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Asmodus Minikin V2 Review

Updated on: 2018-05-03

First Impression Out of the Box

What’s up everybody? DeucesJack at I’m in my new studio and look what I got for you today. I have the Asmodus Minikin V2. But it’s just not a V2. It’s a Stab wood. Yeah. Look at that.

We’re going to be going over everything. I’m going to go over the menu system with you, we’re going to go, we’re going to go down low, we’re going to talk about everything, and then we’re going to kick it back on top. And I’m going to go over cons, pros and whether I recommend it or not. So, let’s take a closer look at it right now.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 Minikin 2 180W Mod
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual

Asmodus Minikin V2 box

From Top to Bottom

All right everybody. Here we are. Up close and personal with the Asmodus Minikin V2 Stabwood Edition. Here’s the box that it comes in. Check it out. They had a sticker on it, green and black. Signifying its green and black, I guess. Looks like a treasure box, right? It’s really nice, really well packaged. I mean, they did a nice job on this thing. They really did. It’s classy. That’s for sure. Check it out. It’s really really nice. I was impressed when I got this box.

Then you open the box like a treasure chest. Boom, and there it is, your beautiful Minikin V2. Stab wood Edition. It comes out, right? Just basically grab it out of there. It’s in there a little tight. Okay?

And then on the bottom, is where we have all the books and crap, all the standard stuff. Battery safety, owner manual, let’s file that stuff to the side. We’ll file that to the side and let’s get into this beautiful beast right here.

Look at the Gun metal plate, absolutely beautiful. Firing button is really nice. It got Asmodus symbol on it. I don’t know if you can see, it’s kind of recessed.

Asmodus Minikin V2 side

That’s unusual for and Asmodus mod most of the time. You even get a convex or a concave button with a Asmodus mod. This one is a little different. But let’s take a quick look around it. Check out this Stab wood. Look at the grain work on it. It’s fantastic. It’s a little on the flat side. It’s not as shiny as some other Stab wood mods, but man, look at the grain on it. It’s just beautiful. The colors really pop. You got some green, some beige, some purple in there, maybe even a little bit of black over there. It’s just fantastic. It really is really really beautiful.

I even like this little imperfection up here. This is little like, I don’t know if you can see that. Let’s see if we can get it to focus in on that. See that? See that little imperfection there? I like it. I think it gives the thing real character. Almost like a little notch there. Really really really nice.

Let’s go over the 510 like we normally do. Like with most Asmodus mods, this thing has an extremely nice 510 connection. The threading around is actually buttery smooth. Everything sits nice and flash on this mod. Check it out here if you can see, it’s got that gunmetal type of plate on it. Really nice because it matches on the battery door and the faceplate.

Asmodus Minikin V2 pin

Spring-loaded really stiff throw to where I call it a stiff to medium throw. Really really nice. You’ll be able to fit 25s on here with no overhang. That’s for sure. In fact here, we’ll show you what a 25 looks like on it. This is the new Asmodus Nefarius. No overhang. But that’s about it men. You ain’t going to be able to go any larger than that. Anything larger than that is going to hang over the front.

One thing I wish that Asmodus would do with their Minikin line is, I wish with their V2 line is, I wish they would at the very least, scented a 510. I think if they did that, it would be absolutely fantastic. But it is what is, you know, this is a very popular form factor and people love it. So, like I said, we got the button.
Let’s check out the screen now. We got the beat, battery meter, ohms, voltage, wattage. It’s going to time out on me. I knew it.

Asmodus Minikin V2 screen

Then we have the puff counter. Puff counter in time and mode that you’re in. Now you’ll notice, I have 6,324 puffs on this thing. I use this thing a lot. I mean, I like this mod a lot. It’s one of my favorite everyday carry mods.
Go over the menu system a little bit. Everything you have to do here, you have to swipe down on. It’s a touchscreen, right? So, now I want to adjust the power. I hit the power after I swiped down. I can set my resistance or I can just check it if I want to. Then swipe down again. If the modes I have are POWER, TEMP, TCR and TFR mode.

POWER mode. You have a regular power mode and you curved mode which a lot of people really like on the Asmodus mods. Basically, what it lets you do is it lets you set your wattage at five different intervals. So you can make the coils ramp up and down the way you want. Very very popular, really not my thing but I have tried it. It’s very good on the Asmodus mods. It’s just not the way I vape. But for those of you that like it, you’re going to love that feature on here. You really are.

Then we have temperature control mode. It has nickel 200, Stainless steel 316, Stainless steel 317 and titanium. All the usual stuff, nothing earth-shattering here.

As far as TC goes, it’s not the greatest mod and TC, it’s very inconsistent but I will give Asmodus credit. They have been getting better incrementally with each mod that they release. It’s passable TC. It’s just not YIHI or DNA quality, so just be aware of that if you’re a TC vaper.

