Interview With Melissa, the Owner of Vapor Jerry’s

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We caught up with Melissa, the owner and creator of Vapor Jerry’s while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. In this video she shares a little bit about their new peanut butter vape and how they get a flavor to market.

DuecesJack: Hi everybody. This is DuecesJack from and today I have Melissa, the owner and creator of Vapor Jerry’s and she’s going to tell us a little bit about the flavour profile of her new peanut butter vape so Melissa, can you tell us about the peanut butter vape?

Melissa: Yeah absolutely. So I created skipper, which is a creamy peanut butter. They say at lower temperatures it taste like the inside of like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, higher temperatures you’re just going to get like the straight creamy peanut butter. Umm you know I actually won at Vape showcase in Atlanta the best savoury dessert with a peanut butter so I was you know, shocked and excited.

DuecesJack: I can definitely understand that and that flavour profile is highly accurate because I just had it and it is a fantastic peanut butter vape. Now a lot of people Melissa think that it’s just like you know creating flavours is easy, you throw a bunch of VG and PG together and mix a couple of flavours, shake it and wait. Could you give us a little inside look into what it actually takes to create a flavour like that and how long it took to develop?

Melissa: Oh absolutely I mean it took me a year and a half to get skipper right. It’s not just like… you just throw peanut butter concentrate with PG VG.

DuecesJack: You mean it doesn’t work that way, really?

Melissa: I wish it did. But no it’s flavour development, you’ve got to layer the flavours and try and get it right. There are so many different components and there’s liquid that you probably would never expect to be in it to create the depth of flavour, you’ve got to test it when it’s fresh, you’ve got to test it when it’s fresh test it, you’ve got to test it when it’s steeped, you’ve got to try it on all different devices and temperatures because everybody vapes differently.

DuecesJack: Now what’s your process when you’re developing a flavour? Do you have a bunch of test flavours going at one time? Say a dozen or so? Or do you like kind of limit to four or five, what do you do to narrow it down?

Melissa: I start out with probably about 20 to 30 different bottles and you know with different percentages of things kind of — then you go through and you just taste everything and it’s you know a long process because you can’t just sit there and try 30 in a row, you’ve got to try one, spend some time with it, put it down, come back later. So then you kind of narrow it down from there.

DuecesJack: And the process just keeps going on until you feel it’s perfect?

Melissa: Right.

DuecesJack: Now how did you get into making juiced I mean are you a DIYer, what are you?

Melissa: You know I actually never did — I didn’t start out doing DIY, my friend Kellen who owns Eureka vapor company, we became friends and we needed some help in his lab so I started kind of helping him, I started just putting labels on bottles and then putting caps on and then you know he started teaching me his process and how he did it and so I started learning from him and he’s one of the best —

DuecesJack: So he’s basically your mentor in this [00:03:17] somebody you definitely look up to?

Melissa: Oh absolutely.

DuecesJack: And he’s helped you along the way too right?

Melissa: He has. He has. He’s helped me a lot, I help him still to this day, you know we’re not in the same lab space anymore but you know, a long lasting friendship.

DuecesJack: Now there’s a lot of talk about — especially at conventions like this there’s a lot of talk about advocacy and where we see vaping going in the next year or two — two years, five years, what’s your take on it? Do you think it’s better — things got better from last year?

Melissa: I think people are more hopeful now. I think there’s a glimmer of hope because we’ve got Gottlieb coming into the FDA and I think with the change, we’re kind of — I think everybody’s hopeful. We’ve got to get through the small battles and then we will one some more, but I really like — I have a lot of hope — I think we’re going to be okay.

DuecesJack: You know it’s funny that you say that right because I was talking to one of the lawyers here that key in getting Indiana overturned, Greg Troutman, and I asked him and he said listen, he goes we’re either going to die by one fatal death blow or a thousand paper cuts and I thought that was a great way to put it. Now talk to us a little bit about your line now you have the peanut butter vape, the skip right? What are the other two here?

Melissa: I have Flanny pack which is a caramel flan so you’re going to get your vanilla, your custard, caramel.

DuecesJack: My personal favourite by the way, that was fantastic.

Melissa: And then I actually have dummies dozen which is a collaboration with Eureka Vapor company, my mentor, we did a flavour together that’s a strawberry apple donut.

DuecesJack: Wow. They’re all fantastic and I would encourage everybody to go out and pick up some of Vapor Jerry’s juices. This is Jack with with Melissa from Vapor Jerry’s I want to thank her. Appreciate your time and take a look at in our deals section when we post this video because we are going to have a coupon that Mike from Giant Vapes was kind enough to present and you’ll be able to pick up some Vapor Jerry’s at a discount through Giant Vapes. Thank you very much Melissa.

Melissa: Thank you so much.

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