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In this video Deucesjack talks to Mark from about the latest mods they have in stock and their 60 day guarantee.

DeucesJack: Hello everybody, Deuces Jack here. We are in beautiful Miami, Florida at the World Vapor Expo,and I’ve got Mark here from Direct Vapor. For those of you that don’t know about Direct Vapor, they are one of the premier online distributors in the vaping community. They get the latest and greatest stuff all the time, and most of the time, first. Mark, you want to take it away and tell us about some of the news mods you have coming in?

Marc: Yeah, so thanks a lot for stopping by Jack, it’s great to see you. Yeah, we’ve been in business about two and a half years and have great relationships with all the factories in china, all the major players. And we carry a bunch of different juice lines. Like Jack said, were usually one of the first players in the market in the industry to get product. We did just recently get in the new smosh pro colors. It’s available on right now. It’s probably, in my opinion, it’s going to be the device that’s going to replace the alien.

DeucesJack: Beautiful, Look at the color on that thing, the paint in phenomenal, I mean check that out, I mean, really nice match tank as well.

Marc: Yeah, smok-

DeucesJack: Have you used it?

Marc: I haven’t used it yet, it just came in. I actually went on vacation for a week, so when I got back in the office it’s available here now for sale, and it’s a great device. I’ve had people on my team testing it, they love the device. Smok’s been doing a great job in the industry.

DeucesJack: Yeah, Smok’s been knocking out of the park lately. It’s actually, I tell you, the paint on this is something, for Smok is some really next level stuff, really beautiful, really is.

Marc: yeah I think, for me personally it’s going to be the new Alien replacement, I think it’s going to take it over.

DeucesJack: And I was hoping, between you and I, I was hoping for a 21 700 alien, I really was, I really was. Alright, that’s fine, this will do. That’s for sure.

Marc: Yeah, that’s great,you know, somebody wants to get into a full device for under a hundred dollars, it vapes well, 220 watts, you can’t go wrong with a Smok device.

DeucesJack: Just buy batteries and add juice and you’re ready to vape. Next one we got?

Marc: We’ve got the SX Mini G Class, this is the Blue Kevlar. It’s a limited edition, something that SX Mini has been doing recently, coming out with certain devices where they have a limited edition. This is more on the higher end side. It’s going to run you around 200 dollars. Available on Like I said, we try to carry devices that can be for the everyday user, for more the enthusiasts, you’re really not going to get a better device than this on the market right now for the price.

DeucesJack: Guys, I will let you know right now, DirectVapor sent this to me for a review, I dropped a review on this about a month or so ago. Not the special edition, the regular one, and let me tell you something. This is bar none, one of the best mods on the market. You’ve got a 510 pin that is just stellar. You can fit 30ml tanks on it, no problem. Firing button is awesome, the screen is beautiful. It’s just a phenomenal mod, it really is. Especially if you’re a TC vaper. If you’re a TC vaper, there’s only two chips out there: You’ve got the DNA and you’ve got the EE, that’s it. There’s nothing else really. Everything else is okay, TC. These are premier TC mods, and this is a phenomenal mod. So this is the new Kevlar one, right? This is the new Kevlar one?

Marc: Right, brand new.

DeucesJack: Only blue, or they got another color?

Marc: They have a few other colors out there, but the blue is the most recent color that came out.

DeucesJack: Because I thought I saw it in red, too, right?

Marc: They do, I have a red. They’re kind of limited edition, so when they run out of their run, it’s out and then they’ll come out with a new color.

DeucesJack: I noticed too, they did their accenting a little different too, It’s more of a, what would you call it, more of a gun metal?

Marc: More of a gun metal look.

DeucesJack: More of a gun metal, yeah. Definitely nice, beautiful. Fantastic in the hand. And it’s a great mod. Check it out at because they’ve got the best prices out of anyone on the market right now.

Marc: Right, and at DirectVapor, all of our orders always ship free, no minimum. You order by Noon Eastern Standard Time, your order ships out the same day. You order afternoon your order ships out tomorrow. Everything ships first class, you always get great service from us, and great customer service. It’s just, well, what we try to do, we separate ourselves, we offer great customer service and convenience for customers.

DeucesJack: Now you just segwayed into my next question, I bet you didn’t even know it. The 60 day warranty, what’s that all about?

Marc: So what we do, is we stand behind all of our product. Obviously we’re not the manufacturer at DirectVapor but, if you get a product, it comes in, it’s not working well, in the first 60 days you call us up, you return it to us, we’ll bring it in, we’ll test it, if there’s something wrong with it we’ll send you a brand new device free of charge. If that device isn’t available currently in the marketplace, we’ll send you a refund for what you paid for the device, and you can apply that towards a new device or you get refunded for the device.

DeucesJack: So you’re not just making them take that device. You know, if somebody says, hey I had X brand and I don’t trust that brand no more, I want a different device, and it legitimately didn’t’ work, you’ll let them pick a different device.

Marc: We do replace it if the current, if that device is still available on the market. If you’re having a real problem with it, you should talk to our customer service team and we’ll see what we can do to help them out.

DeucesJack: And that’s fair either way because a lot of these internet websites will send you directly to the manufacturer, once they get rid of it, it’s out of their hands. Mark is telling you, listen, we stand behind our product no matter what for 60 days. If there’s a problem…

Marc: We love our customers, we want our customers to feel comfortable working with us. It’s not easy communicating with some of these manufacturers. You send it, you don’t get a device back for weeks or hear an update for months, or they tell you this device isn’t available any more. If you buy an alien from me, it doesn’t work in 60 days, and we don’t have that alien available, and now the pro colors are out, we can replace it with a pro color.

DeucesJack: That is an absolutely awesome feature of why anybody who buys any kind of vape gear should definitely check out Mark, I want to thank you very much. This has been Deuces Jack at I’ve done a ton of reviews for Direct Vapor. Check them out on Check out the SX Mini review I did for them. We also have a brand new forum, You just saw me with Mark from Thank you.

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