An Overview of the latest Products from Vapetasia

We caught up with Chris from Vapetasia while we were at the World Vapor Expo 2017 in South Beach, Miami. In this video, he talks us through their line of flavors.

Deucesjack: What’s up everybody, DeucesJack at Vaping and I’m in beautiful South Beach Miami, at the World’s Vaper Expo, and I’ve got Chris here from Vapetasia and he’s going to go over some of the flavour profiles that Vapetasia has. If any of you guys know anything about Vapetasia, you know the one he has in his hand, this Killer Custard. You see this all over YouTube, people love it. So tell us about it, Chris.

Chris: This is actually Killer Custard Strawberry, so Killer Custard is a vanilla custard I made about five years ago. It’s been, it’s always been our best seller. We re-released it in 100ml. it’s been absolutely insane. We also have, you know, some variations that we wanted to put out for a while. But it’s been a little crazy, so we finally got around to officially releasing some new things such as Strawberry Killer Custard. The response has been absolutely phenomenal. It’s basically the same thing. It’s Killer Custard, our original vanilla custard, but with strawberry.

Deucesjack: And the strawberry’s not strong. It’s a strawberry undertone right.

Chris: Absolutely.

Deucesjack: That’s what I get when I’ve been dripping right.

Chris: Absolutely. I truly believe that with these, you can vape all day. It’s got to be smooth. The flavours can’t be in your face, but no matter how hot you get, you can’t lose the flavour, you know. I take a much different approach to making juice I always have, you know. Vaping the way I like vaping, and I like vaping really hot stuff and I feel like that’s where it really where it shines. You know, but it’s great on everything you know, down to your basic starter kits and everything so.

Deucesjack: Tell us about that other one you’ve got in your hand. That’s a blackberry lemonade.

Chris: This is a blackberry lemonade. This is another thing we actually did almost two years ago now. We launched it in spring [they’ve got big flies in Miami, they’re huge. They’re enormous]. But blackberry lemonade, we have a line of three lemonades last year or two years ago now. A pink lemonade, a peach lemonade, a blackberry lemonade. We wanted to bring them back out a fresh new look, 100ml bottle. It’s been huge success for us as well. Obviously, you’ve tried it so.

Deucesjack: I’ve got to tell you guys right now, I’m not a lemonade fan. Most of the times, when people do lemonade, I find them very scratchy and I think it’s a real hard flavour to nail. I dripped this about five minutes ago and I just keep dripping it because it’s fantastic. It’s got a great, sweet blackberry taste and the lemonade is on point. It’s smooth. It’s smooth as silk. It’s one of the smoothest lemonades I’ve ever vaped. Honestly.

Chris: Absolutely. That’s like I said, that’s my thing. Everything’s got to be smooth. You’ve got to be able to vape it all day. You can’t get tired of it. You’ve got to be able to go through a whole bottle, you know. Like everybody tastes their palate’s different, right? I know some people like it strong, like in your face. They want a lot of flavour. They want to switch it up constantly. I don’t like switching it up right, like I’m lazy. I’m really lazy. I’ve got my take. I don’t want to change nothing. I vape the same thing every day.

Deucesjack: Creature of habit.

Chris: Exactly.

Deucesjack: You know there you go. These are the creature of habit vape set.

Chris: Absolutely.

Deucesjack: Well there you go, you got it straight from Chris at Vapetasia. We’re at beautiful South Beech Miami. This was Vaping When you check out this video, look to the bottom. There’s going to be a link and Chris is going to provide a coupon code for you. Also check out for our new forum, Vaping and we’re out. Deuces.

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