An Overview of the Latest Flavors from Detroit Rock Candy

In this video Deucesjack talks to Jenny from Detroit Rock Candy about their line of Juices.

Deucesjack: What’s up everybody, Deucesjack at and I am here with Jenny from Detroit Rock Candy and she’s got some banging flavours she’s going to go over. But the first one I’ve got to give a special shout out to, what was the one I had Jenny, Jammy?

Jenny: Yam I am.

Deucesjack: Yam I am and what was it, a strawberry.

Jenny: Strawberry, sweet potato, marshmallow drizzle with a little hint of strawberry.

Deucesjack: It sounds weird guys. It’s a strawberry, yam vape, but I’ve got to tell you it was shockingly fantastic. So Jenny can you take it away and go over some of the flavour profiles for us.

Jenny: Absolutely. Absolutely. We’ve got a mixed berry snow cone flavour called Sylvia’s Secret. We have Bucking Nuts, which is a Oreo dipped in peanut butter.

Deucesjack: I love that name, Bucking Nuts.

Jenny: We’ve got the yam flavours that we spoke about, that’s strawberry, sweet potato.

Deucesjack: Awesome.

Jenny: Thank you, and the sweet potato, cinnamon roll, the original Yam I Am.

Deucesjack: I haven’t tried that yet but I’m going to get to it because I was so impressed with the strawberry yam, and I still can’t believe that I vaped a yam. It’s unbelievable. Go ahead what else.

Jenny: And then we’ve got some candy flavours, we’re well known for our candy flavours. We have Chongo, which is a grape nerd.

Deucesjack: Nice, nice, very nice and then what else after that.

Jenny: Lex, which is a lemonhead candy.

Deucesjack: Is it really sour or is it one of those really sour base?

Jenny: No, not really.

Deucesjack: It doesn’t have that pledge lemon taste.

Jenny: No, no.

Deucesjack: Okay I’m going to check it out.

Jenny: All right.

Deucesjack: Because lemon vapes are tough to nail.

Jenny: They are.

Deucesjack: So that’s going to show how good the juice is if you can nail a lemon vape right.

Jenny: I hope so yeah, you let me know.

Deucesjack: What’s this?

Jenny: Mrs. Bruce. It’s a gummy peach ring candy.

Deucesjack: Nice, nice. Well there you have it guys. You’ve got Jenny at Detroit Rock Candy. I’m Deucesjack, when you check this video out scroll to the bottom because you’re going to see a coupon code so you can try out all of these awesome juices with a nice discount. This is Deucesjack at Make sure you check out our new forum at I had Jenny here from Detroit Rock and we are out of here. Deuces.

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