were a year ago?

Jimmy: I think we’re better off.

DuecesJack: You do?

Jimmy: I mean it’s varied, what is it like 17 months that we might only have left but you know, I’m optimistic that things will change and the FDA pushed some things back three months so hopefully that’s a sign of things to come.

DuecesJack: But I just wanted to bring that up because here we have a couple that earns their living in the vape market and I don’t think these government officials actually see when they come up with these laws how they’re effecting somebody and there livelihood, somebody who makes their living that way right?

Jimmy: We have three other families that work for us now, three other employees that their family are relying.

DuecesJack: And that’s not even to mention the families that are employed by Giant Vapes who distribute your juices so there’s definitely a domino effect.

Jimmy: T-shirt companies. Yeah everything.

DuecesJack: There’s a definite domino effect so umm and I just want to make our viewers aware of that. So Jimmy, what’s your favorite out of all the Infamous juices?

Jimmy: My favorite is Coventry, it’s a strawberry, Italian wedding cake.

Leanne: I said Jimmy grew up in Cleveland and he had east coast custard that’s how a lot of that stuff came about a Cascata cake is a big thing in Cleveland, I think his parents wedding cake was a Cascatacake, first time I went to Cleveland he made me try a Cascata cake which was good and then Coventry is actually the name of a road in Cleveland that intersects with Mayfield which is another one of our flavors and another road in Cleveland where the best Cascata cakes are in Cleveland Corbo’s Bakery, it’s amazing. So that’s — a lot of our names and our liquids are just either like Jimmy’s life and flavorings .

DuecesJack: I just love the back story that you’ve made and I think this is fantastic. Umm… now… the back story to the names is great but can you also give us a little look into how long it took you to develop a juice like you know, how many test batches do you go through, what’s the process, how do you narrow them down?

Jimmy: Yeah it’s a lot of testing with friends and people that have been with us since the beginning when we first started. It’s all different for every flavor, I mean there may be something that turns out real simple you know.

DuecesJack: So certain flavors are easier to hit than others?

Jimmy: Yeah yeah. Definitely. And there’s some stuff that has taken a lot longer. I mean I have notes and a notebook from when I first started, you know this worked, that didn’t work you know and that’s just how it is.

DuecesJack: On a typical juice how many test batches do you start off with? Do you start off with 25/30? Narrow it down from there?

Jimmy: Probably about 10.

DuecesJack: Okay. Alright. And then you narrow it down from there and you tweak it here and there right? And then from the point that that flavor enters your mind, from the point it goes to market, how long does it normally take for something like that?

Jimmy: Some of the stuff we’ve had for…

Leanne: We had Mayfield for over a year.

Jimmy: Some of it was

Leanne: And I mean this wasn’t our original line, our other line had two other flavors. Our originals that were flavors that were when Jimmy was first developing flavors he was like these are really great. I think they were the first flavors that actually came to fruition that once he started to get into developing more flavors and more complex flavors, those weren’t as great anymore, that sounds terrible, they weren’t as complex, you just learn as you go and as a juice maker, you’re a good juice maker [Laughter].

Jimmy: Well, I appreciate the time you guys gave me. Jimmy, Leanne it was a absolute pleasure. I appreciate the insight you gave us.

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