Introducing the New Vaping Insider Youtube Channel

DeucesJack: What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at

I want to welcome you to my new studio. Check it out, yes that’s right, you heard it here first, DeucesJack will not be doing written reviews anymore. I’m going into video now, it’s time to move on. I feel like I’ve taken the written thing just about as far as I could take it. I want to try something new, I want to try a new venue, I want to see how successful I’ll be on the YouTube venue.

For those of you who don’t know me, maybe I’ll give you a little bit of background information now. Basically I started off like all of you guys, man. I was a smoker, you know, working Joe. I was a bartender in this hipster neighborhood in Brooklyn. And you know I was running out during my breaks, catching a quick smoke. Running back in, going back to work. A bunch of hipsters kind of cornered me that were regulars at my bar and they were like, “Hey man, you know, you should really start vaping man. That stuff going to kill you.” and I’m like, “Yeah.” And they kept at me and kept at me for weeks and weeks.

And I end up becoming close to one of the guys that comes in and he’s like, “Let me take you across the street to the vape shop, introduce you to some people. Maybe you can find something that’ll get you off the cigarettes.” and I was like, “Yeah all right.”

So I went across the street to the vape shop. Met some of the people there, met the owner. I wound out walking with a Sig 75. It only did temperature control and nickel, if you remember. And I have a subtank, a KangerTech SubTank mini on top. After I got that, and I found the juice that I like, I just didn’t go back to smoking.

From the first day I bought that set up, I was a vaper. I mean, I loved it. And like everybody else, I was looking for information, I would check out YouTube, I was checking out some of the forums. I really liked the forum because I’ve always been a big reader so I always liked the written word.

And I had shinyitis like a lot of us when we first started. I needed the latest and the greatest. I wanted to have the latest mod that came out with the latest tank. And I started buying tons of gear. I mean I was ordering different setups every week. I was getting vape mail like crazy.

I started basically writing my thoughts and feelings about what I was receiving. I was posting, went up on the forum and saying what I thought about certain setups and everything. And people seem to respond really well to that. So I decided, let me start doing written reviews. And I came up with a template which broke down everything very clearly and very concisely into sections and everything.

And I started doing written reviews. And I kind of took the written review thing to a level that most people haven’t seen before. I mean, before you know it, I got companies emailing me and PMing me, “Hey Jack, can you review this for us? Can you review that for us?” and I was like, “Yeah sure, send it in, send it in and I’ll review it.”

And I just started banging out review like crazy. And you know, the more reviews I did, the more stuff that came in. A lot of people on the forums, they copied my review style, they copied my format which is fine. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There’s only DeucesJack though, so they could take all my format all they want, they can rename the sections and whack around the sections all they want, they’re never going to be me. There’s a quite few hacks out there right now using my exact format. And like I said, that’s fine, that’s cool. I hope they do well with it.

But after a while, I started getting some recognition on the forum. The owner approached me about being a moderator in the forum. So I became moderator because I was one of the more well-respected members on the forum. Moderating really wasn’t my thing. I’m not really a rule enforcer, I’m more of rule breaker. I did it for maybe 9 months a year and then I just kind of dropped out of it because it’s just wasn’t my thing.

Then right around that time Vaping Insider approached me. And the owner was like, “Hey Jack, we like your style, we like the way you write, we love the following you have. What would you say about doing reviews exclusively for and I was like, “Hmm, I never really thought about that, let me give it some thought.”

We negotiated a little bit. My biggest worry was they were going to make my style more corporate and I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted a DeucesJack review to still be DeucesJack review. So creatively, I was a little worried. But I’ve been doing reviews now for for almost a year now and they’ve let me do my own thing let me be myself. I love them for that.

About three months into that, the owner approached me and he’s like, “Hey, what do you think about going to one of these vape conventions? Have you ever been in one before?” I said, “Yeah, I go to these things all the time.” And he said, “How would you feel about going with a camera crew and covering the event?” And I was like, “What do you mean covering the event?” He’s like, “You know, go there, and interview the juice manufacturers, the mod manufactures, the YouTubers that are there, you know all the people in the vape world.”

And that’s the kind of pioneered here at Nobody was doing that when we started doing it.

So I went to the vape convention. The first one I went to was Foxwoods. I went with a full camera crew. We interviewed all the mod makers, we interviewed all the juice companies, and we did flavor profiles. I interviewed a lot of the YouTube reviewers.

Since then, I’ve been in the California, I’ve been to Miami, been back to Foxwoods a bunch of times. I was in Brooklyn for the business-to-business event. I mean we go to all the vape shows now and we’re the guys that interview everybody.

Now, you are starting to see other people doing what we are doing at the vape shows. You could say that myself and the Vaping Insider, we kind of blazing a trail here. Because we’re doing things that nobody ever did.

So once I was comfortable on camera, I approached the boss and I was like, “Hey, what do you think about me starting a YouTube channel?” And he couldn’t been more excited, I mean he was 100% behind it. And he wanted DeucesJack to be on the Vaping Insider YouTube channel.

And that’s how we got here today.

I hope you guys check out the channel. One thing I will promise to you is that I give it to you straight, I don’t pull any punches. If something’s bad, I’ll tell you it’s bad. I don’t care who made it, I don’t care who collaborated on it. that means nothing to me. If it sucks, I’m going to tell you it sucks. If it’s crap, I’m going to tell you it, it’s crap. If it’s great, I’m going to tell you it’s great too. That’s just the way I roll man, I’ve been like that my whole life.

So definitely, check out some of videos I’m about to drop. I do want to warn you, I haven’t been doing written reviews for about a month now, so I am kind of backlogged. So if you see a bunch of videos just hitting it, I mean, boom boom boom, that’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to be cranking them out. It’s not that I didn’t use them, believe me, I been using most of the stuff that I’m going to review in the next 2 weeks for at least a month.

And that’s the other thing I wanted to cover, too. You will never see me do an out of the box review. I won’t do it. When I was doing the written reviews, I was getting 90% of the stuff that was mainstream YouTubers were getting and I was getting it at the same time. That’s unheard of for a written reviewer. I couldn’t believe how many YouTubers use a mod or a tank, for like a day or two and, and throw up a review. It actually made me sick. I would talk to another reviewer and I’m like, you know, he gets the same stuff that I get and I’m like, “How is this guy throwing up a review of this mod? He couldn’t have had it for more than a day or two.”

That will never happen on this channel, I promise you that. I’m an everyday guy, I’m an everyday worker, I run around the city, I put mods in my bag, I put map mods in my jacket pocket. You know, you’re going to get real world views on the stuff that I used because I use them like a real-world vaper.

I will never do an out of the box review and I will always give it to you straight.

If that’s the type of channel you want, if that’s the type of channel you are looking for, do us a favor. Hit the subscribe button. I’m excited about this new adventure and I appreciate all your support. Thank you very much, we are outta here. Make sure you check out some of the reviews I’m going to be dropping real soon.

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