An Overview of the Latest Products from Council of Vapor (COV)

We caught up with Trayvon from Council of Vapor while we were at the World Vapor Expo in South Beach Miami. In this video Trayvon gives us an overview of their latest products.

DeucesJack: We’re gonna start off Trayvon, with the Callisto?

Trayvon: Yes sir.

DeucesJack: Give us a little bit of rundown on it.

Trayvon: So here we have the Callisto mod, its an 80 watt mod, it comes standard with a ring runner sub long tank. It’s a zero point 2 Ohm resistance coil inside of it. It’s got bottom airflow control cross the top drip tip 510 standard threaded connection. It comes custom with the Callisto, a variation of colors. This one right here is champagne, brand new on the market. We’re gonna start getting this one out there.

DeucesJack: That’s the blue one.

Trayvon: That’s the blue one right there. On top of that is the RHXT, we’ll get into that a little bit there. But fashioned on this one is the Wind Runner. It’s in black. Comes in stainless steel as well. Another cool thing about the Wind Runner is big on flavor. You get a lot of vapor control with it. A lot of flavor. You can push it up to about 70, 60 watts. We suggest you stay within about 50 to 60 watts of power. But with the calisto it’s got three different RAM modes, so if you want soft, standard, or powerful. You can add some wattage to your vape. Like I said it can go up to 80 watts but we suggest you stay between 60 to 70 if you’re using the Wind Runner, but for people like me who like a little bit more power I picked up the RHXT put it up to about 70 watts, same thing. The thing about it is the 510 threaded connection, I can almost add any mod or tank to it. Its got an onboard USB charger, so if you don’t want to use the single 18 650 you can go ahead and plug it in, keep your charge going, not have to remove your battery at all. I like the Callisto a lot, it’s an everyday mod for most vapers out there that are intermediate . Even beginners can get a good touch on the the callisto kit.

DeucesJack: Guys, I’ll tell you this about the Callisto. I reviewed this and (can’t make out at 1:50) and I’ll tell you this about both of those items. The Callisto probably is one of the highest quality single 18 650 mods I have ever used. And I use a lot of them. The build quality on this thing is just phenomenal and the chip set is great as well. The Wind Runner tank I reviewed that as well on vaping See my full review. It is a flavor first tank. The flavor on it is just banging. But, don’t let that fool you, because the little guy can chuck the clouds, too. I say that in the review. It’s a great setup. In fact, Trayvon, correct me if i’m wrong, I think in the review, I got like a pre-release version of the kit, it actually wasn’t sent to me in a kit and I reviewed them separately and I said in the review, You guys should make this thing into a kit.

Trayvon: And I was thinking to myself, like, we actually do. So you know what, it does come as a kit. We sent them two individual pieces because we were a little bit ahead of ourselves. It does come as a kit and it’s funny that you say that because they’re almost meant for each other.

DeucesJack: They’re absolutely a perfect marriage made in heaven, as far as vape goes. It’s a high quality mod. Definitely check it out. And check out my review. Now next up we have the Tempest, right?

Trayvon: This is the Tempest 200 watt mod. It’s got a triple sled 18 650 battery port so what I like about it is that at the bottom, just click that open, add your three 18 650s, they all work off of each other so it’s kind of like a continuous flow of power off each other equally so you don’t get one battery just draining by itself. They all kind of take the same amount of power. It’s really high quality. Got a rubberized texturized paint finish on it and then we have our standard micro fiber carbon grip on there. Aerodynamically crafted so that you can put it in either hand and you’re almost right at home with it. You can turn it around baby like this you like your front face there you can do that as well. It’s got a mirror screen display with a LED display as well three different RAM modes again power standard they’re soft for those who just need that extra little kit,kind of like a NAS button on your mod.

DeucesJack: So a great feel to it definitely feels great in the handle and the form factor for a triple 18 650 mod I mean check it out I’m not a big guy, man it’s not that it’s not that bad for a triple 18 650, not as far as the feel and the weight and everything else.

Trayvon: And battery life is it’s there it’s exceptional and you can almost vape it all day and still have about 12 more hours the next day to vape off of it so with the three batteries like I said it’s a continuous surge of power through all three you don’t drain any they all go at the same time so

DeucesJack: And what’s on top of the white Callisto? What is that?

Trayvon: Alright I’ve been waiting to get to this. We mentioned it a little bit on this one but right here is the RHXT. It’s the fourth version of our Royal Hunter series so it’s the new addition to our royal family. It’s a got a drip tank on it so it’s an RDTA. 3.1 ml juice capacity. If you break it on and open let’s start from the bottom up you got bottom air flow control on both sides so you can restrict it at the bottom and keep it open on your top or you can leave them both wide open if you want that cloud flow. You’ve got top fuel capacity through the middle center post. It’s got a two post deck terminal or clamp system so you can do that as well. Flat head screws, easy to take off you can almost do it with your own fingers if you like.

