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Boru Vape Banshee RDA Review

Updated on: 2017-10-17


If you are the type of vaper that enjoys flavorful RDA’s, then you definitely want to add the Boru Vape Banshee to your collection. It is just an awesome RDA. It has great flavor and the clouds are not bad either. It is extremely easy to build and wick. It’s a bottom airflow RDA with a really nice airflow range. It is one of the more competent squonkers on the market today and it is extremely well machined. I mean really, what else can I say about this thing? Just go out and get one. There’s no reason to wait or look any further if you are into full-on flavor RDA’s. I’ll say this, I have a ton of RDA’s that I use and test. I am actually going to go out and buy myself three more Banshee RDA’s, so I have one in every color. That’s how great this RDA is. It is DeucesJack approved for all the vapers out there looking for some awesome flavor with very smooth air flow.

Before I end this, I want to give a lot of credit to Boru Vape. They are a relatively new company and they did a bang up job on this RDA. Super impressed at this company’s effort on this RDA. I can’t wait to see what they have coming down the pike. If this is any indication of what they are capable of, then Boru Vape should be making a name for themselves very quickly. Great job, Boru!

First Impression Out Of The Box

When you open the box of the Boru Banshee, all I can say is wow! This thing is absolutely machined beautifully. Top notch all around. It doesn’t have that copper smell to it either. They must have put some sort of clear coat on it but whatever they used, it really doesn’t give it that clear coat look. It looks like raw copper. This RDA just oozes quality. I honestly cannot wait to throw some coils in here and see how it actually vapes.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 Banshee RDA*
  • Spare parts (O-rings and screws)*
  • 2 Pre-built coils & Cotton *
  • BF pin*
  • 510 Drip tip adaptor*
  • Screwdriver

Boru Vape Banshee RDA Box

From Top To Bottom

The Banshee RDA comes with two drip tips. One of them is a wide bore Ultem drip tip and the other is a narrower Delrin drip tip. Both are very comfortable but I definitely prefer the wide bore Ultem drip tip better. I like it better because the Delrin one is a little on the thin side. If it was a little thicker I would have probably liked the Delrin one better. I like the fact that both trip tips are on the taller side and not that short chuff style drip tip that gives you bacon lips. Both drip tips are Goon style or 810 compatible. So far, all of my aftermarket 810 drip tips have fit into the top cap nice and snug. They are both very well done and you will have a hard time choosing which one you would like to use.

Boru Vape Banshee RDA Air

The Banshee RDA does have a combination top cap barrel. It is all one piece. On the top of the barrel, we do have an 810 opening with an o’ring inside. There are spare o’rings included in the box. The top cap is just beautifully machined and I can’t say enough about the quality of it. On the sides of the top cap, towards the bottom of the barrel, we do have four airflow slots. They are rectangular in shape with the corners rounded out. Above one of the airflow slots, there is some Banshee engraving. It is very subtle and well done. On the interior of the top cap, we do have a slight conical design. It’s not the most conical design I have ever seen but there is some curvature to the top interior of the top cap. I do not think the inside has a clear coat because I have noticed some patina as of late.

Boru Vape Banshee RDA Components

On the base of the Banshee RDA, we do have some bottom airflow slots that correspond with the airflow slots on the barrel. Of course, the airflow is fully adjustable. Right below the airflow slots, there are two o’rings that have a beautiful tolerance to them, when they are dry. As soon as they get some juice on them, they get a little loose. It’s not terrible but I would have preferred a tighter tolerance. On the bottom of the base we have a gold plated 510 pin that is removable. There is also an insulator ring present around the 510 pin. The Banshee does come with a squonking pin. Right next to the 510 pin, there is a Phillips head screw for your negative post. There is some Banshee and Boru Vape branding as well as a serial number. The threading on the 510 connection is copper and it is buttery smooth. The Banshee is available in SS, Copper, Brass, and Black.

Boru Vape Banshee RDA Pin

The Deck

I absolutely love this deck. It is a two post, two terminals per post, stepped down in the middle deck. You access your grub screws from the top of the posts and they are hex grub screws that are really quite nice. The whole post section of the deck is gold plated. The juice well is 8 mm deep and there are two massive air hole slots that your coil sits above. This is a nice, roomy deck that is really easy to build on. There is a large amount of space between the block of the deck and the edge of the airflow hole. I really like this type of deck design because it allows your juice to flow freely when you drip down the middle or use it as a squonker.

Boru Vape Banshee RDA Deck

Building And Wicking

I really like decks that are stepped down in the middle. They are extremely easy to build on and they make coil placement a breeze. They are also very easy to wick since your inner terminals are the lower ones, leaving you plenty of room on the sides for you to tuck in your cotton. That is because the outer terminals are higher on this deck, so nothing actually gets in the way of your wick placement.

