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Council of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review

Updated on: 2017-09-16


If you have never squonked before or you are looking to get into squonking, then this is a great little kit to purchase. In that respect, it will serve you very well. It is a simple single 18650 mod that is accurate in power mode and it does a decent job in TC. Yes, it does have a few little issues but they are easily overlooked at this price point and at this build quality level. I have definitely enjoyed my time with the COV wraith and I do wholeheartedly recommend it especially for those new to squonking. It is a very competent bottom-feeding kit. Because of its value, build quality, performance, and TC ability, the COV Wraith is DeucesJack approved.

How Does It Vape

I like the way this mod vapes. I like the fact that it is a regulated squonk mod and I like the fact that it does TC. Granted, it might not be the best TC but it is more than passible. One thing that is kind of annoying about this mod is the fact that it only takes one battery. Because it only takes one 18650, you definitely have to be conscious of the builds that you use in this kit. Putting all that aside though, the vape quality that the Wraith kit provides is, in fact, very good. COV, if you are reading this, we need a dual 18650 Wraith II. Make it happen.

I really like the airflow options that the included RDA has. I like being able to go from a really airy vape to a restricted vape with just one atomizer. The build deck on the included atomizer does leave a lot to be desired but it does work well with simple wire builds. Clapton’s are a little bit of a challenge especially if you are going to run two. The flavor on the RDA is excellent but the clouds leave a little to be desired. Even when you open up the airflow all the way, it is not the cloudiest vape. Not being a cloudy RDA is also a function of the fact that you are limited by one battery. With a dual coil setup in the RDA, it can be tough to push both coils with just a single 18650. I think COV would have been much better served by just making a simple single coil RDA. They could have took the same exact build deck that they have and just put the post on one end of the RDA. I think a deck like that would have matched up a lot better with this type of setup. The spitback guard does work extremely well and the flavor on this RDA is excellent with the right build. For some reason, it is also very hard to over squonk on this RDA. I have yet to do that and I have been using this RDA on this mod for quite some time now.

The best way I have found to run this atomizer is with a single coil. I run a single coil but I run it in the middle of the posts. It is a little tricky to build it this way but once you get it done, the flavor is just fantastic this way. The coil being between the posts is no big deal because the airflow is all around the circumference of this RDA. Run it this way and the coil is just directly under your mouth. You get full on flavor this way and it definitely immensely improves this RDA. In my opinion, this is the only way to run this atomizer.

First Impression Out of the Box

This kit comes in a pretty big box. Everything is laid out on one level. First thing you see is the mod and it does look to have a really nice shape to it. So far, I really like the carbon fiber look. The atomizer does look like it is really small but they have included two squonking bottles. This is my second regulated squonker so I’m really looking forward to setting this thing up and seeing how it performs.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Council of Vapor Wraith Squonker RDA Atomizer
  • 1 x Council of Vapor Wraith 80W Squonker Mod
  • 2 x squonk bottles
  • 2 x spare deck screws
  • 4 x spare o’rings
  • 1 x blue screwdriver
  • Instruction manual

Council Of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review box

From Top to Bottom


Most of the mod is ensconced in that Vapor Shark-like coating. It has an extremely smooth texture to it and I really love this type of finish. Part of the mod does have a carbon fiber sticker and it does have a little bit of texture to it. I think the overall look of the mod is just phenomenal. On the top of the mod, we also have some of that rubberized coating with 3 airflow cutouts around the 510 connection. The 510 looks to be threaded with stainless steel and so far it has been very smooth. The 510 pin is gold plated and it is very stiff. It also has a very short throw to it. So far, every bottom feeder atomizer I have used on the COV Wraith has sat flush.

The top plate of the mod slopes down and that is where you will find your fire button. The fire button is circular in shape and it is made out of stainless steel. There is no button rattle and it is quite responsive. It does have a nice clicky feel to it as well. It is comfortable to trigger or thumb fire but I definitely prefer thumb firing this mod.

