Interview with Rick From Chuckin Vape E-liquid

We caught up with Rick, the owner and creator of Chuckin Vape E-Liquid while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. In this video he gives an overview of their current product line.

DuecesJack: Hello everybody. DuecesJack from we are at Foxwoods Casino & Resort at the National Vape Expo 2017 and I’m here with Rick from Chuckin Vape E-liquid. I just tried some of his stuff and all of his flavours are legit so Rick’s going to go over them and go over some of the flavor profiles for us. Take it away Rick tell us what you got.

Rick: Alright first one we’ve got here is Bourbon Berry, it’s a mixed berry infused with Kentucky Bourbon. It’s an acquired taste, it’s very solid, it’s good for a night out on the town, have a nice little drink, have a nice vape to complement that pretty well. The next one is Oh! Pear is a mixed pear flavor, infused with some honeysuckle like some other floral notes and they shine a little bit. The fan favorite by far and my personal favorite even though I love all of my children umm would be Tropical Daiquiri I’m from the north east we’re located in New York so we have shitty weather about 13 months out of the year you know what I mean? So Tropical Daiquiri allows you to sit on a beach any time and that’s just a bunch of mixed berries with a little bit of coconut. The next one, Donut Puncher, I made this bad boy because I tried some other donuts, it wasn’t too big of a fan no offense to anybody, so I wanted to give it my all. It’s a chocolate glazed donut with bavarian cream inside. The next bad boy right here, this just fell in my lap and is just Muffin Top one day came to be and I perfected it and put it out there, it’s called muffin top, that is a mixed berry muffin with a little cinnamon undertones behind it. And then the OJ of my line, my baby, the hardest, most difficult child of the bunch is the key lime pie umm it took me a long time to nail that one down but umm eventually I found it and it’s delicious.

DuecesJack: Well there you go guys you heard it straight from the source, from Rick from Chuckin Vape. I tried every one of these juices and can honestly say, every single one of them is absolutely fantastic. My personal favorite was the Bourbon Berry. Rick says it’s an acquired test but I don’t believe him I think it was fantastic. You can order Rick’s juices on

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