Bidi Stick Review

Updated on: 2019-10-27


Alright, Insiders! Today, we’re going to be going over the Bidi stick. This thing has 6% which is 60 milligrams of nicotine. They’re saying that that equals about two packs of cigarettes. I got all the flavors. I got all nine flavors. I’m just showing you the Jungle Juice and the Berry Blast right now. The reason I’m showing only two is because these things are a real pain in the neck to open. They got this plastic over them. They’re a little bit of a pain in the neck to get out so I don’t want to unwrap each one on camera. I will unwrap each one and actually vape it for you and we’ll go over the flavor profiles on top.

box - icy mango

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From Top to Bottom

Now here’s the one I unwrapped already. See, it comes out just like that. Slides out. You got this nice little clear case and you just kind of pop it open from there like that. Pop it out. You can see, it’s got two rubber pieces on each end. On the side right there, you got some Bidi Stick branding and over here, it’s clearly marked Berry Blast. Let me show you. Peel that little rubber piece off right there and you can see it says Berry Blast. Peel the mouthpiece guard off over here and this is a closed end pod system. This does not come out. You cannot refill it. It is what it is. When you’re done with it, you throw it out. There’s no way to recharge it either. There is your LED light. When you puff on it, it will light up. That’s it. It’s got a nice silky smooth finish to it. It has a classy look to it, very understated. Doesn’t look childish at all. Just a really nice job. I like that it’s clearly labeled. I would have liked to have seen some type of color coding on it. Would have been nice if they color-coded the drip tips so you could distinguish the flavors pretty quickly but otherwise, just a real simple slim pod system.

bidi stick disposable - 10 pack 1

Just wanted to give you a quick size comparison. You can see my Juul’s a little beat up. I do use it once in a while in certain situations. This is my Juul, this is the Bidi Stick. You can see, it’s a little taller than the Juul. Not much, pretty much the same width. Now the only difference between this and the Juul is the Juul, you can replace the pod. You can pull them out and replace them. On this, you can’t. Once you are done with it, it’s fully disposable. You just throw it out. But since a lot of people own a Juul, I wanted to give you a size comparison.

bidi stick disposable - 10 packs

Flavor Profiles

Alright, Insiders. That was a quick down low. We’re really not going to do individual cons and pros. For crying out loud, it’s just a fully disposable thing. So let’s just get into some flavours. I got all nine flavors. Let’s try them out. Let’s talk about them.

box - blazing girl

The first flavor we’re going to try out is Blazing Girl. This one is mango, apple, orange. It’s accurate. Getting the mango up front, the apple kind of in the middle, and the orange at the end. Very accurate, very smooth, very surprised at how smooth this is. As far as a nic hit goes, for a 60mg pod. Very, very smooth.

Next, we’re going to try some Champion Juice. This is ginger mint and lemon which, I gotta be honest with you, I’m not too sure about the ginger. I’ve never vaped a ginger before. This one should be interesting. You know what this tastes like? This tastes like one of those sleepytime teas like ginger and lemon tea you might drink. That’s what it tastes like. Very tea-like. If you’re into those flavored teas, you’re probably definitely going to like this one. Not bad, it’s very accurate. I get the ginger, I get the lemon, I get the mint.

Next, we’re going to try the Lush Ice. This is an iced watermelon. Let’s check it out. It’s got a really light ice to it, not heavy on the ice at all. It’s there though you can definitely feel it. Again, very, very smooth and just like a straight-up watermelon. It’s like a fresh watermelon, it’s not bad. I’m not an ice vaper but it’s not bad. Will I go out and buy this one? No. But for you people who like ice and watermelon, you’ll probably dig this one.

Next, we’re going to try the Jungle Juice. This one is melon, pineapple, and banana. Again, not really much of a melon vapor. I don’t like those cantaloupe vapes. I don’t mind watermelon but cantaloupe really not my thing and if I had the vapor melon, it would probably be honeydew more than a cantaloupe type of vape. But let’s give it a shot. That banana is right up front. You get that banana right away. I’m getting the sweetness of the pineapple and I gotta be honest, I’m not tasting a lot of melon. I’m getting predominantly pineapple and the banana. The banana is definitely the prominent flavor. Again, very accurate. Nothing so far that’s unvapeable.

Next, we’re going to try the Dragon Venom. This Dragon Venom is dragon fruit and strawberry and I’m not particularly fond of dragon fruit in general. I vaped a couple of juices like that. I’m not too crazy about. It’s just not my jam. But let’s give it a shot. I’m getting the sweetness of the dragon fruit. It’s not predominant. The strawberry is definitely the dominant flavor. It’s not bad, it’s not bad. Again, not something I would personally go for but not terrible. It tastes accurate and it is smooth.

Next, we’re going to try the Icy Mango. I do like mango vapes. I said it already, I’m not an ice fan in general. I don’t mind light ice but I am a mango vapor. I do like mango flavors very, very light on the ice, very earthy type of mango. It’s not a sweet ripe mango. It’s more of that earthy tone that you get on a lot of mango vapes. It’s okay, definitely not my first pick among mango disposables.

Next, we’re going to try the Fruity Mango. This is the mango with no ice. Little bit sweeter, a tad sweeter, definitely not missing the ice from the other one. Still has a bit of those earthy tones to it you but it’s not bad. Not bad as far as a mango disposable goes. This is something I would actually buy.

Next, we’re going to try Kickstart. This one is pomegranate blueberry. This is right up my alley I like pomegranate vapes, I like blueberry vapes. Let’s give this a shot. Oh, that’s nice. This one is blended together really well. It’s almost hard to distinguish where the pomegranate starts and the blueberry starts, they kind of blend together really, really well. I really like this one I would go out and buy this one personally this is this is right up my alley. This is a nice flavor.

And the last flavor we’re going to do is the one that I’ve been vaping the most of. This is probably my favorite out of all of them. This is the mixed berry, it’s called Berry Blast. Like a combination of different berries. I’ve been carrying this one around with me. I’ve been vaping it. I know it tastes great already but we’ll do it on camera. Just a real, nice, solid berry flavor. Almost has a sugaryness to it right. It almost tastes like powdered sugar type of berry, like it’s really, really sugary. Nice and sweet, I like this one. This one is my favorite out of all nine of them.


So there you have it, Insiders! That’s my flavor test on them. I went over all the flavor profiles for you. Definitely check got the link down below. This is not a bad disposable pod system at all. None of the flavors were unvapeable. They’re all pretty good. They’re all accurate, that’s for sure. They might not all be what I enjoy to vape but all of them did taste accurate and nothing was like blah, nothing was like that at all. They were all pretty decent.


Let’s go over some of the specs on the Bidi Stick disposable pod system. It contains 6% nicotine or 60mg of nic. Capacity is 1.5ml. It is a closed system. You cannot refill it. You get about 500 puffs per stick that’s equivalent to about 50 cigarettes. The battery is 280mAh. It is an auto draw. There are nine flavors available. You have Blazing Girl, which is a mango, apple, orange. You have Champion Juice which is a mint, ginger, lemon. You have Lush Ice which is a watermelon, melon, menthol. Jungle Juice which is a melon, pineapple, banana. Dragon Venom which is a dragon fruit, strawberry. Icy Mango which is a mango and menthol. You have Fruity Mango which is a fresh mango. You have Kickstart which is a blueberry, pomegranate. You also have Berry Blast which is a mixed assortment of berries.


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