Council Of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review tip

With the screen facing you on the left side, you will see some carbon fiber on the mod that definitely helps with the grip when holding it. On the right side of the mod, you basically have the same look but with some Wraith branding. I like the font that they used on the branding and it is very elegantly done. On the backside of the mod you will see a cutout for your squonk bottle. This is the part of the mod that you squeeze in order to get the juice up to your atomizer. The squonking bottle that is included is definitely on the stiff side and I really would have preferred something softer. The bottle itself is not your typical squonking bottle. This one has a sort of extended needle nose tip. I prefer the bottles that use tubes but so far it has worked well.

On the bottom side of the mod is where the battery door is located. Simply push down and out to pull to open the battery door. When you want to close it, you push down and in. There are grooves on the exterior of the battery door that aid you when opening and closing it. When you open the battery door, it gives you access to the single 18650 battery as well as the squonking bottle.

Council of Vapor Callisto Review bottom

The squonk bottle does consists of a tube inside that leads into a needle nose tip. While this system does work well, I would have preferred a tube leading to some sort of metal piece underneath the 510 pin. As I have said, it does work but I would have rather seen something more traditional as far as the connection to the atomizer goes. The good news is COV does include a second squonk bottle with a cap. That does come in very handy when you are out and about because you can fill your spare bottle and just swap out the bottle when needed. Inside the battery compartment, we have a gold plated button style positive connection and on the battery door, there is a gold plated button style negative connection. The positive connection for the battery sits right underneath the fire button. I have not noticed any venting on the battery door but if you look at the squonk bottle tray, you will see some venting when the squonk bottle is removed. Overall, the battery door is done very well and the squonk bottle just seems to work.

Council Of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review button

Below the fire button, on the skinny side of the mod, you will see the screen. It is bright, vivid and done in a teal sort of blue color. On the screen, you will be able to see the wattage, battery meter, temperature, preheat, ohms, volts and the memory slot that you are currently using. The screen is done very nicely and it can be seen in all lighting conditions. Below the screen, we have the plus and minus buttons. The minus button is located on the left and the plus button is located on the right. They are made out of the same material as the fire button, the only difference being is that they are smaller. They are also clicky and responsive as well.

Council Of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review screen

There is no charge or update port on the COV Wraith. So, there is no way to internally charge this mod or do firmware upgrades. Not really an issue to me because I always charge externally but since this is a review, I do feel like I have to mention it. However, it’s always nice to have firmware upgrades available and I will be forced to list that as a con.


I really like the look of the RDA that they provided with this kit. It is a very small, low profile, dual coil RDA. I love the shape of the drip tip even though it is a proprietary one. Now, you all know how I feel about proprietary drip tips. Even though this one is very comfortable, I would have preferred that COV went with a goon style drip tip. The drip tip does have a built-in spit back guard that seems to do its intended job. It does not whistle or make the overall airflow turbulent.

Council Of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review deck

The top cap on this RDA is interesting as well. It just has a ton of airflow slots on it. It is secured to the barrel with one o’ring and the tolerance is very nice. There is some knurling on the top rim of the top cap that makes adjusting the airflow very easy. The airflow cutouts around the top cap total 14. It is kind of a weird setup because all over the top cap, it actually gives you the option of running this RDA wide open. What I mean by wide open and all over is you can have airflow slots that are not necessarily in front of your coil open. Therefore, this RDA can be run with every slot open which would mean that even slots that are by the post would be open. It definitely is something different that I really haven’t seen on other RDA’s. I do like the fact that there are a ton of airflow options on this little RDA. I mean, you can take the top cap and place in all different types of combinations in front of your coil.