Just loosen your post screws on the top of the posts and slip your coils in. It really is that easy. You can install both coils at one time because there is more than enough room for you to get your wire cutter in there and clip your leads. Once you tighten down your coils, you can go ahead and clip your leads. Then, all you do is grab a coil jig and make sure you place your coils properly. I like to place them directly over the airflow slot, taking care not to pull them out too far so they touch the bottom of the airflow slot or the inner part of the barrel. Once you have your coils placed properly, you can pulse them to get out all of the hot spots and then you are ready to wick.

Boru Vape Banshee RDA Wick

Because of the way the posts are designed on the Banshee, wicking this RDA is just as easy as can be. You have plenty of room in the corners of the RDA to tuck your wicks in. Simply feed the cotton through your coil and make sure you cut it right in between both o’rings. This will give you enough length on your wicks so that your cotton lays on the deck. Once you are done cutting your cotton, all you have to do is take it and tuck it into the corners of the deck. You will have more than enough room in this deep juice well for your juice to flow freely between the posts. This is just an excellent design that is extremely easy to use.

How Does It Vape

The Banshee RDA is a flavor first RDA. It has some beautiful flavor to it and I would say it is one of the better flavor RDA’s on the market today. I actually love the flavor that I get off of this atomizer. It has some nice airflow to it as well but it is definitely not the airiest RDA on the market. There are RDA’s that are a lot airier and for the vapers who are airflow hogs, they will probably want to look somewhere else. It is more of a restricted DL hit but it has loads of flavor to it. I’m not saying the clouds are bad on this RDA because that would be a lie.

This is a cloudy RDA but it creates clouds with a more restrictive airflow than some of the other RDA’s on the market today. You can cloud up a room with this RDA, there is no doubt about that. If you run it with all four air holes open it starts to approach the airy RDA side of the airflow range. For me, it stops just short of the point where the flavor starts to significantly drop off where the airflow is concerned. It just has an extremely smooth draw to it that gives you that swooshy type of vape.

Right now, I am running the coils that came with this RDA. They are ohming out at .17 ohms and I am vaping them at 86 watts in power mode. I am getting an extremely flavorful, thick, lush, dense, cloudy vape. It is just one glorious vape. I have three airflow slots open and the draw is just perfect. That’s the best way I can describe my experience with the Banshee. Flavor first and just phenomenal.

As A Squonker

Replace the 510 pin in the Banshee with the included squonking pin and you have one great squonker. What makes it so good at squonking is the fact that the juice well is nice and deep. The other thing that works well on this atomizer is, there is a huge amount of space between the lower post holes in the middle of the deck. This allows the juice to flow freely while you are squonking. I also like the fact that the airflow has a sort of cup around it. So, because of the deep juice well and the cup around the air flow, it is really hard to over squonk on this RDA. It can be done but you really have to do a ridiculous amount of squonking. It’s just a fantastic squonking RDA.

The only con I have with this RDA as a squonker actually has nothing to do with Boru Vape at all. The problem with this is that the squonking market has not caught up with the atomizers that have the capability of squonking. What I mean by that is, this is a dual coil RDA. There is no single coil option. So, when you run a dual coil build in here, a lot of the squonkers on the market today can not really push the types of builds that I like to run. That’s going to change real soon because more companies are developing regulated, dual battery, squonkers that will be able to handle an atomizer like this. Totally not Boru Vape’s fault at all. However, when the squonking market does finally catch up with some of the atomizers that are capable of running big builds in squonking mode, this will be one of the better squonking RDA’s out there.

What Would Have Made It Better

  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • O’rings Could Have Been A Little Tighter

I’ll start this section off by saying this is probably one of the toughest RDA’s I ever had to write for in this section. There’s just really not a lot wrong with the Banshee RDA. In fact, the two things that I have listed here are extremely petty and I really had to reach for them in order to fill up this section. I would have definitely liked to have seen a 510 drip tip adapter, especially on a flavor-first RDA like the Banshee. I think, by including one of them, it would have only enhanced the flavor of this RDA. As far as the o’ring tolerances go, I think they could have been a little tighter. They are fine when they are dry but once you get some juice on them, they do get a little slippery. It’s not to the point where they are free spinning or getting out of whack by the slightest touch but it definitely could have been a little tighter. Again though, these are extremely small cons that really do not affect the overall vape quality of this awesome RDA.

  • Flavor
  • Nice Clouds
  • Build quality is awesome
  • Clear coat
  • 2 drip tips
  • Build deck
  • Bottom airflow
  • Easy to build
  • Easy to wick
  • Smooth airflow
  • Works great as a squonker
  • Tough to over squonk
  • Deep juice well
  • Great airflow range
  • No 510 drip tip adapter
  • O’rings could be a little tighter


Boru Vape Banshee RDA
$43.00 $64.50

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