An Overview of the Sadboy E-Liquid Line

While DeucesJack was at the World Vapor Expo in Miami he spoke to Bobby from Sadboy Liquid about their juice line.

Deucesjack: What’s up everybody this is Deucesjack. We are at Miami, at the World Vaper Expo, and I’ve got Bobby from Sadboy Eliquid here, and he’s got three flavour profiles that are just unbelievable. I had his raspberry cotton candy, his strawberry cotton candy, and what’s the other one Bobby, what have we got.

Bobby: Well we’re out here promoting our Sadboy liquid which is a lemon butter cookie.

Deucesjack: Lemon butter cookie is off the hook. Tell us about it and how you developed it Bobby.

Bobby: Well Sadboy is 80/20 blend lemon butter cookie. You know it’s not like most lemon vapes you get nowadays like a pledge kinda taste. It’s very like subtle, smooth buttery cookie goodness very good.

Deucesjack: It’s extremely smooth guys, because I just tried it and it’s absolutely phenomenal. Tell us a little bit about the raspberry one.

Bobby: All right, so these lines, this line is pretty brand new. We have a blue and pink cotton candy.

Deucesjack: Right.

Bobby: The pink you know spot on pink, the blue, spot on blue. Nothing else comes close. These are purely cotton candy. Straight up man.

Deucesjack: The pink was absolutely silky smooth. If you guys get a chance, definitely check out Sadboy Eliquid. They’re out of South Philly, don’t let that stop you okay, because they’re making some awesome juices and it is just phenomenal. You guys are going to love their stuff, I guarantee it. They’ve got an award winning…

Bobby: Butter cookie, yeah.

Deucesjack: It’s just off the hook. Bobby, I want to thank you. Guys, check us out on, we’ve got a new forum. This has been Deucesjack and we are out. Thank you very much.

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