The barrel on this RDA is finished in the same material as the body of the mod. It has that beautiful Vapor Shark skin like texture to it. The barrel has 8 airflow slots. There is also a marking or a dot on the top cap that you can line up with markings on the barrel. One marking is to run the AFC wide open, the other is to run it with four air holes open, and the other is to run it with just two air holes open. It’s a pretty ingenious little system and I have to say that I do like it a lot. When two air holes open, it definitely intensifies the flavor. When four open, you get a nice compromise of clouds and flavor. With all of the airflow holes open, you get a very airy vape when you consider what a small atomizer you are using. The barrel is held onto the base with two very nice o’rings and the tolerance on them is just fantastic. This is just a very well done unique little RDA.

Council Of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review rda

On the bottom of the base, we have some COV branding and a serial number. The 510 pin is, of course, a squonking pin. It can be removed with a flat-head screwdriver. The threading around the squonking pin is stainless steel and very smooth. I have tried this squonker RDA on other squonk mods and it has sat flush and worked well.

The deck on this RDA is a little disappointing in some ways. It is a two-post one-terminal-per-post design and to be honest, the post holes are kind of on the small side. You can run a regular Clapton in it but it’s really tough to get two Clapton’s in it. If you are going to run a Clapton coil, you are almost forced to run it as a single coil RDA. Regular round wire is not a problem and this kit actually made me build a regular round wire coil so I could test it out. I haven’t built a coil like that in months.

I normally use premade coils from many different vendors. I used 24 gauge stainless steel 316 and I made my coil with eight wraps. I used a 2.5 mm bit and the reason I chose to use 8 wraps is because the posts are very far apart on this RDA. I needed a coil that I could spread out across the whole RDA. Both coils came in at .2 ohms and I have been running them in power mode at the full 75 watts. I do get a nice vape when I use the coils this way but my battery life does suffer tremendously. Next time I build for this atomizer, I will make sure I build a little higher.

The Look, Feel, and General Aesthetics of the Mod

I love the overall look and feel of this mod. I think they matched up a great little atomizer with it that has excellent flavor. I like the way the atomizer looks on the mod and I love the finish that that COV uses on the mod and the atomizer. It is that smooth, rubbery like finish that Vapor Shark has made famous. It just feels great in the hand and the shape is very ergonomic as well. My only complaint about the overall shape of the mod is that when you do go to squonk, sometimes on accident, you hit the minus button. The location for the plus and minus buttons should have been somewhere near the top side or the middle of the side of the mod. That would have ensured that they don’t get accidentally pressed when you are in the act of squonking.

Council Of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review feel

The carbon fiber sticker that COV uses is of high quality and it does have a very nice texture to it. I think it enhances the overall look of the mod and I think it kind of classes it up a bit. The build quality on the mod has been what I’ve come to expect from COV. COV has had some very good build quality on most of the mods that I have reviewed for them. Overall, the kit is very well designed with a few little issues.

The Board

COV does use a proprietary board in this mod. The Wraith is one of the few squonkers on the market that is also capable of doing TC. It has a full temperature control suite and it can TC all of the popular wires like Ni, Ti, and SS. This mod is done a little differently as far as the chipset goes. The COV Wraith has three memory slots and those are the slots that you will use on an everyday basis. You also have three preheat functions that are labeled as soft, standard, and powerful, which are respectively represented by the symbols so, st, and po on the screen. I have had no complaints with the power mode of this mod and it does seem to be pretty accurate. Like most modern day mods, the Wraith does have some protections built in like reverse battery protection, short circuit, low resistance warning, atomizer check, battery power level, and an overheat detection.

The TC on the Wraith is not exactly Yihi or DNA quality but at the same time it is not bad either. It definitely blows away mods like those from Smok in the TC Department. It does seem to be a little on the weak side when it comes to TC. That probably could have been avoided if the Wraith did not limit you to 50 watts in TC. I just don’t seem to get the equivalent heat that I would with the same settings on a Yihi or DNA mod. It is very passable and a decent TC but there is definitely room for some improvement. Unfortunately, because this mod is not firmware upgradable, we will have to wait for a new model and it will not be able to be tweaked with something as simple as a firmware update. Nevertheless, I will give it a pass on the TC since it is one of the only squonking mods on the market that actually does TC and in that contest, it is probably one of the better TC mods out there. That is a huge pro and something that cannot be overlooked especially with the market conditions the way they are when it comes to squonking.