DeucesJack: Those are some beefy screws. Those are big.

Trayvon: These are some beefy screws. so you got your center post. it’s got massive airflow big on flavor and just like anything with the Royal Hunter’s it’s got a nice build deck to it. So we like to keep that continuous through here.

DeucesJack: That’s a huge build deck let me see that.

Trayvon: There you go

DeucesJack: Wow guys, I don’t know if you can see this on camera if you’re gonna be able to check this on camera but if you look there are tubes running down the middle right down through the glass. that’s your air flow tubes. I mean that’s, I’ve never seen a design like that before that’s actually pretty phenomenal.

Trayvon: Yeah we put it we put an exclamation point on our airflow with this one so we wanted people to get a very comfortable vape, wanted them be in full control of their airflow so, like I said, a top and bottom airflow. If you take the roof of it you see three different diagonal slats on either side. You can restrict those or leave them wide open or go mid way if you like.

DeucesJack: That is phenomenal. And an absolutely massive, massive build deck with pretty big terminals that you can get some pretty big flat wire in there, that’s for sure.

Trayvon: Yeah oh yeah you can put stainless steel, titanium, or nickel. It has temperature control on the tempest mod so it’s almost like, kind of like the Callisto Windrunner, it is made for eachother. It’s a high high wattage power so you can push this and put up whatever build you want baby, 0.8, 0.2, 0.4 it’s gonna be compatible with all of them and with the RHXT it’s also got a 510 threaded connection so you can take this and put it on the Callisto or put it on whatever mod you like.

DeucesJack: I like the slotted airflow on it too.

Trayvon: Yeah, the air flow is substantial.

DeucesJack: Really nice

Trayvon: Absolutely

DeucesJack: Really well done and different than what you see on a lof of RDTAs

Trayvon: And if you’re bored with the standard stainless steel or black, we also have color options available in the blue as you see there, or in the neon orange and we also have-

DeucesJack: And you can buy those separately?

Trayvon: Ses those are separately sold so you don’t like the color you get we have four different variations you can choose from as well as the neon green. So you got a build here and as you can see on this one here is wide, wide board driptip is marble so you can get a nice little air flow out of that. And with the RHXT what we did different from the RHX is that you have a wind tunnel so that you can prevent your spit back.

DeucesJack: Right. I gotta tell you that’s the stock drip tip that comes with it?

No that’s actually the drip tip that I took off the Vengeance X which we’re gonna get into a little bit next.

DeucesJack: Alright, let’s hear about the Vengeance X.

Trayvon: So speaking of which, we have the Vengeance X. This is brand new. It’s a second version from our vengeance cellphone tank. This bad boy comes with a 1.5 ohm coil and you can also do it three coil or five coil design. It goes up to about 150 to 130 watts depending on the coil you get. With the three coil we suggest about 120 to 130. With the five coil go ahead and push it to the max at 150. So you get a comfortable airflow; it’s got bottom wide more airflow there you can see it. It looks like a massive airflow. we’ve got an edge stone there at the bottom vengeance X. You got your coil ohm resistance right there on the tank. So it’s got a nice look. You got a metal shield, protective shield right here with the X edged onto it so that protects your Pyrex glass tank right there. Also this is the top fill so find the three little edged marks here, I’m sorry, you got a top fill mechanism there. So it slides right up we put your juice right through it, either one of those holes. You can use a 120 unicorn nozzle, 60 ml unicorn nozzle or 30ml unicorn nozzle. It works well with anything.

DeucesJack: That’s a good looking tank man, it looks well protected, too.

Trayvon: It’s beautiful. And if you take it off and get a little bit up close you can see it’s got the standard 510 threaded connection so you can hook that up with any mod. And another thing I like about it, it has our council of vapor insignia at the bottom with the Vengeance X also in there. So kind of get it personalized for you.

DeucesJack: That threading looks substantial on that 510, too.

Trayvon: It’s very well threaded. It hooks up to a lot of different mods. I like to hook it up to anything like the Callisto, but if you’re pushing power the tempest 200 is for you. So the Vengeance X is really nice, it’s got a nice look to it. Available in stainless steel or just a plain matte black. And then another thing I like about it is the wide bore drip tip on there. Keeps it from getting the heat to your lips. I have a problem with that a lot, so when I’m vaping continuously I don’t feel that heat. Love it.

DeucesJack: No bacon lips, we don’t like bacon lips.

Trayvon: No bacon lips, (laughter) Hot Lips

DeucesJack: What do we got there now?

Trayvon: Now right here we have the Voyager Kit. you may be familiar with the mega-volt. It’s an 80 watt Mini Mod. It pushes a lot of power. It’s got three different RAM modes. Real clicky buttons if you press it you know it’s got a lot of reaction to it. What I like about this is that it pushes so hard for a mini mod.