Back to modes, we have TCR mode. You can adjust your TCR for those of you to run your custom wires.
Then back to mode again, we have TFR mode. You can adjust that as well.

Asmodus Minikin V2 logo

Let’s put it back at the wattage mode where this mod really shines. And I’ll show you the rest of the menu system.
Let’s do this. Swipe down. Here we go. Set up. You can adjust your brightness here. You can set up a puff limit. I don’t know, I don’t know why that’s on a lot of menu systems I really don’t find it useful. I guess for people that are looking to limit themselves on how much they want to vape every day. I guess it’s useful. I’ve never used it but it’s there, nonetheless.

Go back to setup. Here you can clean your puffs now. I’ve never cleaned mine. I’ve had this for about a month and you can see I use it a lot. There are 6,300 puffs on this thing. It’s a daily driver for me. I absolutely love it.
Now, let’s flip the mod over. Go over the battery door here. This battery door is a little different. Most battery doors, you got to push in and pull out to open it. This one, you have to push it in first, right? Not down but in towards the mod and then it pops open. Once it ops open, those aren’t two different batteries. They’re just two different wraps. I didn’t have the same color of wrap. And I only had to rewrap one. So, don’t worry about it. So here we go.

Let’s see if we can get this a little close up. This is an important. Let me see if I can zoom in on this. There we go. Okay. So here we go. We got button style contacts. They are a little raised. I’ll tilt it a little bit so you can see that they’re really raised and not spring-loaded. They are button style but they are raised gold-plated.

Asmodus Minikin V2 cover

Then you have a clear battery indicator markings right here, Plus-Minus. That’s your battery tube. That’s where the battery goes. Both batteries go inside. It’s actually Stab wood. It’s raw Stab wood. And you can see down the tubes, there are button style contacts but they are spring-loaded and gold-plated.

The battery door is really nice. I mean, it’s as solid as they come. You’ll see when I load the batteries in, right? Here you go. You load them in, you got to make sure it’s pushed back then push down and pull it out. So it’s a little different than what we’re used to.

Notice the beautiful Asmodus symbol right here. There’s no battery door venting present. But there’s a lot of space here and I’m sure if you had the unfortunate event of a battery venting, I’m sure it would get out of here. It would find a way out that way. But the battery door is solid. You can slam it down. It doesn’t pop open. You know what I mean? It’s solid.

Button rattle, no button rattle, no nothing. I mean, this thing, no battery rattle. Everything’s in there is solid. Really really really nice job, Asmodus.

That’s basically the whole mod. I’ll give you one more quick look, one more quick turnaround it. Just see the absolute beauty of this thing. And I’m going to compare it to a couple of other mods right now. Let me zoom out a little bit so I can get some other mods into the shot.


Size Comparison

And of course, you know, we weren’t going to do without comparing it to the original Minikin V2.
This is my Roar edition. As you can tell, I’ve used this thing a lot. This was basically my show. That’s why I bought it in row because I tend to be rough on my mods and I figured why get paint if I’m just going to chip it off?

And you can see, you know, the Stabwood, of course, is a little bigger and it has to be. Basically, the same exact form factor. This one, maybe a little wider, yeah. It might be a little wider too, absolutely. It might be a little wider but basically the same form factor, same great chip.

If you want something like a teched-out sort of Minikin V2, this is the brand new Lustro. Very very similar form factor, more square-ish instead of rounded. But as you can see, it’s got the infrared thing going on where you can swipe without touching the mod. It’s got a light bar here. Very very similar form factor. Color screen, touch screen.

Asmodus Minikin V2 lustro compare

That’s the Lustro next to it. Here is the Tesla WYE. You can see the Tesla WYE is a little shorter but we’re talking about plastic next to the stab wood. Very very similar form factor too. There you go with the top view of it right?

Then, we also have the HUGO Vapor Boxer Rader. Check it out. Again, similar, very very similar. It actually looks like the Rader is a little little bit taller and then we also have it next to the [Inaudible 11:39] battle saw. Extremely similar form factor. Maybe a little similar on top on the stab wood edition but real real close. I also think they make this as a stab wood edition. Real popular form factor. Everybody uses it.

Asmodus Minikin V2 rader compare

What I really wanted to show you though, was the difference in stab wood between the one that I have on camera now, the Minikin V2 and the Kodama version that I got.

I just want to show you this. This is what I mean by not being that shiny, right? I mean, check it out. Look at the difference, look at the shine and the gloss on this one and look at the flatness on here. And that’s okay.
Hey, just look at this one, this thing pops, right? Look at the difference. I would love to see this finish on this mod. If they polished it up like that, nice and bright, I think this thing would absolutely pop. It’s beautiful as it is. But it would be that much better if it had that really nice shine into it at least on my opinion.

