An Overview of The Latest Flavors from Mama’s Kitchen

While DeucesJack was at the World Vapor Expo in Miami he caught up with Eric from Mama’s Kitchen to talk about their juice line.

Deucesjack: What’s up everybody, Deucesjack from and I’m in South Beach Miami at the world Vaper Expo and guess where I am. I’m in Mama’s Kitchen and we’re going to go over some of the flavor profiles with Eric from Mama’s Kitchen. So take it away Eric and tell us what you’ve got.

Eric: All right welcome to Mama’s Kitchen man, thank you for coming by. We’ve got all the favorite flavors that mama used to bake for us when we were kids.

Deucesjack: Nice.

Eric: You sit down at Mama’s kitchen table we’ve got a beautiful apple pie. It’s one of the most reliable apple pies you’ll ever have.

Deucesjack: I haven’t tried that one yet, but I’m going to before I leave.

Eric: The green apple’s perfect, the cinnamon, the crust. It’s a phenomenal apple pie.

Deucesjack: All right.

Eric: But we also go on the other side of the spectrum. We’ve got an orange sticky bun.

Deucesjack: Nice.

Eric: Have you ever had an orange sticky bun

Deucesjack: Absolutely.

Eric: South Florida wouldn’t be the same without a key lime pie.

Deucesjack: No, not at all.

Eric: So we’ve got a key lime pie. We’ve got cheesecakes. Anybody from New York whose come to our booth love the cheesecakes.

Deucesjack: Eric, what were the first two live apes.

Eric: The cheesecakes.

Deucesjack: And you know where I’m from. I don’t have to tell anybody. You can tell by my wonderful accent. I’m a born and bred New Yorker and I had the blueberry cheesecake and I had the blackberry cheesecake and it is phenomenal right there with some of the better cheesecakes I’ve ever had. What else have we got?

Eric: We round it off with a Nana Nut’s Swirl.

Deucesjack: Okay.

Eric: One of the top flavours of the show.

Deucesjack: Nice.

Eric: Everybody loves a good nana nut and then a coconut cream pie.

Deucesjack: Oh nice.

Eric: You’ve got to have a nice coconut cream pie that doesn’t taste like suntan lotion. You want suntan lotion go to the beach. You want coconut cream pie come to Mama’s Kitchen.

Deucesjack: Awesome, awesome. I’ve got to tell you, like I said one of the best cheesecakes I ever tried, these guys know what they’re doing. Definitely check them out. We’re going to have a coupon code below this video at, so make sure you check out Mama’s Kitchen because they are phenomenal. This is Deucesjack with Eric at Mama’s Kitchen. We’re at the World’s Vaper Expo in Miami and we are out of here. Before we go, make sure you check out our new forum We’re out, Deuces.

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