Interview with Joe From Evolv E-liquid

We spoke with Joe, the owener and creator of Evolv E-Liquid while we were at the National Vape Expo 2017 at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. In this video he talks about how he got started and his opinions on advocacy.

DuecesJack: Hello everybody. DuecesJack at at Foxwoods Resort & Casino. I am at the National Vaping Expo 2017 and I got Joe here the creator of Evolv E-Liquid and let me tell you something I just had his raspberry e-liquid and it was fantastic. Joe, can you tell me a little bit about how you came up with these flavors and how you went about creating them?

Joe: Umm yeah so I just kind of like did trial and error, basically I like to vape certain specific flavors, drinks, desserts, different types foods and I just kind of work with it and I build it to my taste, I don’t really make anything that I’m not going to vape all day.

DuecesJack: did you start off as a DIYer? Is that how this came about?

Joe: Yeah so I couldn’t find any juice that I liked. Me and my old boss we actually started making our own product and everyone asked for it, so what we ended up doing is just making bottles for a shop here and there, it blew up and it got bigger and bigger and we just —

DuecesJack: Now all these people out there a lot of the viewers think you know vaping — making vape juice is easy, you slop together a few flavors, some VG, some PG, tell us what the real process is like, how long does it take from when the flavour is in your head until it gets into the bottle and out to retail?

Joe: So I’m going to be very honest, making e-juice is very easy, anyone can do it. It’s not hard to do. The hardest part to do is making a complex flavor. Instead of making something like, if you want to do a French toast flavor, instead of just getting a French toast concentrate and then adding PG/VG you have to build the French toast almost as if you were a chef and you were building it from scratch, butter, bread, everything, that’s how you get the different notes and different temperatures.

DuecesJack: Now did you have a background in that or was it DIY thing just a passion for you?

Joe: No background, I use to fix cell phones, no background in anything that had to do with chemistry or chef or anything like that.

DuecesJack: Okay and how long have you been doing this at Evolv now?

Joe: Umm Evolv has been around for about two years but I’ve been making e-juice for about three and a half years.

DuecesJack: So we’ve been here all day and we’ve heard speakers get up and talk about advocacy, I’d like to know how advocacy effects somebody like yourself who makes a living with e-juice, can you comment on that a little bit?

Joe: Well I mean basically advocacy’s important because really there’s no one fighting for us except for ourselves. The only reason why any of these senators or any sort of like state official is fighting for us is because we put up enough of a fight and we made such a big noise about it, without that we wouldn’t be anywhere.

DuecesJack: And that’s a beautiful thing and that’s the one thing I was trying to tell people to do is to get out there and call your state representatives, call your senators, this is such a political hot climate right now that they’re actually answering the phone and they are listening because they know they’re in trouble with the public out there, would you agree with something like that?

Joe: 100%.

DuecesJack: It has just been like that. I called both of my state senators Schumer and Gillibrand and that phone did not ring more than three times and somebody picked up on the other end of the line and that’s what I’m trying to convey to the people today is that we should get involved as vapors to save our community right?

Joe: I agree. Listen everyone thinks that their voice isn’t going to make a difference, but if so many people do and eventually there’s going to be a change.

DuecesJack: That’s right and if we get together and we have one voice it’s even better because it’s stronger that way right.

Joe: We’re all in it for one goal, we want to continue vaping to stay of cigarettes, live a healthier lifestyle and just go on from there.

DuecesJack: Joe it was a pleasure interviewing you.

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