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Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition Review

Updated on: 2017-11-08


This is a really good-looking mod, especially if you’re into the whole zombie apocalypse thing. It’s one of the only games in town as far as that style of mod goes. Most people are going to pick up this mod strictly on the looks alone. Other people are just not going to like it and they will probably avoid it just on looks alone. I like it and I think it’s a really good looking mod that is very well built.

Unfortunately, because of the issues that I mentioned with the TC on this board, I can only recommend this to people who are power mode uses. Those types of vapers will get a quality vape off of this mod. If you’re into TC, then this is definitely one that you should stay away from. It just does not do a good job in TC mode. So, while I do really like the looks and the performance in power mode. I can really only recommend it to people who vape that way. If you’re a power mode user and you like the way it looks, it’s definitely a great mod to own. If you’re looking for any more than that as far as performance goes, you are going to need to look somewhere else.

First Impression Out Of The Box

The Box is a little different than most. The sleeve of the box actually slides off the top of the box. That reveals another red box. The red box is cut from one corner on a slant, down to almost the middle of the box. So the box opens with the top part looking like a triangle. Once you open the box, your mod is sitting in a slant cut piece of foam. Take your mod out, pull the foam out, and you will see an instruction manual as well as a USB cable. Overall, I’d have to say that the Michael mod is very elegantly packaged. Great job on the packaging, Asvape.

Right off the bat, this is a good looking mod. As soon as you pull it out of the box, you will feel a Vapor Shark type of skin on it. It is gold plated on all the metal pieces and there is a Walking Dead sort of graphic on the mod itself. Just a really nice looking mod especially if you are into the whole Zombie Apocalypse thing.

What’s In The Box

  • One Asvape Michael VO200 TC Box Mod
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB Cable

Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition Box


  • VO200 Chipset
  • 5 to 200W Output
  • 0.08 to 3.0 ohm Power Mode Atomizer Resistance Range
  • VO Editor Program
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Custom Logo Capable
  • Bypass Mode
  • Power Based on State of Battery
  • 0.2 to 3.0 ohm Bypass Mode Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Temperature Control
  • Ni200 Nickel Support
  • Titanium Support
  • Stainless Steel Support
  • 0.03 to 3.0 ohm Temperature Mode Atomizer Resistance Range
  • 212 to 572 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Variable Power Control Mode
  • Customize Power Curve for Six Points
  • Five VPC Memory Bank
  • 0.08 to 3.0 ohm VPC Mode Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Zinc Alloy Chassis
  • Unique Graphics Drawn by a Famous Illustrator
  • Dual 18650 Battery Powered
  • Sliding Magnetic Battery Access Door
  • Batteries Sold Separately
  • Three Button Control Face
  • Oversized Firing Button
  • Adjustment Buttons
  • 0.91 inch OLED Display Screen
  • Quadrant Based Display
  • Wattage Output
  • Voltage Output
  • Temperature Output
  • VPC Curve Graph
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Bottom Bar Menu Selection
  • Stainless Steel 510 Connection
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated Contact
  • Accepts Up to 25mm Atomizers
  • Micro USB Port
  • Firmware Upgrade


  • 96mm by 60mm by 27mm

From Top To Bottom

The 510 on the Michael is beautifully done. It has a plate around the 510 that is gold-plated like the rest of the top plate of the mod. There’s some type of design on it and some Asvape branding. The 510 pin itself is spring loaded and gold plated. It does have a pretty short throw to it and it is definitely on the loose side as far as the stiffness of it goes. So far, all of my atomizers have sat flush and I have had no issues at all with this 510. The threading on it is stainless steel and very smooth. This 510 will accommodate an atomizer up to 25 mm before you start to see any overhang. The rest of the top plate does slope down, towards the fire button on the mod.

Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition 510

Below the sloping part of the top plate, there is the fire button. The fire button has some Asvape branding on it and some writing as well. It is a metallic button and it does have some texture on it due to the writing. It is circular in shape and very clicky. It does give off a kind of hollow sound when you click it. It just looks a lot more solid than it really is when you use it. I wish they would have done something to get rid of that hollow sound, especially on a mod at this price point.

Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition Top

The front plate of the mod is gold plated just like the battery door section and the top plate of the mod. I like the gold plating and I think it really contrasts well with the graphic and black background that Asvape chose for The Walking Dead edition of the Michael. The .91 inch screen is something that we’ve all seen before, especially if you own a VO chip mod. The screen is bright and vivid. It has all the pertinent information that a vaper needs to know. On the screen, you will be able to see your wattage, battery life, resistance, and volts. The screen can easily be seen in most lighting conditions but like most mods today, daylight conditions in the outdoors will make it a little dimmer.

Right below the screen, we have the plus and minus buttons. It seems to be one big button that is rectangular in shape with the corners rounded off. On the right side, we have the minus button and on the left side, we have the plus button. The button is clicky and tactile feeling but it does seem to be made out of some sort of plastic. Again, I would have liked to have seen a metal button. The buttons are solid and I have not experienced any button rattle at all but on a mod like this, I expect them to be of higher quality.

Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition Charge

Below the plus and minus button, there is a charge update port. The Michael mod is firmware upgradable but I could not find any information as to what rate it actually charges at. I have tried charging my batteries internally on this mod and it does not seem to charge them particularly fast. I have to come to the conclusion that it does charge your batteries internally but probably at 1 amp. This part of the mod does have a really nice feature to it. When you plug in the mod to charge it, it will automatically ask you if you are charging or updating. I really like that feature. I would definitely like to see that included on more mods.

Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition Screen

With the screen facing you on the right side of the mod, there are a bunch of zombies. One zombie seems to be in some sort of brown coat with a brown hat. I’m not sure if that is supposed to be Rick but I think that is the look they were going for. On the left side of the mod, there is another zombie or two. I do have to say that it has a very cartoonish look to it. It’s a good look, and I think it’s very different but it definitely is not going to be for everyone. I do like the skin that Asvape used on this mod and it does provide an extremely good grip when you are holding the mod. I like the smooth, silky texture of it as well as the rubbery feel.

On the bottom is where the battery door is located. There is a bunch of venting on the battery door as well as some Michael branding. You push down and slide the door towards the screen side of the mod to remove the battery door. Once the battery door is open, you will be able to take it completely off of the mod. On the interior of the battery door, there are clear battery orientation markings. The contacts for the batteries on the interior of the battery door are gold plated and button style. There is also a magnet that coincides with a magnet on the battery door tray. There are also some slots and grooves that the battery door actually locks into. Overall, they did a really good job on the battery door.

Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition Battery

One thing I did find kind of annoying though, is when I did put the mod down hard, the battery door does seem to move a little bit. It’s never moved to the point that my batteries have actually spilled out but you can feel it move when you put the mod down on a table, hard. It’s not a big deal but I did have to mention it.

Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition Bottom

On the inside of the battery tray is where the battery door actually clips into. There are also clear battery orientation markings on the tray. The tray part is held in place by 4-star screws. There is also a magnet on that tray that will match up with a magnet on the battery door. Inside the battery tubes, there are two gold-plated, spring-loaded battery contacts. The tubes don’t seem to be plastic but they seem to have some type of paint or insulator, inside on the walls of the tubes. So far, my batteries have always sat in there nice and snug with no rattle at all.

The Look, Feel, And General Aesthetics Of The Mod

This mod is not going to be for everybody. This type of mod, with this type of graphic on it, is only going to appeal to a limited amount of vapers. I find the graphic on it to be very cartoonish but being a big fan of The Walking Dead series, I do like the whole zombie graphic thing. I think it looks really unique and I actually enjoy using a mod with this type of graphic on it. I think it looks cool.

Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition Feel

I definitely like the way it feels in your hand. The texture on it is just wonderful. For a dual 18650 mod, it is a little bit on the tall side. I would have liked to have seen this mod cut down just a little bit as far as the height goes. It’s definitely one of the bigger mods in the dual 18650 category, especially if you compare it to the newer ones that are coming out. It’s a nice form factor that reminds me a lot of a typical C frame sort of mod. I love the way they contrasted the gold plating on the top plate, the front plate, and the battery plate. I think it makes the mod pop and I really do enjoy the look of it.

This mod does come in three different iterations. You have the regular Michael version which is called the Devil’s Night Edition. There is also the Walking Dead Edition, and the Stabwood Edition. Of course, the stabilized wood Edition is significantly more expensive than the other two.

The Board

The Asvape Michael is supposed to be capable of firing up to 200 watts. It is a dual 18650 mod with a temperature control range of 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. It has four modes. They are Power Mode, TC mode, Bypass Mode, and a Wattage Curve Mode. Asvape calls the wattage curve mode VPC mode and there are 5 memory slots available. In Power & VPC mode, the mod will fire down as low as .08 ohms. In TC mode, it will fire down as low as .03 ohms. In Bypass mode, it will fire down as low as .2 ohms. The VO chip does feature a full temperature control suite. The board is capable of doing TC in Ni, Ti, and SS.

The Menu System

  • 3 clicks to lock the screen
  • 3 clicks to unlock
  • 5 clicks to enter the menu system
  • +/- button is used to scroll through the different sub menus
  • Fire button to scroll through the different main menus

Pretty simple menu system that is not very intuitive at first but after spending a half a day or so with the mod, you get to know it pretty quickly.

How Does It Vape

I have to be honest here, I don’t know what happened to this chip or what VO did to this chip but I do not like it. The first VO chip I ever tried out was on the CKS Icon mod. I thought that it had some pretty decent TC. It wasn’t the best but it was more than respectable. After vaping on this mod, I have to say that in the TC department, it looks like VO took a major step backwards. This mod just doesn’t do good TC. I don’t know what it is but I can not get a decent vape off of this mod in TC mode. So much so, that I have to rate this mod as a power mode or power curve mode mod only. I was never crazy about the TC that the VO chip did because it lacked the ability to adjust your wattage in TC mode. With that being said, it was still a very respectable chip when it came to TC vaping. I have to say that this is just not the case anymore. For me, this mod is a total fail in TC mode. The vape I get off of it is anemic and weak in TC mode.

As far as power mode goes, like most dual 18650 mods, the Michael is probably not doing the full 200 watts. I did vape it next to my triple battery Hcigar VT250 DNA at 200 watts with my TFV12 Cloud Beast King tank. The vape that I got off of the DNA at 200 watts was significantly hotter than the one that I received off of the Michael mod. If I had to guess, I would say that the Michael mod is probably right around the 160 to 165 watt range. It probably falls about 30 to 40 watts shy of its advertised wattage. I had to vape the DNA mod at 160 in order to produce a similar vape with the same exact tank.

What Would Make It Better

  • Cut Down The Height Of The Mod
  • Fix The TC
  • Nicer Buttons

I think one thing that would have made this mod significantly better as far as the form factor goes is if they would have been able to cut down the height on it a little bit. I do find it to be on the tall side as far as dual 18650 mods go.

As I said earlier in the review, I have no idea what VO did to this chip but they really ruined it as far as TC goes. The TC on this board is in desperate need of a firmware upgrade. They have to do something because it is not even respectable TC.

I normally don’t like to bring price point into my reviews but this mod is definitely on the expensive side. For the price point that this mod is available at, I expected the buttons to be a little nicer. Definitely the plus and minus buttons could have been made out of metal and more substantial. I also don’t like the hollow sound that the fire button produces.

  • Looks
  • Feels Great In The Hand
  • Nice Texture
  • Easy Menu System
  • Vapes Well In Power And Curve Mode
  • Ergonomic
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Handles 25mm Atomizers With No Overhang
  • Good Build Quality
  • Great Packaging
  • TC Is Not Good
  • Buttons
  • Tall Mod
  • 510 Needs To Be Stiffer


Asvape Michael Walking Dead Edition
$119.99 $149.99

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