DeucesJack: You said that 80 watts? That little thing is 80 watts?

Trayvon: 80 Watts. This little bad boy is 80 watts. And the look of it is just nice. It’s got the micro carbon grip, same as the tempest. Same as our mini volt, which is its successor. So we got this going on right now with the Voyager tank. The Voyager tank has got the same kind of marvel wide board drip tip. It’s a little more beefier than the Royal hunter X. But what we liked about it is that it has a push top design as well, sort of like the Vengeance X. So there you go there. So you get a good look at that.

DeucesJack: Slider top fill.

Trayvon: Got a slider top filled mechanism and then the wide bore gasket in there allows you to put your nozzle right up in there. No problem with this one. It’s got hidden discreet airflow control. You can do miniature, you could do wide, or you can do just a standard opening. But you don’t see the airflow holes.

DeucesJack: No, you don’t.

Trayvon: So you just twist that thing on and you kind of moves around.

DeucesJack: There’s kind of like a little slot that goes all the way around.

Trayvon: Yeah, there’s like a little gap all the way around.

DeucesJack: It’s hidden yeah, very nice.

Trayvon: Yeah so the airflow is kind of discreet. People don’t know if you’re vaping wide open or if you’re vaping restricted. So this bad boy is going good it’s just paired well with the voyager tank. I believe you have a review coming up on this.

DeucesJack: The review’s coming up on that soon. This flavor is actually really good on that and I got to tell you that’s one of my favorite little stealthy powerhouse mods. Because it’s just it’s tiny.

Trayvon: It’s discreet. You got a pocket up top you can tuck it in there. It’s just, it’s got onboard batteries. It’s got a USB micro USB port right there so you can vape while you’re at work put it up to your USB port, you’re good to go. And the battery life is substantial on there. It lasts quite a long time. If I’m out for the night and I need to go, you know, go to a club or go to an event and go, right, just dinner with the wife or whatnot, take this with you, tuck it in your pocket, steal a vape when you got a chance and it’s good to go.

DeucesJack: Definitely. I’m gonna be dropping that review on probably in another week or so. Definitely. It’s a great, great little stealthy set.

Trayvon: Yeah it really is.

DeucesJack: Now what about the RDA? Is the RDA

Trayvon: Let’s see, which one’s you talking about?

DeucesJack: Didn’t we have an RDA?

Trayvon: Yeah, oh, okay so here’s the Royal Hunter X. This is what comes from the RHXT. So this is what came first. This one has the wide bore drip tip as well. You put it on one of these mods, I’ll go ahead and take the Callisto…

DeucesJack: Same deck is the RDTA. right?

Trayvon: Same two post deck. It’s got clamping terminal systems as well, 510 threaded, so kind of like how I have the RHT, RHXT on that one, I kind of hook this up to the Callisto, it’s good to go. It’s got the accessory sleeve, but it’s got a maroon kind of accessory sleeve. It’s got the airflow control but it also has a different kind of deck, too. It’s kind of interwoven. It’s got four posts right there, so It’s got a clamp system. You unscrew these, it comes up. You can use either of the four holes that are there. It’s got a deep juice well. So if you look at it there. We went a little bit bigger with the RHXT but this one right here has a little bit of the deeper juice well than the RHXT. So you can check that out

DeucesJack: Yeah this deck is just a little different. It’s the same type of screw system. But it’s a two post per terminal. It’s two post and two terminals per post. And you can get some pretty substantial builds in there, I can tell you that right now. It’s got some nice, nice big terminals and this thing probably rips. I haven’t had the pleasure of doing this, doing a review on this one yet, but I will soon. And it looks really really nice and solid. One thing I have to say about COV, man, their build quality it’s definitely up there, it really is on everything I’ve seen so far..

Trayvon: We like to put our stamp on every piece of our product. Just for instance, the tempest chip firmware is custom made. You can’t find that firmware anywhere else. We kind of like to keep our stuff personal. So we have our own little touch to every last one of the products that we produce. So what I like about the RHX and the RHXT is that they have a build deck that’s made for the builder so if the builder wants to do something a little bit crazy the RHX is for you. If you want something a little more simpler the RHXT is two posts, got flat clamps, you can go ahead and build on that to your liking as well.

DeucesJack: Well you guys have definitely been doing a bang-up job with everything you’ve been putting out.

Trayvon: Thank you, thank you.

DeucesJack: I’ve been enjoying the stuff, definitely keep a lookout on for my upcoming reviews on, the what, the megavolt I’m doing, right?

Trayvon: The mega volt voyager kit.

DeucesJack: The megavolt. Definitely, Trayvon promised me the new stuff that’s coming out. So when I get that stuff I’m gonna put it in my vape rotation. And you know, I’ll have a review out shortly on them. So far I’ve been nothing but impressed by Council of Vapor.

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