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Aspire Cleito Exo VI Review

Updated on: 2017-07-10


This tank is no high wattage cloud chucker. It’s for the people that fall somewhere in the middle and put a premium of flavor over clouds. That’s not to say the Cleito isn’t capable of chucking clouds because it is. In this tank though, clouds take a second seat to flavor. It’s also versatile enough that if you don’t like vaping near 100 watts. You can opt for the smaller coil and still get a very satisfying, flavorful, vape.

Basically if you’re the type of vaper that really doesn’t blast clouds at 150 watts, you will enjoy this tank in the 60 to 100 watt range. If you like a nice loose direct lung hit and being able to adjust your airflow is not a big deal to you, then you should probably give the Cleito Exo a look. One thing that is fantastic about this tank and its design is that it is absolutely leak proof. You will get no leaks at all. That made this tank one of my go-to tanks when it comes to sliding it in my bag or pocket. I can do that with a clear conscience knowing that the contents of the tank will not leak in my pocket or leak all over the stuff in my bag.

But Deuces, How Does It Vape

When you use the bigger coil, this tank vapes great from 60 to 100 Watts. This thing literally just rips with flavor. The vape I get is cloudy and flavorful but not so cloudy that it impedes on the flavor. I like that I have a choice of running the big coil in TC. The bigger coil does chuck more clouds but for some reason, I just like the traditional Cleito coil better. Right now I have this beautiful bronze tank on my bronze Smoant Charon variable mod. It is a variable voltage mod and I get some of the most dense, flavorful, moist, vape I have ever experienced from a sub ohm tank. The airflow is just the way I like it and it’s very smooth. While this tank may not be for everybody, I do get a very satisfying vape.

First Impression Out of the Box

Aspire packaging on this is a little different than most tanks. This is a long plastic box. The tank seems to have a really nice finish to it, mine is bronze. I don’t have too many bronze mods but I do have one in mind for it that should look great with this tank. Looks like the tank is mostly metal with what seems to be a plastic sight glass.

What’s in the Box

  • Cleito Exo with .16 coil installed
  • Spare o’rings
  • Spare drip tip
  • Standard Cleito .4 ohm coil
  • Warranty card

There is a paper cover in the box that goes over all the contents in the package. It has an expanded breakdown of the tank. It’s nice that Aspire included this but I would have rather seen a separate instruction manual that you can easily take out of the box.

Aspire Cleito Exo Review box

From Top to Bottom

Unfortunately the drip tip on the Exo is female. If you have been following any of my reviews, you know exactly how I feel about these types of drip tips. Myself and most vapers seem to prefer 810 and 510 drip tips. Aspire does get kind of a pass on this one because of the way the coils are designed. The female drip tip looks to serve as a quasi chimney. At the very least, the drip tip is comfortable and has a nice height to it. It is also held in place firmly with a nice beefy oring.

Aspire Cleito Exo Review top

Of course the top cap has this huge male drip tip connection that is built into it. It has some nice knurling on the side with a fat oring that keeps your juice inside the tank where it belongs. The top cap basically serves as a chimney and screws directly into the coil. That’s the reason for the male connection on top and the top of the coil basically come together to form a chimney.

This tank is primarily made of metal. It does have a plastic sight glass but it really is hard to see your juice level in most lighting conditions. I would have really preferred the sight glass to be made out of real glass and have more transparency to it. There is some Aspire branding on the glass that I probably could have done without even though it is subtle. This is a huge tank and they had plenty of other space where they could have put some branding. It seems kind of silly that they pick the one place that every vaper is forced to look in order to see their juice level.

Aspire Cleito Exo Review bottom

On the top edge of the tank right below the top cap, you have two airflow slots. This tank has a double walled construction and it is a top airflow only tank. The interior of the tank is plastic, so I honestly do not know how it will do with citrus juices or juices that are known to crack tanks. I wish the airflow on the Exo was adjustable. While the airflow is smooth and it does work really well, I like having the option of adjusting my own air flow. It is a loose drawer and nowhere near a MTL drawer. While it may not be adjustable, it does happen to be just the type of airflow I enjoy. The only reason I bring this up is because I know everybody vapes differently and this type of air flow may not be for everybody.