There you have folks. That’s my up close of the Minikin V2 stabwood Edition, with the gunmetal faceplate. We’re going to kick back on top now. And I’m going to go over cons, pros and then I’ll give you my thoughts on it. And then we’ll be out of here. See you back on top.

All right everybody. We’re back on top with the Asmodus Minikin V2. You just saw everything up close. You saw how beautiful it is. Let’s do some cons first. Then we’ll do some pros.


The first con is going to be a one amp charging. I mean, come on Asmodus. You got to get with the times. We don’t recommend you charge internally but when you’re in those situations where you’re in the pinch, you want that 2 amp charging so you can get your thing charged up real quick and you’re out the door. It’s a nice convenient feature to have but we do not recommend that you charge internally. You need to buy yourself a battery charger and charge externally. My point is, if you’re going to have it here, why not go all the way? Why just put it in there for a 1 amp charge? Do a 2 amp charge and get with the times, Asmodus. Everybody else is doing it. If Eleaf can do it, you can do it.

The other thing is this 120 watt limit in TC. That’s another con. The TC on it is not exactly the greatest. It’s passable. It’s better than it has in the past. But I don’t understand why they limit you to 120 watts. Guys, you’ve been doing it this on your mods, Asmodus, for a while now. It’s time to kick that thing away. And unleash the beast. Let the vaper choose what their wattage is going to be in the temperature control. Don’t, put a ceiling on it at 120. It’s just ridiculous.

The other thing- and this might be a con to some. It’s really not a con to me. I love the way this mods looks but other people are going to really like a shiny looking stab wood mod. And this has that kind of a flat look to it. Still beautiful. Still gorgeous colors and everything but it just doesn’t have that shine into it. When we went down low I showed you it next to the Kodama edition. And that Kodama Edition, that thing just pops. And this doesn’t have that. It is what it is. You’re either going to like that or you’re not going to like it. But I got to point it out.


Now, onto the pros.

Looks? Come on, this thing is a looker. There’s no doubt about it.

Build quality, It’s got your typical Asmodus build quality, which is phenomenal. Asmodus is one of the better companies out there. Their build quality, everything on their stuff is normally very stellar.
510 connections, again, Asmodus is known great 510s. They read accurately. Everything sits flash on it. I’m going to give them a pro for that.

Touch screen? Yeah. It’s not the fanciest touch screen in the world. It doesn’t have all those bells, and whistles. It doesn’t have all that colored stuff going on on the screen but you want to know something? It’s a simple, effective touch screen that just works. If you want all those bells and whistles, and you want it in Asmodus product, go get yourself a Lustro because the Lustro is basically a teched-out Minikin V2.

Solid battery door? I showed you that in the up close. It’s done a little differently. You got to push it in a different way than most battery doors. But you want to know something? It’s solid. It never pops open on me no matter how hard I put it down on a desk or a table. They did an awesome job with the battery door.

Form factor. Look, this is the Minikin V2. It’s a legendary form factor most people that use it, love it. You can thumb fire it. You can finger fire it. It’s fantastic no matter which way you look at it.

Very accurate in power mode. I’m going to give them a pro for that. If your power mode vaper, this a great mod to have.

TC, not so much. Power mode, yeah this thing is accurate in power mode.

Power curve. Lots of people I know love that power curve where they can adjust their wattage in different intervals. Not my thing but for the people that love it, nobody does a better than Asmodus.

Firmware, upgradeable. Asmodus is always good with all their firmware upgrades. They are not like one of those companies that advertise firmware upgradeable and then they’ll push out an upgrade. I’ve seen them do it. They are fantastic in that matter.

And the other thing, the last pro, is it’s got that DJ factor. Yeah, that’s right, the DJ factor. That’s when you walk into a vape shop, you put this thing down on a counter and people are like, “Oh man. What is that? That’s beautiful. What is that?” You want that DJ factor? Well, the Asmodus Minikin V2 and the stab wood with the gunmetal framing, it has it.

Hope you enjoy this video. This one is definitely DeucesJack approved. We’re out of here.


  • Requires two 18650 sized batteries
  • Touch screen type: Capacitive screen
  • Wattage range: 5.0 – 180.0W
  • Wattage range (TC Mode): 5.0 – 120.0W
  • Atomizer ohm range: 0.1 – 2.5 ohm
  • Max output voltage: 7.5V
  • Peek output current: 45A
  • Temperature control range: 212° – 572°F / 100°C – 300°C
  • Charging parameters: DC 5V/1A
  • Upgradeable system

  • looks
  • build quality
  • great 510 connection
  • Simple , effective touchscreen
  • solid, battery door
  • form factor
  • very accurate in power mode
  • powercurve
  • firmware upgradeable
  • DJ factor
  • one amp charging
  • 120-watt limit in TC
  • not a shiny-looking stab wood mod


Asmodus Minikin V2
$69.95 $89.95

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.