An Overview of the latest products from Uncharted E-liquids

We stopped by the Uncharted E-liquids booth while we were at the World Vapor Expo 2017 in South beach, Miami. In this video DeucesJack talks us through their line of custom mods.

We caught up with Mitchell from Uncharted E-liquids while we were at the World Vapor Expo 2017 in South beach, Miami. In this video he talks us through their line of flavors.

Deucesjack: What’s up everybody, Deucesjack at, and we are in beautiful South Beach Miami, at the World Vaper Expo and I’ve got Mitchell here and he’s from Uncharted E-liquids, and he’s going to go over some flavour profiles that are just banging. Mitchell, do you want to take it away and tell us what you’ve got.

Mitchell: Thank you. Uncharted E-liquids, we are based out of Santa Carlos California, and we make amazing ice tea flavours. Our best seller right here is the first flavour we ever made. It’s a first, one of the first hybrid tea flavours on the market. It’s called 1 Night Stan. It’s white iced tea flavour. It’s killing on the market right now. We do very well on the West Coast We do very well on the East Coast, we do very well everywhere.
Our next flavour we’ve got it’s a lychee blueberry iced tea. This guy is very exotic. If you like exotic flavours this is the one to get. It’s called Jenn N Juice. Super wonderful, very nice.

Deucesjack: That’s the one guys, that’s the one I dripped and I’ll tell you something it’s fantastic. It’s got a little bit of a slightly menthol hit to all of them, but they are really really good and solidly done on the menthol. I’ve got to say that.

Mitchell: Iced tea has got to have some ice right.

Deucesjack: Absolutely bro, what’s the next one.
Mitchell: This one’s called Garden of Eden. Like the first Apple you ever bitten in your life, your like why is this so good. So we made the exact same juice. This is a crisp apple, wonderful menthol, a little bit of menthol. Very sour, very juicy at the same time. We actually use real apple flavouring in this juice.
Deucesjack: All right I haven’t dripped that one yet but I’m going to try that before I leave.
Mitchell: You’ve got to give it a shot, yeah.
Deucesjack: I’ve only got one atomiser guys.

Mitchell Uncharted eliquids – mvi_6149

Deucesjack: All right, now we’re back with Mitchell and we’ve got him in front of his other, Just Juice Up Stupid. Mitchell, take it away and go over some of the flavour profiles for us.
Mitchell: Awesome man, yeah, so flavour profiles we’re starting with the menthol’s right. We’ll hit it off with a really cold menthol. This guy is very cold, but high VG at the same time. 70VG, max coldness. We’ve got this guy coming up next, it’s called Winter Melon. Winter Melon is our iced watermelon, apple flavour. Really nice, really cold.
Also very cold is our Spring Berry. Spring Berry is like a blackberry kind of mix with watermelon. Very nice if you like blackberry. Then this guy, extra cold. This one is our sour watermelon ice, it’s called Sour Watermelon Freeze. Very cold. Pretty cold, pretty cold up there.
Deucesjack: I’ll try them out.
Mitchell: Like makes your teeth just chill, yeah that’s how cold it is. Then we have our standard watermelon, a little like a jolt of watermelon but not really, nice on the watermelon. And then we have right here is a Hypeberry Cream. Hypeberry Cream’s like a one of the first tart creams out there that actually on point. Really good, not bitter or sour or anything like that to start.
Deucesjack: That’s what I just dripped right.
Mitchell: Yeah. You just dripped it, phenomenal.
Deucesjack: That one is my favourite one on the table guys.
Mitchell: Yet really good.
Deucesjack: It’s fantastic. You guys know how I love berry cream vapes, that vape is legit right there. Definitely check it out.
Mitchell: Nice.
Deucesjack: What’s next?
Mitchell: Next, this is our Pinkchoco. Pinkchoco, some of the ladies think it’s wrong, some of the ladies are kind of like all right Pinkchoco but they get it once they try it. So Pinkchoco is a strawberry wafer. Really nice, very creamy, and we have our strawberry tiramisu. Right here pretty much, really strong on the tiramisu. A little light with the strawberry, a little vanilla also.
Deucesjack: Very cool, yeah, you’ve got it guys straight from Mitchell from Uncharted Eliquid and Just Juice Up Stupid. I’ve got to say this, the scene here in Miami and maybe because we’re here in the tropics but it has been kind of menthol man. Everybody’s been adding menthol to all of their juices and it looks like it’s the new trend that’s happening. Do you agree with that?
Mitchell: Totally new, this is the good shit. Right now this is the craze.
Deucesjack: All right, well you heard it straight from us, Deucesjack, Mitchell,, check us out. We are going to have, we’re probably going to have some type of coupon code for his juices on the bottom of this review, and also check out our new forum We are out of here, Deuces.

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