Augvape VTEC1.8 BOX Mod 200W Review

Updated on: 2019-09-17


Is it better than the OG? I gotta admit, aside from some menu choices and the 510, there’s not much of a difference between this and the OG. If you own the OG, should you run out and go buy this one? Probably not, only if you like the different colors. I like the blue one, I’ve been running it, been using it a lot. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of this mod. I got to admit that. It feels great in the hand, I love the looks of it, and the performance is just there. It’s a nice mod wit nice performance. It’s very simple with a very easy menu system. It just performs well and it does what it sets out to do very well, and that’s where I’ll leave it. It’s a nice mod with not a lot of bells and whistles. If you’re looking for something simple, definitely check this thing out because it’s DeucesJack approved.


What’s up, Insiders? Today, we’re going to be going over a unique looking mod. I’m talking about the Augvape VTEC 1.8. You remember the V200, right? It had the same type of form factor, same type of look. This one’s a little different. The big question is, is it better than the OG? Make sure you watch the hole review, find out exactly what I think.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Augvape Vtec 1.8 Mod
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x User Manual

Augvape VTEC1.8 BOX Mod 200W box

From Top To Bottom

Check that out. That’s kind of different. Digging that blue, that’s a nice blue. I like it a lot. Definitely digging that black 510 plate. It’s different, most of them are always stainless steel. I like that. Stainless steel threading around here, gold-plated 510 that I would say has a medium throw with a medium spring to it.

While we’re up top, let me show you the difference between the VTEC 1.8 and the V200. You can see, this had a black 510 also, the old one. But it had a little bit of a different design on it. What you’re going to notice, though, is both of them are raised a bit so everything is pretty much going to have a little bit of gap on this one. It’s just the way it is. So if you don’t like gapage, you may want to stay away from either one of these mods. Remember, this is the OG one, this is the new one.

Augvape VTEC1.8 BOX Mod 200W built

Let’s go over this thing because this has got some nice design, details to it. It’s supposed to look like an engine block. That’s exactly what they’re going for, an engine block look. I think they achieved that. I like these little chrome screws right there. Nice job on that. I like the paint and I like the different textures. I like the fact that I can get a good grip on it because it’s got different types of textures all over, like it’s smooth, and then bumpy. I really, really like that. This is supposed to look like an oil cap on an engine, and this is actually your up and down button. Push up, push the wattage up, push down to put the wattage down. Got these 4 star screws. They don’t bother me because you have some other stainless steel screws on it as well so I got no issues with that. This is your screen, this is your micro USB port for charging and update.

Augvape VTEC1.8 BOX Mod 200W side

On the bottom, there is your battery door. They did a nice job on the battery door. Slide out, push up, check that out. Clear battery indicator markings, A, B, plus, minus. Bang up job, Augvape. Great job on that.

The other thing I want to call your attention to is this. See that little cut right there? You see that little latch right there? That thing goes right in there and then latches in. I like it. It keeps everything solid. Nice job, Augvape. You put a lot of thought into that battery door.

Augvape VTEC1.8 BOX Mod 200W Screen

Gold-plated contacts over here, button style contacts. Down the middle, you have gold-plated, spring-loaded contacts. There are no battery markings down the tube but I don’t care because they did it correctly over here. Really nice job on that, Augvape. Let’s load some batteries in it. Let’s take our Golisis. Negative side facing the door there, positive side facing the door there. Slap that bad boy shut and pop it over, just like that. It doesn’t move. It’s solid. I’ve put this thing down hard on a table, no issues.

Now, the other nice thing, the other thing different about this is, this is like a faux leather panel which is different from the old one. Let me show you the old one. The old one had an inspired black out thing over there, inspired by B18C. this one has it in leather. Those are really the only two main differences. Otherwise, they’re pretty much the same. The menu system is a little different as well. We’re going to go over the whole menu system now.

Augvape VTEC1.8 BOX Mod 200W bottom

Here’s your fire button, right here. It’s kind of hidden, it’s like incognito. And that’s one of the cons I gotta go over with this thing because I wish they would have put like an x here or a groove or something so I can feel it because so many times I go to push it and I push it over here and that’s not the fire button. It’s up here. I really wish they would have done something to distinguish this like a little bit of roughness. Something would have been nice. But it’s not a major complaint, it’s just a complaint I noticed while you’re using the mod and I’ve been using this for a few weeks now.