The Menu System

  • Click the fire button 5 times to turn the mod on and off
  • Click the fire button three times to lock or unlock the mod
  • Use the minus button to scroll through the preheat selections
  • Use the plus button to scroll through the memory slots
  • Click the fire button 5 times to enter the main menu mode once in the main menu mode use the plus and minus buttons to scroll through your selections

Council Of Vapor Wraith Squonker Review menu

That is basically the whole menu system. It’s a very simple menu system for a very simple mod. The chipset is definitely decent in TC and accurate in power mode.

What Woud Make It Better

  • A dedicated single coil RDA
  • A different location for the plus and minus buttons
  • An update port
  • More accurate TC
  • Softer squonk bottle

Overall, this is a great little squonk kit. While there are a few little things that could have made it better, in the big picture, it is a more than serviceable squonker. I think a single coil RDA would have made the vape quality on this kit a lot better. I also think a different location for the plus minus buttons would have served this mod well, too. There is just a lot of real estate and a lot of better places you could have located both of those buttons. I would have also like to have seen an update port. I hate mods that are not firmware upgradable and to me, that will always be a con. As I have said many times in this review, the TC on this mod is very serviceable but it definitely needs to be tweaked a bit. It would benefit from being a little bit more accurate on the TC side and generating more heat. Not having a wattage limitation in TC mode would have went a long way in improving this situation. The two included squonk in bottles are just too stiff for my liking and I have been actively searching for a much softer replacement. Had COV addressed these minor issues, it would have made the Wraith squonking kit, which already is a nice little kit, infinitely better.

Council of Vapor Wrath 80W Squonker

  • 5mL Juice Reservoir
  • Single High Amp 18650 Battery – Not Included
  • Maximum Wattage Output: 80W
  • Temperature Control Range: 200-600F
  • All-In-One Design – Rebuildable Squonker-Style Platform
  • Versatile Temperature Control Module
  • Premium Zinc Alloy Construction
  • Rubberized Paint Finish
  • Stunning Carbon Fiber Inlay
  • Soft Curvature Design
  • Intuitive OLED Display
  • Bottom Loaded Battery Cover Design
  • Bottom Feed Juice Design
  • Squeeze Juice Section for Dripping
  • 510 Connection

Council of Vapor Wraith Squonker Atomizer Features

  • 23mm Diameter
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Two-Post, Velocity Style Design
  • Deck Milled Negatives
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Single or Dual Configurations
  • Fully Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Turbine Curved Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Squonk Ready Hollow Center Pin
  • 510 Connection

  • Complete squonking kit, just add a battery
  • Build quality
  • Looks
  • Form factor
  • Texture
  • Finish
  • Includes 2 squonk bottles with caps
  • Simple menu
  • Accurate in wattage mode
  • Decent TC
  • Great flavor
  • Smooth airflow
  • Lots of airflow options
  • Spitback guard
  • Bright, vivid, screen
  • Nice fire button
  • One of the few regulated squonkers that does TC
  • Hard squonk bottles
  • Not firmware upgradeable
  • No internal charging
  • +/- button location
  • Proprietary drip tip
  • Post holes are on the small side and only one terminal per post
  • Only goes to 50 watts in TC


Council of Vapor Wraith Squonker
$54.67 $79.90

DeucesJack is head of reviews at Vaping Insider and has become known as one of the best reviewers in the industry. He pulls no punches and always gives an honest and unbiased opinion on the products he reviews. Since the launch of our youtube channel in 2018 he has put out a review video every single day.