When you break down the tank inside the base, there is a ring that has three legs on it. There is a big ring around the ring itself. Below that, there is another beefy ring around the base itself. This base does not screw into the tank sleeve. It just kind of pops in there and is held in place by the O-rings. There is no knurling on the base at all and to be honest, it probably would have been a welcome addition. The threading on the 510 is smooth and the pin is gold plated.

The Coils

The .16 OHM 2ML TPD Coil

This coil and tank reminds me of those muscle cars that are barely street legal. You know the type with the roll cage and a few gauges. They are basically all engine. Those cars are not built to go around corners they are built for ¼ mile speed. They have one function and that is to win the quarter mile. The Cleito EXO is a tank that to me is all engine. The biggest part of this tank is the coil. There really is no chimney because it’s basically built into the coil. To me this is like a bare bones muscle car, no leather seats, fancy computerized systems, just a carburetor, and engine. Just like the muscle cars that have a specific purpose, the Exo is made to vape basically between 60 and 100 Watts. That’s where the Exo really shines and does its job well. This is no cloud-blaster tank like the TFV12 or Eco 12. Those tanks are for people that put flavor secondary and clouds first. Instead, the Aspire coils are a very nice compromise of clouds and flavor. This coil rips when you crank it up to 100 Watts. Basically, 100 watts is it’s quarter mile. It only holds 2 mls of liquid so you will be filling this tank a lot so make sure you bring an extra juice bottle with you. The upside to the Aspire coils is that they are made of stainless steel 316 so you can use them in TC mode. This is a big coil and you will understand why you actually put this coil in your hand.

Aspire Cleito Exo Review coils

The .4 OHM Standard Version Coil

This coil is not the Beast that we were talking about previously. It really is only good from 40 to 60 watts. It’s got a much tighter range but it does have better flavor than the bigger coil. I enjoy it more than the other coil and I think the airflow on this tank suits it better for flavor. It’s also more of my style of vaping. Of course, the advantage to using a coil like this is that you will use less juice and you will get more capacity out of this tank. With this coil, the capacity increases to 3.5mls.

Aspire Cleito Exo Review coil

RBA Head

The RBA head for this tank is available as a separate purchase. This is one of my pet peeves in the vaping industry and it really annoys me. If a company is going to make an RBA head, it should be included in the initial purchase of the tank. For them not to include it and charge separately really gets under my skin. At the very least, charge a couple of dollars more and offer a tank version that includes the RBA section in it. I think all tank manufacturers need to take note and start doing this. Until they do, I will always list it as a con. The section was not sent to me so I cannot give it an honest review or tell you how it works.


  • 23.5mm Diameter
  • Full Length Coil Design
    • Drip Tip to Coil Design
    • Eliminates and Replaces Static Chimney
    • Intense Flavor and Rapid Vapor Delivery
  • Top Fill System
    • 3.5ml Max Tank Capacity
      • 2.0ml With Cleito EXO Coil
    • Threaded Top Cap
      • Knurled
      • Easier to Fill
      • Full Gasket Seal
  • Cleito Coil System
    • Clapton Coil Structure
    • Organic Cotton
    • Large Triple Wicking Ports
    • 0.4 ohm
      • 40 to 60W
    • 0.2 ohm
      • 55 to 70W
    • Cleito EXO Coil System
      • Reduced Tank Capacity
      • Clapton Coil Structure
      • Organic Cotton
      • Large Quadruple Wicking Ports
      • 0.16 ohm
        • 60 to 100W
    • Dual Non Adjustable Top Airflow
      • 20mm by 2mm Each
      • Reduces to Four Smaller Slots at Base
    • 304 Stainless Steel and PCTG Construction
    • Food Grade Delrin Drip Tip
      • Proprietary
      • 11mm Bore
    • 24K Gold Plated 510 Connection

  • Flavor
  • Clouds
  • Finish
  • Leak proof design
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Not too many parts
  • Good coil choices
  • Smooth airflow
  • Mostly metal tank
  • Heavy o’rings
  • Simple design
  • Sight glass needs to be clearer with no branding
  • Airflow not adjustable
  • Female drip tip
  • Capacity
  • Inside of the tank is not glass
  • No RBA included


Aspire Cleito Exo VI
$28.00 $42.00

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.