Like I said, this little toggle switch here is your up and down button. If you hold it, it scrolls in 1 watt increments. It doesn’t scroll the fastest. I wish it scrolled faster. It scrolls all the way up to 200W. It will round robin. You can see the screen here, I’m in Auto mode. That’s basically wattage mode on this mod. There is your watts right there, your resistance, your voltage, your puff counter in seconds, batteries A and B, battery bar, battery meter. Nice job on that. Simple, effective, well laid out screen, nothing wrong with that at all. 1, 2, 3, you click, you see Auto was highlighted. Now I can go on the Bypass mode. I can go in the Variable Voltage mode, I can go into V mode and back to Auto mode. V mode is basically wattage mode with like a booze built in. that’s basically what it is. To be honest with you, I just keep it in Auto mode all the time, like that. That’s where I keep it. Hit the fire button to confirm.

Augvape VTEC1.8 BOX Mod 200W battery

Another little neat trick I learned is if you hold the fire button and the wattage up button, like that, that will lock in your dial. You can’t move the wattage up or down. I do like that feature a lot. Do it again to unlock it.

Size Comparison

As far as size comparison goes, I already brought this mod into this review a lot but I just want to give you an overall look of what it looks like. Didn’t change much at all. Here it is next to the Double Barrel and the Yihi SX Mini Q Mini. Let me show it to you next to the Double Barrel so you could see what we’re working with there. Very, very similar size. This one is just sqaurer with rougher edges but definitely, almost the same type of foot print in the hand. Of course, the Double Barrel feels a lot curvier, this one feels a lot squarer in the hand. Again, here it is next to the SX. again, very, very similar but also, this is much curvy in the hand. This also has a much bigger feel in the hand. But just so you can have some perspective, that’s what they look like when next to each other.


Let’s move on to the pros.

First pro is going to be, that look. I love that engine block look. It’s unique, I dig it. I dug it on the old one and I dig it on this one.

28mm atomizers fit on this one without any problem. In fact, I got the Aspire Cleito Shot, that 27mm disposable tank on it right now and it actually looks good on it. And the blue one actually matches it as well.

Love, love, love that oil cap that doubles as an up and down button. I think it’s unique. I think it’s distinctive. Awesome job, Augvape.

It’s got a bright, simple screen that’s well laid out.

Clear battery indicator markings.

Solid battery door.

I love the form factor on this one. I like the different texture. I like the bumps and the creases in it. I just like the way it feels in my hand. I feel like I’m actually holding something. Awesome job, Augvape.

This thing fires fast. Nothing wrong with that on the Cleito Shot. I got some black berry lemonade in it and it’s just delicious.

So far, I’m getting great battery life.

It’s got some nice build quality to it. It got that heft to it that just feels like quality.

It’s small. It’s actually small for a dual 18650 mod.

And the last pro is going to be, it’s got an easy menu system that’s very intuitive.


Alright, Insiders! Let’s go over those cons and pros.

First con is going to be, I like it on the OG, I don’t like it on this one. That raised 510, that should have been milled in, I don’t like it at all.

Sleep mode on this one, when this thing goes into sleep mode and then you fire it, it’s got a long delay. It’s a con.

That fire button is basically integrated into the screen. Sometimes it’s hard to feel for it. Sometimes I pressed just below it. I wish they would have put some texture on it so I could find it easier.

Type C charging would have been nice on this. I think, going forward, all mod should have type C charging. It’s just faster and more efficient.

If you’re into all those other bells and whistles with some of the newer mods that are coming out now, TC, curve mode, preheats and stuff like that, you’re not going to find it on this mod. If you’re a TC vaper, this mod isn’t for you. It’s very basic as far as the menu system goes.

But that’s it. Not a lot to complain about on this one.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Augvape VTEC 1.8 mod. It measures in at 87.5mm x 45mm x 29mm. It weighs in at 165g. It has a 200W maximum output and it takes dual 18650 batteries. Primarily made out of zinc alloy. It charges internally at 1.2 amps and it will fire down to 0.05 ohms. There are four modes available, Auto, Bypass, VV mode, and V mode. It’s available in black, blue, and red.

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
    Size: 87.5 * 45 * 29.2mm
  • Weight: 165g
  • Battery: Dual 18650 cells
  • Output Power: 5-200W
  • Input Voltage: 0.5-7.2V
  • Charging Current: 1.2A
    Standby Current: <500 QA
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0ohms
  • Color: Blue, Black, Red
    Working Modes: Auto, Bypass, VV Mode, V Mode


Big shout out to Augvape for sending this one my way.

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That’s it, Insiders. That’s all I got for you today. You keep living that vape life. We’re out. Deuces.

  • That look
  • 28mm atomizers fit
  • That oil cap
  • It’s got a bright, simple screen
  • Clear battery indicator markings
  • Solid battery door
  • The form factor
  • Fires fast
  • Great battery life
  • Nice build quality
  • It’s small
  • Easy menu system
  • Sleep mode on this one
  • That fire button
  • Not type C charging


Augvape VTEC1.8 BOX Mod 200W
$42.99 $79.99

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